2019 Free Agent QB's

All these guys are starters and the CBA expires just before training camp

Will any of these guys want to sign before the CBA is signed?

Mike Reilly - 34yrs
Bo Levi Mitchell - 29 yrs
Trevor Harris - 33yrs
Travis Lulay - 35 yrs
Zach Collaros - 30 yrs
Ricky Ray - 39 yrs


the last three will or should retire due to constant injury…the others…well a bidding war is already going on for then…in secret of course because they cannot openly do so

Ray will definitely retire and the others could all remain with their present team. I don’t see Reilly.Mitchell signing with another team. Lulay is still playing well and could remain with BC. If Collaros does not re-sign with Saskatchewan, I don’t think of another team that will want him. Trevor Harris will remain in Ottawa.


I could see possibilities for Mitchell trying out the NFL as he is under 30 yrs old and has a nice resume.

I could see Mike Reilly being wooed by BC GM Ed Hervey who has strong connections to Reilly plus Lulay and Reilly are very close friends. Lulay won't leave BC even if Reilly signs
Harris won't leave OTT
Unfortunately Collaros is damaged with way too many documented concussions now

Speaking of QBs, the Riders have just signed Drew Tate. I guess they have a thing for fragile QBs.

I thought he had become a NCAA assistant.

Going full circle for Tate.

Glad to see him back. His career started with so much promise but was derailed due to injury

And he has had concussion issues as well, no?