2019 East Division Final - Eskimos vs Tiger-Cats Game Thread

For those that may remember there used to be a bit of a format to this thread - so here goes:

WHAT – Tiger-Cats Gameday. East Final Edition

WHO - Edmonton Eskimos @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats

WHY – For a trip to the 107th Grey Cup - Next week in Calgary

WHERE - Tim Hortons Field - Hamilton, Ontario

WHEN - November 17 - 2019 - 1:00 PM Kickoff

HOW - Radio: TSN 1150 (Hamilton) - TV Canada: TSN 1/4, TSN 4K TV US: ESPNNEWS

Additional Info

2C - Feels like -1
10% of Rain/Flurries
Wind 14km E

Depth Charts

Game Notes
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Supplemental Media Info
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Point Spread
Hamilton -6

Ticats.ca Preview

Here we go. The final home game of 2019 for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and it’s the Eastern Final. We’ve got classic CFL weather too, it’s cold, there’s snow everywhere and you’ve got two classic teams ready to match up for a chance to play for the Grey Cup in a week’s time.

The Edmonton Eskimos made the crossover into the Eastern playoff bracket and took down the Montreal Alouettes on the road last week, but all roads lead through Hamilton.

For some Ticats fans, the return of Trevor Harris brings back bad memories of last year’s Eastern Final, but he’s with a completely different team this year—and the Ticats themselves are a completely different team.

The Ticats and Eskimos met twice during the 2019 season, one was a close contest and one was not. Granted, Harris missed both games due to injury.

In the first meeting, the Ticats walked away with a 30-27 win in the middle of their three-game western road trip. As they’ve done so many times this year, the Ticat’s killer B’s, Bralon Addison and Brandon Banks, led the way on the offensive end. Addison finished the day with eight touches for 155 yards and a touchdown. Banks was right behind him with five receptions and a touchdown. Naturally, Dane Evans also had an impressive night, throwing for 336 yards on 73.3% passing, with three touchdowns and an interception.
On the defensive end of the ball, Simoni Lawrence led the Ticats with eight tackles. Ja’Gared Davis got to quarterback Logan Kilgore twice and Julian Howsare added a sack of his own. Kilgore’s troubles didn’t end there. Jumal Rolle picked him off twice and Frankie Williams picked up his lone interception of the season.

The second meeting came at Tim Hortons Field and it came on a historic night for the Ticats franchise. This was the game where the 99’ Grey Cup team was honoured and Rob Hitchcock’s number 42 was added to the wall of honour.

On the field, the Ticats honoured Hitchcock by putting up 42 points against the Eskimos and walking away with a 30 point victory. Like in the first game, Banks and Addison led the way on the offensive end. Banks tallied 81 yards on eight receptions and a touchdown, while Addison had 53 yards on five receptions. Tyrell Sutton also had one of his best games of the season, running for 88 yards on 11 carries.

But the story of this game was the defence. The defensive line got home a bunch, bringing down Kilgore five times in the game. Lorenzo Mauldin led the way with two sacks, with Ted Laurent, Julian Howsare and Ja’Gared Davis all getting one for themselves. Like in the first meeting, Kilgore was also picked off three times—Richard Leonard had two and Delvin Breaux had the other.

The Ticats and their fans will be hoping for similar results on Sunday when the Eskimos come to town for the Eastern Final. Those in attendance are encouraged to wear black to “blackout? the stadium, as well as to be in their seats for 12:45 to welcome the team to the field.

Kickoff is scheduled for 1 p.m. at Tim Hortons Field, tickets are sold out but as of Wednesday night there were a still a few standing room seats available for the game.

Dress warm, I am, its gonna be cold if you at the game. Oskee Wee Wee all!

Weather prediction 2 degrees, sunny, wind ENE at 8 kmh, wind chill 0

Good idea. I’m adding.

Let’s hope the Ticats can destroy the Eskimos!!! I wish I could be at THF but stuck in Arizona. I’ll be watching the game on ESPN2. Look forward to seeing the Blackout and would love to see Evans have an amazing game. Oskee wee wee Muth…??

“I had to sit around for a ******* year with an 8-10 record in this ******* league.
And I mean you will not put me in that ******* position again or you will *** **** pay for it like you won’t ******* believe.”

Bobby Knight.

ESPN2 is the Riders coronation game.

Hi folks!

I certainly hope that this is a clerical error and that it was made by the league, not TiCat staff.

Here are all of the roster moves, registered with the league, yesterday. Note what’s shown, related to Cameron Marshall (“Transfer to Injured”). If it’s an error, made by the club, I believe that would make him ineligible to play today? The fact that the team’s published depth chart shows him as active and starting, I’d guess, might save the day, on that issue, but I recall an incident, year’s ago, which brought Ken Evraire to Hamilton when the Ottawa club, mistakenly, registered him as released. Hamilton claimed him and the league would not reverse that.

On this link, the Marhsall move is on page 2, 8 names down from the top:


When I clicked on the link there were no transactions at all showing. Perhaps someone at the league made a boo boo and is trying to fix it?

edit: After clicking on it again it now shows Marshall on the second page transferred to the injured list. WTF is going on???

The link still works for me, Mike. ??

Enjoy the game and stay warm. Wish I was there!

Oske Wee Wee!!!

Yes, I stand corrected ESPNews?

He’s on the field warming up… Looks fine

I can think of worse places to be “stuck” - although being at the game is always fun! But if you can’t be there, being somewhere warm sounds good to me as long as you can get the game which you say you can.

Have to say with the sun out and light winds it feels nice enough out there (in Central Ontario) but I’d probably be wearing my down parka if I was at the game (even though it isn’t black - it’s grey though!) It can get chilly in the stands.

I’ve heard that sometimes there are two transactions needed in order to move a player from one list to another. However Marshall did play in the last game so it wouldn’t make sense for him to be moved off the active roster. Could just be an “administrative” mistake at the league office.

My paranoia is creeping in - given the number of times we have been robbed by bad refs & the command center what will they do today. The panel seems to favour Edmonton.

The Reserves today: As expected, Marcus Tucker for the TiCats, and NAT LB Blair Smith for EDM.

Weren’t robbed this year.

15 minutes!!

Places everybody!!