2019 CFL publications

I’m wondering if one of the fine folks on this message board can help me out? After a few years of being away (following the league as a whole) I’m back not only following the league but a STH for the Edmonton Eskimos. Before my hiatus, I remember always being able to purchase the Fact, Figures and Records and Rule Books. Fast forward to this year, I’d like to get the 2019 versions of both but there’s no link (maybe I missed it) to purchase them and the FAQ section told me to email a certain address, (to which I did and no response) in order to obtain copies of these books. Now I’m still old school in the way that I still like actual hard copies of books and not digital downloads or PDF files. So that said, does anyone know where I can get these books? Any help would be much appreciated.

Clare Hutchinson at the CFL Office will steer you right: chutchinson@cfl.ca.