2019 Camp thread

Posturing or not the wheels are in motion for camps to start. Works for me.

Seeing a complete roster list released by the WBB and both the LFA and Euro league guys appear to be in town.

Weather looks like it’s coming around as well. Time to see what we have.

Sounds like they are looking at Chandler Fenner at boundary corner now. Curious if they are moving away from the Chris Humes plan or just moving guys around.

Not sure I like Fenner at cornerback as much as I would at safety. Surprised they can’t find a Matt Buckner National type to play field side corner and maintain the ratio.

Jeff Hecht lining up at safety today is going in the wrong direction imo and I haven’t heard a word on Conteh. Sounds like Derek Jones is healthy though.

Looking forward to some game action to tell us where the Bombers are at. Training camp talk is especially cheap.

Pretty sure Derek Jones has filled in at field corner on a few occasions in the past. May have even started a couple of games.

For some reason the Bombers don’t appear to be open to the concept of a national at cornerback. Not sure why.

Steven Richardson turning heads more and more apparently.

Seems likely that if they don’t have a roster spot available they could be looking at him playing against them. Possibly one of the downsides to good recruitment although I won’t get carried away with giving too much credit to that abysmal group.

Then again, it might be best to take the cautious approach to training camp headlines.

Not sure when first cuts are announced but we’ll get a better idea once they thin out the numbers a bit. Jake Thomas’s name popping up quite a bit as a veteran under the gun. Would love to see him transition into the long snapper role and add another five years. Unlikely but we’ll see.

Foketi not even in camp so scratch him from the depth chart.

Neufeld to tackle maybe. Getting scary.

Something up with guys not showing up to camp and it should have been news before now. Thompkins not answering the phone is another sign of trouble in paradise. Poor sms is starting to show through.

Two giants brought in today. Hope they are on their way to next best thing.

Hearing significant injury to Brad Erdos in Calgary as well.

Foketi deserves to be paid at least what they are paying Gray. Show him the money and he is there. Other options appear to be available.

Curious to hear your scouting report on Stanley Bryant everyman. Reminder that he is 34. Rumoured to be in the $220,000 range.

Seeing Edmonton still has O Donnell with the others so their OL depth was pretty good. Still a blow to lose SVR.

Yeah I like Bryant. He just turned 33 not 34. He’s durable and reliable, I don’t think he’s missed a game in two years. That’s a huge plus for an O-line undergoing some changes. So his experience is invaluable and he got excellent training in Calgary before coming here. I have always appreciated his strength, movement and footwork for a 300 pounder. I pay no attention to rumored dollars…it makes no difference to me. Its their job to manage the cap as they see fit. Fans have no real idea of how that is best done.

Until he gets beaten out by younger guy I’m happy he’s here and see no reason for him to not be back at this stage.

SVR…yes huge loss for EE.

No doubt Stanley is an All Star. Nicely worded as durable and reliable. Not old and done at 31 like others. Bryant is likely to play until they haul him off on a cart like they did with Walby. Hopefully that is not anytime soon.

SMS is the key to the CFL. Doesn’t take long to cause dissension in the ranks having players being paid more to stand on the sidelines than the ones playing. Bombers locker room appears to be falling apart a bit but who knows.

Interesting to see an interview with Glen Young. Thought there was a strict no coaches being interviewed policy… Likely a way of introducing us to the next defensive coordinator. I see he is linebackers and defensive line coach this year. Pretty key spot and MOS can trust him.

What evidence is there that the locker room is falling apart a bit as you say?

Yes SMS is vital. Just not part of my “role” in the game. Just unnecessary for me to be concerned about. No way that I can measure what a player is worth on a given team. Not enough true info out there to even weigh in. I am thankful that after Bighill was signed they managed things well to get a guy like Matthews signed.

Have to be impressed with the new ratio solution of dressing the import in the non import jersey.

I can’t believe it took so long to think of it.

John Santiago appearing to have a little shake and bake to his game. Wouldn’t mind seeing him stick around.

Hi Joe…again, I’m curious as to why you say you think the BB locker room appears to be falling apart a bit. Why do you say that?

Pure speculation on my part.

Doesn’t matter what I think… it is what it is.

Time to get back to football. The proof will be in the pudding I am told.

For the record I am predicting Mike O Shea passes Bud Grant for most coached games as a Blue Bomber, without ever winning the Grey Cup. 54 games back now.

Bombers hold Foketi’s rights and have moved him to the veteran exempt list. They can replace him on the roster. MOS quoted as saying “let him sit there”.

Maybe they trade his rights. Should be a few teams interested.

John Santiago and Dale Warren dressed as globals today. Everything else top secret.

Hecht needs to absolutely smoke a receiver in game one to let people know the law is still the same even though there is a new sheriff in town. The 15 yd penalty will be worth it.

May as well taunt the other bench while he’s at it. Death cards after tackles maybe.

…Sounds like we have a couple of receivers who can be game changers…Bailey and Whitehead are standouts…Bailey having sure hands like Adams (who is also having a good camp) and Lucky W. who is just plain fast…A lot of bouncing around on the o line going on…definitely want to see whatever one brings … it sounds good so far…Guess I’ll have to listen to Irving Fri. to get some sort of picture on how we’re progressing…Theatre of the mind will have to do, cuz we won’t have a preseason tilt of ours televised…Esks. bringing their no 1’s I’ve heard…Wonder how many will actually see the field

Receiver spot is all about Simonise and if he can make the team imo. Three strong national receivers is a beautiful thing. Then Bailey and a couple others are competing with Adams to play beside Matthews.

Reality is Adams has likely already received 50% of his pay through a bonus so he is as cheap as any of the others going forward. Last report Bombers were a run focused team so it will be up to Lapo to find a way to use his receivers. I look forward to that.

Whitehead seems to be showing well at the returner spot. Guessing he’ll see some exhibition game reps. I like it when they catch the ball first.

Kenny Lawler is another being mentioned as a guy who can play receiver. 6’2", 24 yrs old, catching everything in camp according to reports. What’s not to like?

Guys like Lawler and Bailey have to play. Imagine them in 2 years with some game experience. Instead we will have the great Darvin Adams going into his 8th yr. Not saying he’s not a good player. If I could trade him I would.

Nope, the Bombers have taken things into their own hands:

[url=https://twitter.com/Darren_Cameron][/url] Darren Cameron [b]✔[/b] @Darren_Cameron [url=https://twitter.com/Darren_Cameron][/url] [url=https://twitter.com/Darren_Cameron/status/1133850125237936129][/url] [url=https://t.co/bLLM5gVNHu]http://Bluebombers.com[/url] will live stream Friday's preseason game vs Edmonton, syncing with [url=https://twitter.com/680CJOB]@680CJOB[/url] [url=https://twitter.com/BobIrvingCJOB]@BobIrvingCJOB[/url] and [url=https://twitter.com/DougBrown97]@DougBrown97[/url] radio call. Kickoff is 7:30 p.m. CT.

4:38 PM - May 29, 2019

BTW, Lawler looked great in practice today. I’d be very surprised if he’s not on the 1st team offense this Friday.