2019-20 NHL Season

I think game 2 of the Isles and Lightning Should be closer.
Haven't been this excited for the Isles in a long time.

Wow Lightning and Islanders - BORING. And tomorrow night, well I hope for a more exciting game and not yet another low-scoring affair not counting empty net goals. :roll_eyes: :sleeping:

The Stars sure earned that second win in overtime. What a boring game though. NFL blowout with bloated commercials and boring playoff game tonight - BAH. Here's to a better weekend of action.

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And the Stars sure earned the series too. Could not the NHL have done a far better job with the scheduling? I mean, go up against the NFL in Week 1 on Sunday and Monday now!?

And now less hockey all week? What a screw-up by the NHL there.

Now go Lightning but I think the interest in this years Finals will be lower than in a very long time.

Of course if the NHL puts the games on only from Tuesday through Saturday they could salvage some ratings given little else on for sports but for MLB or NBA for those fans plus the usually awful NFL Thursday night game.

I am certain that NBC and Sportsnet are fully engaged in the scheduling process.

of course less hockey all week now. Its the nature of the beast. What can they do. It is 3rd round, then it will be the finals. Every year same thing. Starts out with lots of games, then dwindles down. Pretty much the same with most leagues. At this point, they cant be concerned about other leagues. They cant drag things out or then even more people will lose interest. Got to play the games as scheduled, specially now with everyone in the bubble. Guys dont want to be sitting around more days because of other leagues playing.

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Well they suck at it.

Waiting up to two days one time is not "dragging it out" let alone targeting Tuesday through Saturday FYB. C'mon now.

Now look what we have this week as the Stars wait anyway. That fact nullifies your point about waiting, and you overlook completely the business reality.

difference between waiting for an other series to wrap and just plain waiting with nothing happening. And two extra days is enough for some, like me, to start to lose interest. Also is a long time extra for guys in a bubble at this point as well. C'mon :slight_smile:

In other news, these forums are starting to feel like a ghost town with just a few of us old buzzards hanging around to keep things going

You would have had all week to enjoy the hockey FYB, and very few are like you to lose interest over that. Now you have one series to enjoy all week instead of two. So have fun with that as the NHL has earned itself even lower ratings.

Well yes. Much of it is no season. A bit more of it are a small few showing their recent hands lately, and well, they always do find each other. Things can't be the some much like how sports are viewed by the general public any more.

My view is that the reality was obscured far too long and we would not be here now had things been handled differently at least 20 years ago when each occasion arose, and that's the ones we knew about unlike the many buried or not reported.

And so now here we are with the reckoning.

Back to hockey sir ...only one game left in town ...we disagree on the scheduling, but here we are waiting needlessly. :no_mouth:

And this new owner is supposed to be a billionaire

...which means he’s very smart at spending other people’s money...

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Or stealing it too

Sounds like somebody I know , no names mentioned as I look to the White House and whistle .

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Lots of shady business dealing and under the table greasing of palms might be at hand there like usual.

They "settle" the debt openly yet the real deal is done between the thieves in the house including some politician(s).

All that to keep this sorry franchise in that market now?!

A billionaire I do not think would invest in an insolvent entity, especially right now, unless he has a crew or two to accelerate some gains upon purchase and not wait to break-even. And of course he'd negotiate a discount on the debt in default.

The other people's money is with the arena operator ASM as they're the ones who they pay rent to

18. These jobs are coveted, but Arizona’s situation scared some candidates. The late per diems during the playoffs. Delayed bonuses. (Some clarity here: Instead of direct deposit, the Coyotes asked players for addresses to mail the cheques. That wasn’t received very well, seen as a pure delay tactic, with the NHL/NHLPA eventually stepping in.) That situation didn’t get attention until Sept. 1, when several NHLers were affected, but it first came up in July when the organization was late with a $45,000 bonus due to AHLer Tyler Steenbergen. Originally, he was told the cheque had been mailed, before the money was deposited two weeks later. Last week came an arena lease dispute with ASM, which manages the facility. It claims the Coyotes owe rent, although a couple of sources indicate the team wants to either re-negotiate the lease or wait until closer to next season to pay. Whatever the case, it’s a lot to absorb. Armstrong, however, was not deterred. He refused to back away from the challenge

Asking to pay rent that's already due from last season for that matter. The Coyotes lost 8 home games and they we're not likely to make the playoffs anyways.

If losing 8 games causes a billionaire to scrap by. How does he do when there won't be a full season and with non/few fans.

ASM has a clause in their contract with Glendale that they can leave if the Coyotes do, so they don't have to make a bad dead to keep them there.

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Wow it's like the sorry ownership of the Coyotes are stuck in a time warp in 1995 with that very old and obsolete line, "Ah the cheque is in the mail!" from an employer!

My gosh I have seen none of that talk from any legitimate company for well over a decade now.

And on the seventh day God created the ISLANDERS !!! Been a fan since 1975.

Long time caller and listener here - what punishment should be given to the Coyotes and to the Panthers before they are moved - not to the players or to the employees but to their owners and cronies?

I'll hang up and listen.