2018 Winter Olympics

Mixed Doubles Curling has my favourite : Pretty Little Kaitlyn Lawes.

Unfortunately, she lost game 1.

Hopefully, we will beat the Americans tomorrow.

Terrific to see sports leading the way in having the two Koreas inch closer together. Sport is the most underrated of diplomatic growths.

Will be very interesting to see if this bears some real fruit. In the meantime we can never underestimate the agendas of powerful and corrupt men with their eye on global, public money. The sister act could be just that - an act. This dude kills his own family members let’s not forget.

Listening to NBC and they had a story about North Korean Hockey players playing for South Korea as one Korea in women's hockey . Incredible since both countries are still technically at war .

Great little story for this Olympic Games .

so far I am actually enjoying the mixed curling.

Canada got silver and bronze in snowboarding, so that's 2 medals

Not the greatest story though for the South Korean women who got bumped from their hockey team just days before the Olympics to make room on the roster for some players from the North.

Good point Pat.

What a comeback by McMorris coming back from severe injuries to win a medal in snowboard. Nice job!

True hard for the Canadian coach to Gell a team 10 days before the games but the story behind it is unique The Koreans weren't going anywhere at this Olympics they are still learning the game . The North Koreans weren't allowed anything American including equipment because of the sanctions .

It's just a gesture but a gesture that is the true nature of the olympics of bringing people together . Personally think it's odd and when I first heard it I couldn't believe what I was hearing but after the interviews it's kinda hard not to like it's ideals and players behind the unified team .

She would be sooo much prettier if she smiled more. Too much poker face.

it is not the miss American pageant

I was hoping she would show some leg......

wrong sport

I am conflicted as to who to cheer for…
I’ll always be Canadian …but very shortly I’ll be an American citizen…
I’ll probably continue to cheer on both

...what's your family's non-north american ancestry? cheer for that team...

What side? Theres multiple countries..that even makes it more complicated.

I do cheer on the Americans but I do find myself cheering on the Canadians
But when they compete against each other it gets tricky

Umm - I'm not expecting Ireland to win many medals in the winter Olympics. Heck they only have 5 athletes. lol

That Toyota song "Knock Me Down" is one great song - used in the Lauren Wolstencroft commercial. . . . . great song, superb vocals.

A tear shed for sure .A great song and story of perseverance over situational adversity and endurance . Just keep moving on . Toyota's team hit one out of the park .

Think the Toyota commercial with Lauren Woolstencroft is on this roll
If its not - maybe someone else could post it for all to hear (and see)