2018 Weekly Attendance

Ottawa 24,224
Montreal 19,498
Edmonton 31,334
Toronto 16,450

For an average of 22,877 for the week and 23,831 average through the first two weeks.

Considering only 1 game as been an intra-divisonal game (Winnipeg vs. Edmonton) so far, there's still potential for some upside.

Though the bar is low, so far Toronto and BC are the only teams currently above their respective last season average (Ottawa and Montreal are very close). Aggressive pricing seems to be doing it's job so far.

Thats the big reason expansion city/place has to be looked at very hard. Numbers suggest that
24,000 per game through thick and thin has to be met, per game year after year for that franchise.

Normally a right downtown stadium works. In BC and TO traffic movement is brutal. Trans-link is packed for all the downtown events, movies bars, etc. Huge problem

Montreal has limited space and ticket prices were above norm. New Stadium??

Lots of work to be done on those 3 franchises first.

Brian, you’re right about the traffic in TO, it is brutal. But it is just as brutal for other events. The stadium is right beside train tracks for public transportation (GO) and is very convenient. Traditionally most of the Argos fan base came from the west (Mississauga) and it is easy for fans to drive down to one of the many terminals for GO.
There are any other reasons for the apathy in TO, all of which have been well documented inn this forum.
At least the closing of the east upper deck made the crowd look better in the closer shots.

Percival Molson is not the problem. Stadium had 25k seats three (or four) seasons ago. They removed approximately 1000 in one end zone.
It is located in the heart of downtown Montreal up on the mountain.

It is a long weekend in the province with the St Jean Baptiste holiday.
Add the on field performance over the past season + , you are seeing how many people that are willing to go.

somebody has to kick these ticket departments in the butt to get them to sell tickets. Can't be happy with empty seats galore. They have no competition for tickets WHAT is the problem with getting butts in the seats?

Your correct it does seat 25,000 so your right if the stadium is accommodating to fans and is a good venue. Accommodating is the key. For the fans, not the owners or box seats people.
I when to a NHL game in Edmonton this year to watch oilers. Brand new!!
Was it accommodating to me. NO. They gouge you at every turn. This stadium is great for the owner.

Here's my rating of stadium I visited last 2 years.
BC Stadium Rate very good Accommodating No.
Edmonton Stadium Very good Accommodating Yes
Calgary Stadium Good Accommodating No I like Calgary personally
Sask Stadium Very good Accommodating Yes Great
Winnipeg Stadium Good Accommodating Yes/No
Toronto Stadium Good Accommodating No
Hamilton ? heard average
Ottawa? heard good
Montreal? heard average at best

accommodating is: Fair price for entertainment value, reasonable transportation to and from, good seats and view for most, reasonable parking costs, good washrooms easy to get to, easy to get at food and drink areas, Good reasonable food costs { remember big volume sales means a deal},
and very reasonable drink/beer costs. You are competing against pubs with great prices.

Lastly the actually game its self is great and getting better each year.

Rather than start another attendance thread - I thought I woud just add these numbers to this 'Week 2 attendence' (sic) - thread.

Hamilton even managed to squeak by Calgary this week.

Calgary - 23,454
Hamilton - 23,721

And WAY fewer no-shows in Hamilton tonight than what we saw for almost every home game last year.

Not a surprise to see Hamilton edging out Calgary in attendance. TiCats are on the rise while the Stamps have shown themselves to consistently choke when it counts. Getting old now.

...so is your schtick

So now both Hamilton and Ottawa are averging a higher attendance than Calgary. Never mind BC.

And I've always been lead to believe on this site that all of best supported teams are in the west.

Seems to be another pattern that get's getting overlooked.

Were you at the game? We were. Pretty empty place considering they're the best in the CFL. Why don't Calgarians care? Sad, really.

We were planning to pay for tix but had so many corporate free ones thrust at us by friends and relatives who couldn't get anyone to take them. Seems a ton of the bums in the seats go for free.

But they're the best so I guess that's all that matters.

Calgary will see a decline in attendance this year. It's been noticeable for a few years now. People in Calgary have become so accustomed to dominant teams that the regular season has become boring to them. It doesn't help that the team continues to crap the bed in the Grey Cup. This has disillusioned the folks there. That, and the continuous increase in prices despite ample supply of tickets is discouraging walk up crowds. The problems that happened at BC Place with the lions with high-priced tickets and the resulting declining crowds has been rearing its ugly head in Calgary.

Remember when some people thought the Flames purchase of the Stamps would result in greater crowds and revenues lol. The exact opposite has happened. Good job Ken King and company!

I didn't put my predictions for the teams' attendance this this year, so here they are:

Calgary 25,500 - see above for reasons
Edmonton 33,000 - Grey Cup hosting and a likely good season will result in Best League Attendance
Saskatchewan 31,500 - decline due to likely sub .500 season
BC 19,000 - might see increase due to cheap tickets, but likely terrible team will mitigate against that
Winnipeg 26,500 - overall decline, early season attendance woes attributed to Jets playoff run
Montreal 17,000 - terrible season ahead and eroding season ticket base
Toronto 16,000 - attendance can only increase from last year plus they have the cheapest tickets in the league
Hamilton 23,500 - about the same as last year
Ottawa - 23,000 - will see a decline as novelty has worn off, not sure if this team will have a good record which won't help

Overall the league average will dip to 23,800 continuing a disturbing trend from the last half decade.

I think the Riders will lead the league once in again in highest SCANNED regular season attendance (actual bums in seats).

I remember it well, since I was one of those people. That certainly hasn't turned out to be such a great arrangement.

Not sure where the blame lies for that decline, but whatever the Flames ownership has done with the Stamps, it hasn't equated to strong attendance.

I know some hope that the Canucks ownership group will purchase the Lions, but I'm not so sure if that'd be the greatest idea.

However, you'd think that cross-promotional opportunities would be a positive. Maybe Calgary just hasn't taken advantage of them well?

...nope, I’ve been in the Caribbean for the past two weeks...

excuses excuses :slight_smile:

Calgary - 23,454
Hamilton - 23,721
Edmonton - 29,940
Sask - 33,308

That's an average of 27,606 for the week.

I wonder when the last time that the smallest crowd of a week was in Calgary? I'm guessing years and years and years ago?