2018 Transactions

Kyries Hebert was just signed . At 37 he is long in the tooth but still has some tread left for at least one more season .

Yup. Anytime you can get the nominee for defensive player of the year for NOTHING you have to take it.
Kind of shocking how you can let age dictate what you actually see on the field especially on a one year deal.
Second year in a row Montreal has let the nominee walk for free. Kind of baffling.

It's like when everyone kept asking for 7 years when is Damon Allen retiring...even as he was winning GC and MVP. Same with Brady down south. Forget the age...look at the outcomes. One year deal...no brainer.
He'll help whatever role he is in.

Surprised at the Stangby release I thought he did enough last year . Must have seen something on film that couldn’t be fixed .

Would have like to seen McDuffie stay as well he looked good with Winnipeg .Not sure what happened there unless an injury bug .

They must have new one’s that have been scouted and secured to release all three including Shaw all at once on the same day . Thats a lot of intl WR to let go in April.

Picking up Castillo and Leon for kicking is a solid move .

Surprised at Jeff Hunt stepping down as OSEG president .

Who will be the new face of the team as Jeff was the main man for interviews and representation ?

Kicking game looked solid in the preseason game and Davis showed he had some promise as a back up .

Harris injury hopefully is a wake up to make sure first he is protected by adequate blocking especially by their backs and secondly they need a quality back up that can game manage if Harris is lost . So far so good for the second part .

Defence looked like they were adapting well to Thorpe's defence .

Not a true test yet as Montreal's finding it's legs but it looks promising so far .