2018 Story-lines

Certainly rushing things ...but sick to DEATH of winter. Thank god I bought a dump in Vegas awhile back.

Most compelling story-lines for me for 2018:

  1. Josh Freeman in Montreal. This was a very good young QB in the NFL not long ago. Then amidst whispers he fell off the radar. I'm fascinated as to how he'll do.
  2. Weird coaching structures in Hamilton and Montreal. How will those turn out?
  3. I get the feeling that Dickenson and BLM are in some sort of negative competition in Calgary. What impact?
  4. Does TO not need an OC or DC? Pretty slow in their movements.
    5: Winny sinking money in receivers..limiting money in O-line and D-line. Mistake?


I should have included Masoli in Hammy.

Other than his crediting God for everything I really like him and hoping that he has a great season.

Nice thread. Of course the whole Halifax thing could be a big early story, if they are granted a franchise and ground is actually broken on a stadium build.

What are thinking about the Calgary situation? That the coach and QB are not on good terms? If so, why?

I'm interested in the Wilder situation and on how he will perform on field this season (if he plays that is).

Hamilton QBing is an interesting situation, and I think they could do fine with Masoli at the helm, but Manziel is still out there and I wouldn't be surprised if he's in training camp.

Will Sask be able to play as well for the whole season as they did in the first half of 2017?

My storyline is to see how the Rider QB situation shake out... there are high expectations of Collaros being the starter, but if the Rider Oline isn't vastly improved, he could have a long season, or will Bridge step up to #1 on the depth chart? He has all the tools, but is he ready to take the reigns and become a bonafide starter in this league?

Oh geez...of course. That's a huge story-line for me as well. How will Collaros do? I'm really pulling for him.

Good points on the QB situation here. I’m glad to see both QBs are in a ‘prove it or lose it’ position going into camp, despite their praises received so far. Jones wants some good competition at camp and I believe we have got exactly that now at the QB position. Collaros has to show he’s past his injuries, and BB has to show maturity which was his weak spot last season. Hoping to see lots of play from both this season. They’ve got tons of supporting talent to throw the ball to.

The Halifax situation is second to me. Would be great heading into the 2018 season with a franchise already awarded to the group out there. Would help the league overall.

....after losing their third straight GC on the last play BLM and DD openly brawl on the field after the game ...BLM comes out on top but surprisingly DD is pretty scrappy and holds his own...the next day they say it was nothing and the press is reading too much into it...

Thinking about it myself . Wonder about the weather in Vegas generally speaking when it comes to the winter . Is it warm enough ?

Looking forward to see Hamilton perform especially with the schedule to start the season after they rebounded last year.

Looking forward also to see how Montreal and their new coach responds to the CFL as well with Freeman.

For me it's all the East Division teams with Franklin in Toronto and of course Ottawa with Thorpe that adds to the curiosity of a new season .

"Thinking about it myself . Wonder about the weather in Vegas generally speaking when it comes to the winter . Is it warm enough ?"

Hank...Its not hot,hot ...but at least dry...summers are broiling of course.
Its around 55-60 F a lot in Vegas during our winter. Just enough of a change...golfable. A whole diff reality than home. But you can participate in the strip madness as you wish. There are many different "cultures" here...not just gambling or bling blang. And dumpy lil condo's were really cheap a few years ago. And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get here.
I'm not a big "holiday" guy. Just like to get somewhere diff without a bunch of luggage and stuff and open a fridge , have a drink and go for a wander. Know what I mean?

Yes indeed...I forgot about the Halifax area possible expansion. That is certainly a big story-line for me as well. It has been a very rich off-season. Quite enjoyable.

Thanks sounds just about right ; it would be dry and better for the bones than a Myrtle Beach escape .

You feel Dickenson and BLM are in some sort of negative competition? What do you base this on? Both have been pretty quite so far this off season.

...DD scowls a lot...

Please keep in mind these are my story-lines that I am looking at. Not facts, nor stating them that they should be story-lines that others should be following or interested in.

With BLM and DD I find that they threw barbs at one another after the last 2 GC. Rightly or wrongly. At times I wonder if DD hasn't fully moved into his coaching mindset yet vs his playing one.
In GC loss in 2016 he reminded reporters that BLM HAD the ball at end of game after BLM complained about not having it when Buckley was stopped.
Last year he told reporters that BLM had several other options on that late interception rather than to throw it where he did which clearly was a very poor choice.
I sometimes get the impression that he's not in love with BLM's brashness. Certainly others may differ. That's what an individual's story-line is all about.

Yeah...MB is great I'm sure.
But I bought this place as a option for taking off on holidays.
As I said property values were really low and my preference is to just be able to go...have a place..have my stuff already there..without the hassle of planning a "holiday". Just my preference.

We have relatives in Calgary who attend Stamps games and they said the same as you did here, almost word for word. Noticeably increased since DD took the reins. You might be my cousin, lol.

Without doubt DD and BLM are different personalities, but they've worked very very very well together for 4+ years. Probably more successful than anyone. I'm sure they've had issues but who doesn't? I just don't see this being a tangible concern
I think Duron Carter and Chris Jones have a far more curious relationship right now. I can't imagine Jones is very happy over recent off season activities, especially when Carter didn't tell him prior to his new contract being signed. Jones spends a lot of special time keeping Carter straight. This might show his efforts aren't producing enough fruit.
This is a story to keep your eyes on.

If Carter had crossed a line with Jones, he would be gone by now. Jones admits Carter is a work in progress, but the two of them still get along despite their disagreements. Seemingly, Jones sees a depth of talent in Carter that he wants to exploit.

As for DD and BLM, both are professionals and bring some great stuff to each of their roles. I don’t think it’s cancerous, rather just evidencethat that they may clash at times. Not necessarily a bad thing. I like the intensity from both.

I think that day is getting close. Jones will only put up with so much. The problem is, Carter's end may result in Jones end too.

I don't think you understand RiderNation very much. If Stamps coaches haven't had their heads roll yet for coaching their team to perpetually blow the BIG game year after year, then I don't think an outside-of-the-box player like Carter (who still racks up the big #'s) is going to spell the demise of Chris Jones. We can't forget that Jones bounced Darian Durant and weathered that storm - and gained a ton of respect only months later for seeing and acting on what nobody else would.

He's taken this team from the toilet to a very high level of competitiveness - in less than 2 seasons. RiderNation respects that. Seemingly, you're more concerned about Chris Jones coaching in Saskatchewan - than Rider fans are. Why would that be?

I'm also not sure if you're grasping that this club is on a solid upswing, is sold out on their season tix, and only has a specified # of walk up tix remaining. That doesn't point to the imminent firing of coaches.