2018 stats - some random observations

- Reilly wins the yardage crown with 5,562. Only 353 yards ahead of Masoli. Guess we’ll never know if JM would have reached that total against MTL in the final game.

  • BML (@35) and Reilly (@30) both ahead of JM (@28 ) in TDs. Reilly came from behind to tie JM for most INTs @18.
  • Harris close enough to JM in most categories to justify an MOP vote, should voters be persuaded by the better record and stronger finish.
  • Three 5,000-yd passers this season. Happened in 2016 as well, but there have been many years recently without a single 5,000-yd passer.
  • Reilly’s most impressive stat may be keeping Kevin Glenn (the widowmaker) off the stat sheet. Glenn doesn’t throw a single pass in 2018. The other back-up (O’Brien) throws only 5.

- Banks and Tasker both tie for the lead in TDS (@11) and both top 4 in yardage, despite playing 14 and 15 games respectively. No one else in the top 10 played <17 games.

  • Mike Jones finishes 14th in yardage at841. Second among NAT receivers after Sinopoli. Ties for 7th in 30+ yard plays with 8. Started the year as our fifth receiver.
  • Saunders stays in top 20 with 739 yards, despite missing half the season.


  • CJ Gable finally got a 1,000-yd season.
  • Reilly 10th among rushers with 595 yards, versus 12th for Masoli with 473. However Masoli averages 7.5 per carry vs 5.0 for Reilly. Reilly has 13 rushing TDs vs 2 for JM. Difference seems to be that Reilly is the team’s short-yardage QB.
  • Top 3 in rushing TDs are all QBs.
  • Green logs 604 rushing yards and 7 TDs in only 8 games for HAM. Projects well over a full season. Ninth in the league, but every team had a RB ranked above - although all of them played 12 or more games.
  • Five different Ticats score a rushing TD in 2018. (Compares to seven Cats with a receiving TD.)

- OTT’s kicker was successful on 98% of his FGs. Hard to imagine that record ever being broken.

  • Hajrullahu boots 85% and most fans think he had a disastrous year. Interestingly, seven kickers rank ahead of him.
  • Ozzy’s best-ever season: 83.9% (1990). Ozzy’s career average: 72.2%. Seasons below 65% for Ozzy: seven. Seasons above 80%: six.
  • LH also missed five converts. No one else missed more than three.

(May continue this later. Walking Dead is on now.)

Lirim’s greatest weaknesses aren’t his FG kicking abilities, unlss you count the PAT attemtps.

Punting has been substandard all year. I can’t be the only one who thinks there may be a WR or backup QB that can do the job more consistently.

He has also botched way too many kickoffs for my liking.

On that note, why was the last illegal kickoff ruled as such?

I thought illegal kickoff was only supposed to be called when the ball goes out between the 20s. Didn’t have the best view, but it looked like the ball went out around the 12-15.

(in other news, forgot to PVR the game again)

OK, here’s a few more odds & ends.


  • Dean finished tied for third in tackles at 105, but probably would have passed Muamba (108 ) if we didn’t rest him in the last game. Singleton leads with 122.
  • Laurent was our sack leader with 8, putting him in a 5-way tie for 7th best in the league. I believe everyone above him plays DE, not DT like Teddy.
  • All of our other D-linemen combined totaled 12 sacks. I count 11 for our LBs.
  • Surprised to see Breaux with 24 tackles when they don’t throw to his man. Three fumble recoveries but no INTs. Wonder if the lack of “stats” costs him any all-star votes from people who don’t understand the game?
  • No one in the league got more than 5 INTs this year. That strikes me as a very low number. The top Cat was Brooks with 4, followed by Daly with 3.


  • No star returners for HAM this year. Frankie Williams sits around 10th in both punt and kick-off return yardage.
  • F Williams was in the middle of the pack on punt return average @9.6 yards. Considering only those with 10 or more returns, I count 9 guys above him and 9 below him.
  • Similarly on kickoff returns, I count 8 guys ahead of F Williams @22.6 yards, and 10 guys behind him (10+ returns only).

Punting & Kickoffs

  • LH sits 7th in punting averag @45.0. (BC’s Long is first @48.8.)
  • Interesting to see that LH also had the fewest punts (if you combine the two TOR punters), with 95. Also heard during the game that HAM recorded the fewest 2-and-outs, so I assume the two are related. Also related to turnovers, TDs and FG attempts, but I don’t feel like calculating all the causes.
  • LH is 5th in kick-off average @64.1 yards. (I assume out of bounds doesn’t count.) MTL’s Bede @73.0 yards is almost 7 yards ahead of the next guy.

OK, Im out. Not going to get into team stats.

Punt is between the 20s, kickoff is anywhere between the cones.

So where are the Mike Jones detractors today ? The kid had a great year because he was given the opportunity to play . Sinopoli and Jones are 1 and 2 ranked Canadian receivers and 3rd and 14th in the entire league.

Congrats and well done to the Jones family, father June and son Mike . :wink:

Pat Lynch (the old Canadian guy)

??. The critics should now at least recognize how good this kid is. They won’t because it’s not in their nature to admit they were wrong.

I hope for a huge game from him this Sunday.

Early season criticism was fair since he had several key drops including ones that should have been an easy catch. Kudos to Coach Jones and Masoli for believing in him and continually throwing the ball his way to allow him to develop. Next season Mike Jones should be an even more lethal receiving threat.

Tasker and Jones are probably our best receivers going in. Addison shows promise, Thomas-Erlington might be a hidden gem. Buren, IMO, is at least a year from being a regular, needs to learn to track the ball better. Faubert Lussier is maybe ready to sub regularly, for things like ratio maintenance.

McDaniel, for me, is sub-standard and is a second man back-up at best. Sinkfield is a major disappointment. As a receiver he makes an average to fair return man. Unless he shows dramatic improvement this week, don’t see him being a positive factor as a receiver.

Thanks to Ex-Pat for the work and time, well done!

If only our record matched a lot of our stats. ???
We lost too many close games, It’s time to win those close games now. :wink:

I hope Addison has earned a start after last game


That catch was almost Tony Champion-esque. (If it was a few inches higher, three weeks later in the season, and one jersey digit higher)


Addison also didn't have broken ribs to deal with.

or painted concrete to land on