2018 Seat Upgrade or Exchange Program

Anyone going thru this process?
Is everyone happy where their seats are?

We’re ok with our seats and location. The meetings we had with relocation staff from old to new took into account pretty much all our requests. Nothing is perfect but generally happy with where we are.

Some of the conversations we had with other season ticket holders last year indicated some had issues with worse field position at NMS between the end zones, but similar or even higher ticket prices than old Mosaic. Not sure if this is rare or more widespread. Anyone else experiencing this?

Personally, we don't generally buy tickets, though we attend essentially all games.

It will be interesting to see what renewals are like over the next couple of seasons (and thus upgrading ability) as the new stadium novelty wears off. I would think this year's renewals should still be high, but after that who know barring a very strong contender or bidding on hosting.

From what I understand, the club has had to cap season ticket sales around 26,000 or 28,000 since 2006 or 2007. They do this to allow fair weather fans to walk up and get in. They have sold out of season tickets every year, since the clubs new management structure and the 2007 GC win, essentially. No longer is Rider upper brass an old boys club that threw their bias, advice, and opinions at the team, but rather the team has implemented a very clear structure of vision and accountability at all levels. Thanks to Hopson for this, it was a very pivotal point for the team.

Team record since then:

2006: 9-9
2007: 12-6, won the GC
2008: 12-6
2009: 10-7, lost the GC
2010: 10-8, lost the GC
2011: 5-13
2012: 8-10
2013: 11-7, won GC at home (we can’t undervalue this equity in Sask fans)
2014: 10-8
2015: 3-15
2016: 5-13 (ground up rebuild begins)
2017: 10-8 (one play away from appearing in the GC)

2018 is sold out - again. If the club sold every ticket available to season ticket purchasers, there would be ZERO walk up tickets. They are literally turning away guaranteed revenue. What this info tells me is that the Riders will fill their stadium (old or new) - if they tell the fans they’re going for it EVERY year, or if they are open about their rebuilding goals (which is our situation currently), AND if they keep meddling, biased, and football ignorant local business people OFF of the board. The team isn’t a volunteer run organization anymore. Expectations are much higher than pre-2006, and the fans are buying in and have been buying in - in a very big way.

That type of NMS stadium wouldn’t have happened in any other market. It’s above and beyond because the fans are above and beyond. In my own personal situation, had seasons tickets for decades, always upgraded when I could. Was thinking this isn’t worth it around 2005 or 2006, until the Riders changed their management structure and implemented measurable success goals from the BOD down. I didn’t walk, but it came close. The changes in structure and attitude (especially after 2007) reenergized me and helped me re-commit to the club and expect more. I believe I am one of many feeling the same. The last 10 years of Rider football have been collectively better for the fans - than the previous 20 or 30 yrs were. And the selling out of season tickets each season since then - proves it. Go RIDERS!!

We got to exchange our seats when we renewed for 2017. Same section but it got us about 5 yards closer to center field, so it was worth asking. After the move, we were about 10 yards further away from center field than in Old Taylor Field, but this was expected as the seating arrangements have changed.

The viewing lines are much, much better than Old Taylor Field and we now have a full view of the Max-Tron jumbo screen. In the old stadium we had huge white pillars in the way. Overall - we are much happier.

We will be looking to exchange again this year - to move closer to center field and stay within our current cost structure.

they got up to 3700 on the waiting list, but they also did not offer new season tickets for a couple of seasons, so nobody on that list actually got any....so the "sold out" is a bit tainted as it was not actually that same 27000 through all of it....still, probably 24 or 25k, which is impressive.

The full house did not start until the SMS kicked in (2007) and they won the cup. There were still thousands of empty seats there in 2006 and the place did not maintain capacity in 2007 until about half way through the season and they were sitting with only 2 losses. After the GC win the place was jammed as the team was very good (the year of the broken leg followed...they should have repeated in 2008 but set a record for broken legs at 7 or 8 ). That rolled into hosting the grey cup and then the new stadium...most were not giving up their tickets in that run...they wanted to be at the cup, and then when the new stadium opened...that is gone.

The idea that 'trying' will keep it packed is silly, the team will need a couple of good seasons and then bid on hosting. They should be able to maintain mid-20k attendance even with a modest team, but they won't pack the place continuously without a winning one.

If you believe that Rider fans will bail en masse like we see in other markets, I think you’re mistaken. Unless the BOD decides to fire all the like minded, goal oriented people that want to win Grey Cups - it ain’t happening. Fans are committed. Committed to the team, committed to the thing that is Rider Nation, and committed to the new stadium. The dollars don’t lie. The former organizational structure - prior to Hopson’s changes - was a much bigger hurdle to the Riders success than only 2 Grey Cups was.

Saskatchewan was borne on the ‘next year country mentality’. All management has to do is try, be transparent, and make changes when needed. The fans will be there. Being a Rider season ticket holder is sorta like being a silent partner in a restaurant. Chefs come and go and some are incredible while some outright suck. And the quality of the meals & drinks follow the curve of that talent pool. But you still always show up and support the place.

Good luck with the seat exchange process. It’s sorta new territory for all and I hope you get what you’re looking for.

Where did I say they would bail in masses? I clearly stated that they could maintain 24-25k pretty much no matter what. History has proven that. It has also proven that that is about the normal drawing capacity with a poor team for a few seasons or a catalyst for people to hold on to season tickets. That is not speculation, history clearly shows that. You can come up with all the metaphors and such you like, history doesn't lie. It may be slightly higher now because of population growth, but it history still holds true. This is largely the same pedigree for the board as it was back in that time. Reynolds is really the difference. If this team were to suck nuts for 3 or 4 years the stadium and no big hosting rights were in store the numbers would drop....that is just reality. Fortunately, as things sit at the moment I don't think that is a big concern.

If I had a dime for every time someone underestimated Rider Nation - I’d be wealthy man. You said yourself - you don’t pay for tickets but get to attend the games. In other words, you can’t understand the mentality of those who pay up each year out of their own pocket to enjoy and experience Rider Nation and the team. Now that we have an amazing facility to do this in - it’s even MORE appealing.

All you have to do is look at all the empty seats in 2015 and 2016 later in the year when the team was eliminated form playoffs to see that it isn't invincible. Have some not so stellar seasons and demand will decrease, now that the Newness of the stadium is wearing off. Heck, even last year when Edmonton was in town for the 3rd place showdown there were thousands of empties at that game, because of a little thing like cold.

This is the logic behind moving the season up. We all know outdoor events are better - with better weather.

I'm all for moving it up. One less month without some kind of Football to watch is a great thing IMO. Plus that was a crazy cold game to sit there and watch which sucks, and it only gets worse as I get older. :(I'm also not a fan of the Grey Cup that we watched this year where the team with the best shoe cobbler wins it. Same as last year in the East final where the Esks were done in by the snow in Ottawa also.


It is not speculation, it is well shown from history to be true. Green goggles are far too thick sometimes, and it is that arrogance some bring that makes many hate the team.

And yeah, just because I get our tickets for free doesn't mean I don't understand. I have actual expectations from the club when they hand them to me.

Anyone who gets something for free can’t empathize with those who pay with their after tax hard earned dollars for season tickets. We are talking tens of thousands of dollars here. Maybe a hundred grand over time - depending on how many one pays for and for how long. It’s not a slight, rather a fact. This season, our commitment is $4,500. Yours is what, $0? But yet you know how I feel about the team and the CFL experience? I’m not so sure about that.

Reality is - you might never darken the door of the Riders venue if you had to pay for it yourself. But thousands will choose to pay this. I think what we are discussing is the difference between ‘involved’ vs ‘committed’. No slight intended.

For my bacon and eggs breakfast this morning, the chicken was involved. The pig however - was committed. Measurable difference.

History doesn't lie. Apparently only to you.

<<<puts in a lot more time with the club than your 4500 is worth per year. As I stated, there are expectations around it. Reality is...I put in hundred of hours per year. Hence actual expectations. That relationship is also what has allowed me to give away blocks of tickets on here a few times. It has its perks, but there is sweat equity in it.

Sweat equity is an awesome way to get something for a very reduced price.
I would do same if I were in same situation.

Not really. Sweat equity is putting in hundred of hours for something like that. Trust me, if I were to actually work for that duration and purchase the tickets I would be ahead.

And btw...they are always looking for extra people. All you have to do is reach out.

Why then, do you do it?

Multiple reasons
#1 - they specifically asked
#2 - most exers in the area do something
#3 - without a boatload of people doing these types of things there is no game day, there are no special events or tailgates, and there SAF would be no hosting the Cup
#4 - providing for and working in the community is great. We also do other volunteer work.
#5 - maintaining some relationships, which I won't really get into.
#6 - why wouldn't I if I support the team and they can use my help?

All good reasons. What is an exer?