2018 Schedule

Not a fan of night games later in the season . I think we took care of CFL's TSN commitment to FNF .

I'm with you on that one. I rather see the afternoon games in the fall.
We got one afternoon game at home in September and a couple on the road. I think by my count we also got 5 Thursday night games and 8 Friday night games :o

As for NFL getting what they want????? the entire CFL schedule has only FOUR SUNDAY games all season.

I think TSN may have more to do with fewer Sunday games, as they want to air more NFL games on Sundays.

Don’t you wish our fans were like NFL fans, the Green Bay game last night in MINUS 15C and 70,000 fans in the seats and no one left early

Yes totally agree . It bothers me when I see people whining about the weather in Canada in the CFL November when you see (New England) Boston with an avalanche of snow and still practicing outdoors in January .

Greenbay and Saskatchewan were attributed as the same mentality then you see them wanting to change the schedule a month sooner and that teams fans lose all credibility as tough and equal to Green Bay .

Look at that NHL Outdoor game at TD Place, over 30,000 fans jammed in there and minus 20 with wind chills and they paid a lot of money to see it. I don't think anyone could actually see the puck.

Not saying we wont go but as we get older we tend to enjoy the good weather games more.

Agree I am softer as I get older but I don't like the rain either .

If the weather is so important to todays CFL then roof the entire CFL before losing the golden goose of November CFL Football that is highlighted in Canada in the CFL 's favour . Rain , sleet , freezing rain and snow can at least be deflected away from your ticket buying spectator .

Getting soaked to the bone is far worse whatever the temperature is as your going to get cold and it just feels miserable . So if weather is so important to attendance then make sure there are roofs covering the fans .That is something that can be controlled all season long from May to November .Do this first before losing the tradition and focus you get for November's CFL showcase events .