2018 Schedule

Looks not too bad. Bit of a test with Edm in week 1 but strong win opportunities after that. Not a fan of back to backs in general but week 4 and 5 with the Lions will be interesting.

Tougher second half imo finishing with Sask, Calgary, and Edmonton. Hopefully not needing 2 of 3 just to make the playoffs.

Many changes to come between now and then. Let 2018 be the Bombers year. Amen

...... You're right joe not a bad looking schedule....3 bye weeks spaced quite evenly....One Thursday game keeps most fans happy...We can't complain as in other years when were dealt a crappy hand...No excuses this year regarding short turnarounds either...Looks good

Sweeping the Lions week 4 and 5 would be huge. Losing both could be the season right there.

A split and the season goes on is the other option.

Should be some good football with both teams potentially healthy early in the year. I am not sold on Jon Jennings as an elite starter.

Would be nice to see Medlock put one through from 62 with the lid on and the fans blowing on high to win the game. Expect tricks from MOS designed to drive Wally over the edge and blow challenge calls.

Can't wait for the fun to begin.

Dislike the Bombers going back to back with BC week 4 and 5 followed up by a back to back with Toronto in weeks 6 and 7. Not to see either team again until the playoffs if then.

First look at Calgary is week 11. First battle with Sask week 12.

CFL scheduling has the imagination of a brick. Week 20 inCalgary seems to be a new tradition. Count on a likely win against the 2nd stringers for that.

3 games against Sask and Edm this year is a good thing.