2018 schedule out

Stunning to see it out so early!!

I like the consistency with Thursday night games before Labour Day and Saturday double-headers at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. ET most weeks after L.D. (along with Friday night games every week). The schedule seems very TV-viewer friendly and NFL-avoiding (although sometimes it's better to meet your competitors head-on rather than trying to avoid them). This is probably good for CFL ratings and NFL ratings with the league shunning Sunday. Only 4 Sunday games are scheduled during the regular season.

makes me wonder how much effort they put into it.

They should be able to make it so that every team playing each other twice does so once in each half of the season. Every team playing each other 3 times should do so in each third of the season.It is not impossible, just takes more work. At least they could do better than this and at least this year seems at first glance to be better than last year.

BC plays Hamilton back to back and same with Winnipeg. I don’t like back to back exceptfor thelabour day traditions.

How come Ottawa only has one preseason game?

The Argos only have one pre-season game too. They play one preseason game in Hamilton on June 1st. Then their next game is two weeks later start of the regular season in June 15th in Regina. So no home game of any sort until June 23rd when it is a Grey Cup rematch against Calgary.

The teams have some input and the league also has to take into account other events that could conflict. I’m pretty sure they didn’t just throw darts at a calendar.

There's a OTT vs. TOR pre-season game that still has its date to be determined, so we've left it off of the website (it doesn't have the ability to slot a game without a day/time being assigned for it).

Trying to write a 9-team CFL schedule from scratch isn't easy.

But what is easy is taking what they churn out, and switching around the weeks in order to make the schedule much more ideal.

Seems like that would be a pretty easy final step.

Makes sense.


So does Toronto. I am guessing that perhaps they are waiting to announce or finalize a TD Atlantic or something like that.

Great to have the schedule out so early.

Curious how schedules are made when a team plays outside of their division so much at the beginning.

-However, not a big fan of Thursday night games, to watch or go to.
-Not a fan of 3 bye weeks. Hopefully we can go back to one when/if 10th team starts.
-I know TSN is our broadcast holder and they are heavily invested into NFL, but there should be at least one Sunday game (late afternoon) every week. Sunday is traditional Football day, and the CFL ratings seem to be better head to head with NFL than HNIC on Saturday Nights.
-Saturday Night games, fine during the summer, but once NHL starts they need to shift to earlier games. HNIC makes any CFL game invisible in ratings.
-Friday Night games should only be single games to kick off the CFL weekend. Stay away from overlapping games.
-maybe Toronto/Ottawa game not scheduled yet due to a possible Touchdown Atlantic game to help promote CFL football for a tentative new ownership group?

Love seeing the Grey cup in its natural setting towards end of November. Instead of running from November because people are getting so soft, the CFL should promote it more. 3 rounds of Playoffs in one month with little competition. Heck MLS plays their finals in December. NFL playoffs are in January. By the way, its mid December here in Sask, and you can get away with a light jacket.

Anyways done my whining for this hour.

Personally I like it when they get the crossover games out of the way early, and then play divisional match-ups down the stretch.

The back to back thing has been something being pushed for a few seasons now, and honestly, while I m not a huge fan of it, it does seem to create a fair bit of buzz around those games…so I don’t fault them for continuing it.

Sunday games seem to be primarily on long weekends…something many seemed to think should be a focus…that’s a win

Thursday/Friday/Saturday night football seemingly every week except long weekends, when there are only 3 games, or the tail end of the season when you generally want them in the daytime, so they are mainly on the weekend.

No midweek games

No team playing 3 in 2 weeks

At a glance it is hard not to like this overall IMO. There will always be things one does not love, but this looks solid. there will be some complaining about a disproportionate amount of Thursday games and things like that…but as a whole this seems good

As far as playing each team one time per half season (except for those you play 2 times)…I get what you are saying…but for me it is more important that you don’t play the majority against your own division early (check), that you don’t play the same division team 2 or 2 times in the first 6 weeks (check) and you don’t have teams done their byes before another has had one or a team with 2 byes in 3 weeks (check, I believe)…last year’s schedule was pretty bad, but better that the season before. I compare this one to the last few and I am left pretty happy…at a glance

Also love that it is out so early…amazingly early. They had to have started this during the season. I have heard some say it would be nice to know coordinate some holidays around it and such so they, as season ticket holders, don’t miss games…or they can potentially make a trip coincide to hit a game. Well…mission accomplished.

I agree

Thanks for the heads up on that Sully.

Yes especially in the CFL given the amount of year over year turnover of players. Best to put those division games after week 3 or 4 when the teams start to come together.

Would really like to have seen the Grey Cup game moved up a couple of hours. 5 pm CST is too late to get going imo and leaves not much for many but lights out for after the game.

An earlier start would have made for a better game in both of the last two Grey Cup games and a better game day experience for the fans.

I know TSN is trying to optimize viewers but it seems it is not an effective overall strategy and would like to see it tweaked back to more of a National event rather than a time slot on network tv.

Liking what I see of Ambrosie so far and think he'll be good for the league. Won't be surprised to see this addressed.

I think the league is trying to draw the absolute maximum TV audience with a 6:30 pm kickoff, the same time-slot as the Super Bowl uses. That’s 7:30 pm in the Atlantic region (8:00 pm in NFLD) with nearly an 11:00 pm finish (with the extended halftime and opening ceremonies.) Only a few years ago the Grey Cup kickoff was at 1:00 pm (ET) which meant an 10:00 am start in B.C…which is far too early to start drinking. I’d suggest they move the kickoff to about Sunday 5:00 pm (ET) which is 2:00 pm in B.C. and 6:30 pm in NFLD.

It’s funny you mention this. I’ve always wanted the GC game to begin earlier in the day, however as the game takes shape all that is forgotten. I’m unsure what would be the optimum start time that allows maximum viewership. Also I imagine the league is trying to avoid daytime NFL games that could conflict viewers choices - at least earlier in the game. Also found if you have company over to watch the game and they’ve been there awhile for drinks and food, the party is louder and becomes more difficult to focus on all aspects of the game vs an earlier start with less drinking having occurred before kickoff.

First world problems I guess.