2018 Renewal

Just talked to a ticket rep about renewal and a full explanation of the First Ontario promo. I’m renewing and taking advantage of the kickback.
I hope next year is way better than the last couple of years.

Yep, I'll renew. No price increase, plus a bunch of cash back for meeting with First Ontario is a pretty good deal.

I was renewing regardless

Very happy with the discounts. Enjoy sitting in sec 104 and sit with a fun bunch of season ticket holders. I find bob has been very loyal to season ticket holders :slight_smile:

pretty happy with the price freeze and the renewal bonuses.

Only thing I’m undecided on is whether to take extra tickets to the November 3rd game or Vanier Cup tix.

Will be interesting to see if all the people that said they were boycotting over the Briles situation follow through with it...

I hope not Crash…
One thing that folks have to remember…
Being a fan of The TiCats, is something fans of the other Teams in the CFL can
only dream of.
Our forum posters are some of the most knowledgeable fans of the game.
Of course we do not always agree with each other…
But from the time I was a kid…I grew up cheering for our guys.
Just like a ton of other folks here.

Those in Calgary might disagree....

Any other club level season seat holders upset with the changes announced this week for 2018? Now that food isn’t included, parking is up in the air, we’re still paying double the price of platinum seats to sit further away from the field, I don’t really see the value anymore. How is this still a “premium? experience? Paying twice as much as everyone else for no additional benefit just seems foolish to me. I’d rather pay half as much for lower bowl seats. Will be speaking with my rep.

Curious exactly what the changes are. Can you elaborate?

Consider also that with the exception of the playoffs, the secondary market has been flooded with tickets the last several years. And if you can afford club seats, you can afford to merely pay market rates for second-hand tickets at playoff time instead. In regular season you can usually find lower level tickets for under face value.

The club seats only make sense if you want to have access to a schmoozing space with guests, in which case you probably have reason to justify coughing up extra for food too. For someone who just wants a good place to watch the game, it's hard to see a way to justify the club seat price unless you're the type with money to burn for a slightly more upscale environment.

And here's the cynic in me: if there's a waiting list for club seats, maybe they're hoping some "legacy" folks will drop their club seats so those seats can be sold at a higher price to new customers.

The boycott is on until Scott Mitchell goes.

Sadly, that won't happen until either he decides to retire, or Bob sells the team.


Not sure why fans are calling for Scott Mitchell to be fired. He admitted he made a mistake hiring Art Briles, and apologized. Time to move on.

hmmmm. Caretaker made a bad hire and he's living with this one. I still can't believe Mitchell is around truth be told. Obviously Caretaker is in deep with this man, so be it.

I'll be renewing. At the very least its 10 date nights with the Mrs.

Yup. Will consider extra tickets based on off season upgrades to the team- if we have any.
Will also consider extras if fellow fans start dumping their tickets.
(Hopefully, it will be a winning season next year...feels like forever; making the playoffs with a crappy record doesn't count)


6 seats renewed.

Cheapest seats in the stadium. I think it was $220 per seat for the season.

Me too,

Renewed all 4 and "Happy To Do It".

I'm looking forward to Next Year, but I really do feel that we are on the right track. I'm not going to give up on the team. Stopping now is like selling a stock that has the ability to come back...you just "solidify your losses" that way.

Besides, I'm keeping my seats until I can watch a Grey Cup game from them.

And what would I have to grumble and chew about if I didn't renew?