2018 Recruiting ... where is it

I know its only one gane but looking around the league ..... I have to ask where is our recruiting?
The Bombers find a QB to build develop'
The Eskimos sign a vet OL
The TiCats resign a DB
Seems to me the football OPs department can't find players or figure all's well. Its frustrating when most figured things would change.....Kavis, Joe & Myles its now time to work......

Part of your answer is in bold. Kavis Reed should never have been appointed GM. He has little or no contacts down south.

Sleepy Joe Mack is useless.

I agree, our scouting department needs an upgrade. But I would like to believe that part of why Mike Sherman was brought in is because he still has some contacts down south. I, for one, don't expect Kavis Reed to be all things or have all the answers, but hes brought in some nice pieces to what was already a dysfunctional puzzle prior to his arrival.

Even Chris Jones wasn't able to build Rome (or Regina) in a day. Fans there have shown a little patience, and are still hoping to be rewarded this year. Hopefully we can stay the course, and give Mike Sherman time to steer this ship in a more favourable direction. Kavis is just a piece. He has a CFL pedigree that if nothing else, has allowed him to reach his current position.

Whats interesting to me is that even if we do improve and/or even make the playoffs, some folks still won't give Kavis any credit. What is that about ?.

What in Kavis Reed's pedigree merits him to become a GM? He failed as a coordinator (13th man). He failed as a a HC twice (Edmonton and Montreal) he's now failing as a GM.

Reed has no more place as a GM than Popp has a place as a HC.

A guy who gives the go ahead to his GM to trade Ricky Ray for some spare parts and a draft pick, has not hope as a General Manager. NONE.

This disaster was created by a Father and Son ownership that refuses to understand what the role of team owner is. With the amount of money these two will lose this year. They could have filled up the family garage with a fleet of brand spanking new Ferrari or Bentley.

Being a long time Al's fan, I've never seen such a complete failure. The complete football ops should be relieved and most of the business and marketing.....Get this organization with qualified people, way too manay friends of friends working there or pretending to. Alas the proof is on he field.....so sad.