2018 Pre-Season Game #2 P-B-P thread.

#43 Wacha who is starting in place of Dean in the middle isn't doing himself any favours out there in hopes of making this team . He got totally sealed on that TD run by Sutton . Brutal !!! :o

Yeah - he’s not what you would call “a tackler?.

Unamba could use some work on his technique as well.

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8m8 minutes ago

So Rod Black just said on @CFLonTSN that the #Ticats had released QB Vernon Adams. Team officials tell me that's NOT the case

Well, Moniz just sealed his fate.

OUCH !!!! minus 4 YDS of Offence in the first quarter and nada for 1rst downs . :o

Jesus I think we have seen enough of Moniz.

What a godawful display of offence in the 1st quarter....even with all the limitations inherent with pre-season games. It's also a pre-season game for Montreal but they don't seem to be suffering much.
Have to see if Manziel can do any better.
And to make things worse, Rod Black and his "live bullets" analogy is getting tiresome already.

Might be better to keep Adams and trade Moniz!

If I'm Jones I'm telling Adams to not pack his bags just yet .

In fairness to our team we are playing at a disadvantage with who we have on the field. But its not looking good with these backups.

Just remember that our backup are playing against their starters - a number of them high-priced FAs. Can't read too much into how our guys are doing at this point. Let's see how they fare against the larks back ups.

Do you think the coaches discuss ahead of time who will play the starters when?

Everybody still looking "laid back". Glad theyre enjoying the Jones approach.

Adams must be the worst practice QB in history. Didn’t even earn himself a preseason snap. But somehow 3-0 as a starter?

Have we moved into positive yardage yet? lol

9-yd run cancelled by a 15-yd penalty. SMH...

Heres Johnny!!!

Rod Black is going to need Lubrication!

Well on the plus side being optimistic and all , final cuts should be easy for Jones after watching how these scrubs are playing so far today . I think there might be a player or two who are told don't bother getting on the train for the ride back to Hamilton . :o

Lovin Johnnys non laid back style.

Montreal players wanting to get a piece of Johnny just gave the cats an opportunity to score.