2018 Pre-Season Game #2 P-B-P thread.

Game time is noon, on TSN1.
Let's post our game thoughts...

Just about ready for kick off here, :slight_smile: Our 2s and 3s have an excellent opportunity to show how good they can be against many of the larks' starters.

Cliffy D Pine?
4m4 minutes ago

#Alouettes to start on defense.

Sparse crowd

OUCH Vaughn down on the first play of the game :frowning: Hope that it's nothing serious.

OUCH !!! Vaughan got blown up BUT thankfully walks off on his own steam . We can't afford to lose another quality Canadian .

Maybe they haven’t heard about our QB depth chart. Language barrier perhaps?

According to TSN Marsh he thought it looked like a decent crowd for the preseason game - maybe because of Johhny? :o

Whitlock at least managed to hang on to the ball even though it was ruled as an incomplete pass.

Nice work by #43 to tackle Willy although not before he gained enough yardage.

Haven't been entirely impressed with our cover teams on punts so far. Looked to me like they allowed too much yardage on returns in the last game and Logan sure picked up a good return on his first return.

That was much better and a great punt into a stiff wind by Hh

Agree Grover - and our "back up D" managed to keep Willy and friends to a 2 and out!

Just an idea - maybe let Moniz throw a pass downfield since we’re trying to evaluate him?

Frankie Williams - looking a lot like Richard Leonard on that pass knockdown.

Running on 2nd and 17 was a bit of a head scratcher to me but I think JJ wants to see how certain plays are run by his QBs

DB (?) Williams had a great PKD and is impressing again.

I'm not impressed - at all - by our backups.

Our 2's and 3's stink

Impressed with what I've seen so far out of him . I'm thinking that Frankie has a great shot to still be around after final cuts on Sunday .

Combine that with how the starters looked last week and.... YIKES.

O line getting worked .. In other news, Roof starts with the letter R