2018 Pre-Season Game #1 Play-by-Play Thread

It’s been a long time since a football game has been played.
We play the blew team’s backups and wanna-bes tonight.
There’s quite a buzz in the air because of you-know-you.
Let’s chat about the game as it happens…

Well we’ll be playing a number of our back ups and wannabes too!

It’s been a LONG time since I could comment on a GDT. I attended the Grey Cup (rooting for the Stamps of course much to the delight of Stamps fans staying in our hotel!) so couldn’t participate in any chats then.

Got the Ticats gear on and I’m ready to watch some Ticats football! :slight_smile:

So a couple of 2 and outs to start the game. Can expect that from TO’s second stringers but would like to see our offense get rolling here soon

Apparently not - Masoli picked off :frowning:

Rod Black says we had two thousand-yard receivers last year, Banks and Saunders.

Must be saving Tasker references for when he can do justice to the family tree.

Rod needs to brush up on his stats apparently. But then Luke was voted most underrated player!

Maybe Whitlock at RB isn’t such a good idea… :frowning:

Back to back turnovers: Masoli intercepted on a deep throw to Banks, then Whitlock fumbles.

Good thing we’re not keeping score.

good evening everyone, hope everyone had a good winter. Looking forward to a good season.

Toronto’s starting QB tonight has three last names. They don’t really need to play two other guys.

James Franklin will help restore the balance with his two first names.

Two turnovers against their backups is NOT a good way to start!

I’ll see your two, and raise you to three.

Meanwhile apparently we have the M&M guys! ::slight_smile:

Three nights of Rod Black. >:( I wonder how our US friends are liking him.

They’ve really got to move Kanneh back inside where he belongs. He’s fish out of water on the corner.

Hopefully they aren’t going to make it four in a row. TO backups/wannabes are making our starters like lie preschoolers! OUCH!

What the hell Hamilton, 3 turnovers and 10 points down. I know it’s pre-season but they are not playing starters. Crap,make that 4 turnovers!

OK Whiltlock is DEFINITELY NOT a starting RB. Just fumbled the ball again. Put him back on defense where he can do some damage - PLEASE!!!

What an ugly first quarter that was. . .

Get Masoli out of there!!

Okay, a turnover for us, let’s make it count.