2018 Playoffs = Mike O'Shea's legacy

Don’t know if Bombers are prepared to part ways with Mike O’Shea if he allows a bunch of green scrubs in Ram uniforms to overwhelm his team in the western semi - BUT tons of folks will be out for blood . . . . and I will officially christen Mr. O’Shea as MIKE ZERO if he can’t pull thru.

Actually, if Collaris is absent and we get ourselves whomped by Mr. Watford, Mr. Bridge and Mr. Tate I’ll put 95% of it on O’Zero . . . .

The way to beat Regina is to come out of the chute quick and put the riders down fast - something like 15-0 to 20-0 before they know what hit them. Unfortunately, that won’t happen as O’Shea will coach meekly and the bombers will be locked into a slobbernokker - by design!

Taking out the riders is a decent accomplishment, especially at grumpy-noisy barn in Regina.

Win by errors or win ugly is still a W.

The big problem is it can easily be undone if the team gets stomped by the stamps next weekend.

…2 Very tough games ahead…Concentrate only on the one at hand…put them away and anything can happen in a final…It’s really a new season and everyone is starting from square 1…The best team will win it all and right now Vegas has us as the one to watch…I’m not a betting man myself…soooooo we’ll just let the odds play out

The Bomber defence can win this game on their own, all the offence has to do is not give the Riders any easy points off turnovers. So I don’t expect the offence to be swinging for the fences either, lots of safe ball control and take what they give you.

Definitely the biggest game of coach Mike’s career.

Personnel wise the bombers match up favorably with Riders, in fact most areas are tilted to the Bombers (especially MLB) or a saw-off. Bomber o-line has a slight edge (some would say massive, I won’t) over SRR - even though Harris is a popper for the Blue guys - Regina will trot out a couple energizer bunny RBs. WR should be interesting!

QB is an advantage to bombers if Collaros is out or damaged. Nichols should kill either/both Watford/Bridge but he won’t. It will be closer than expected.

Mr. Jones is a superior head coach to O’Shea. O’Shea has had a couple nice seasons - but his playoff kryptonite (much like his reg. season kryptonite) is decision-making, pure and simple. O’Shea is hesitant and undecided at times - taking too much time penalties, bad challenges, poorly timed time-outs. Chris Jones might be a hugely obnoxious human being but he’s a substantially better and more prepared head coach. Big advantage Regina Riders!

If O’Shea blows up early and starts yapping mumbo-jumbo on the microphone, Riders could actually bury the bombers. Don’t see the Bombers burying the Riders, even if Collaros a no-show.

I ain’t worried about Collaros at all !

Nope. No Sask QB is as good as Matt.

So Lyle…if MOS becomes a zero for losing, does he become a good coach if he wins?
Just wondering at what point you’ll lay off him?

yea…about the bombers next two games…one on Sunday, the next one in the 2019 season

Well now I’m worried. 8)

Awefully cocky for a fan of the team that got it handed to them real bad last time we met…and I mean real bad :o

In many respects O’Shea has evolved into being a slightly better than average CFL head coach. He’s a players coach, that cannot be denied - he’s loyal to a fault, even with inferior coaches and players if they’re loyal to him.

His kryptonite is on-field decision-making. Fans who really don’t know the intricacies of the game tend to disagree with me on this. Those in the know think I’m being a bit gentle on him.

I actually think its pre-determined that O’Shea gets another year, regardless of outcome this weekend - even if the bombers are thrashed 40-3 by the stubble-jumpers.

O’Shea gets thrased bad in Regina - 90% certain he’s re-upped for 2019; mostly due to continuity - scrapping him and bringing in Lapolice from the both would be a confession of guilt, lower season ticket sales, etc.

O’Shea loses a barn-burner in the barn - he’s prolly re-upped for 2 years

O’Shea wins in Regina in a scraper - he’s re-upped 3 years

O’Shea loses in Calgary via thrashing - see above

O’Shea scrapes thru in Calgary - 3 or 4 year contract

O’Shea wins Grey Cup - statue erected at IGF

O’Shea loses Grey Cup - portrait mounted at IGF Rum Hut (featuring O’Shea in shorts)

yes it was a thrashing was it not… embarrassinglyso in fact

I’m still not afraid of Collaros. :wink:

Can’t argue with MOS being a players coach to a fault, and that his weakness is in game decisions, but I do think he’s improved in that regard. And we all know he’s stubborn to a fault as well.

But Man, it’s playoffs! Have some excitement about the possibility of ending the drought, who cares if we get hurt one more time! Will you enjoy what may be the most rewarding championship if you’re still posting all the percentages of how we get blown out, and the slim chance we win a game?
Take a chance, can’t you feel it? 8)

And it reeks of desperation out West with all these moves the Riders are making lately…
**** I’m pumped already, I want the game to be today! ;D

I always find the hardest part of waiting is watching the game before. While it’s nice there is something to do 3 hours prior, I am usually chomping at the bit to get things going.

I’m stoked too.

It’s not our coach who is out there signing Drew Tate. :wink: ;D

……Corrected that for ya…you forgot to add how successful we’ll be

You boys are turning into the CFL.ca’s version of The Optimist Club

So be it - nothin’ wrong with it

But here’s a couple “Sad facts”

  1. Bombers last Grey Cup win was 1990 - almost 30 years ago

  2. Bombers last win over the green riders in a playoff game was 1965, 53 years ago.

Just a guess but based mostly on O’Shea’s erratic form chart is the bombers will just refuse to blow the riders off the map. If we get off to a 14-0 lead thats when O’Shea suddenly shuts down the engines and tries to go into prevent mode - thats bad kryptonite immo!

  1. We have been to the dance a few times since 1990, just haven’t won.

  2. For most of the 53 years we have not beaten the Green guys in the playoffs may be due to the fact that they were a horrible team for so long that they did not make the playoffs. Hard to beat them if they aren’t in it.

I am certainly more optimistic than I was last year and that’s because of the way this team has played and has been coached the last 5 games. Yes 5. We are peaking at the right time. We do have pretty good depth and I really think the guys want to win it all this year. Our chances are as good if not better than every other team.

……I believe this team is playing the best of any team in the CFL right now…Playing error free for the most part and not taking stupid penalties should win the day for our guys…There’s a lot of hungry talented players on this club and their quest will not be denied…How’s that for being a cock-eyed optimist

Lyle’s statement is actually more statistically significant than I’d guessed at first glance. I checked and found these results going back to the 1966 playoffs:

1966 Saskatchewan 14 Winnipeg 7
1966 Saskatchewan 21 Winnipeg 19
1971 Saskatchewan 34 Winnipeg 23
1972 Saskatchewan 27 Winnipeg 24
1975 Saskatchewan 42 Winnipeg 24
2003 Saskatchewan 37 Winnipeg 21
2007 Saskatchewan 23 Winnipeg 19 (Grey Cup)

That’s seven losses in a row!