2018 Planning Saskatchewan Roughriders

Jones & Co don't sit still. Today we already hear that Brandon Bridge's agent has sent a package to Jones for perusal re: contract extension.

What do you think we will see asap/now in the offseason?

What do you think we will see over a period of time in the offseason?

We no longer are building a club but now are bolstering a club. So - what's gonna happen?

They need more depth in the secondary and the QB situation should be addressed.

On the oline, assess whether Bladek or St. John is the next man up. They should look to start at least 3 Canadians on the oline so they can upgrade one of their running backs and go away from the two Canadians they start there now. Any one of their starting American o lineman can be used in a trade.

Heard Jones intends on keeping Glenn into 2019, behind BB.

Jones himself is meeting with the president/BOD asap to hammer out his extension.

Willie Jefferson is extended

New OL coach.
2 new DBs needed
Solidify DT either with what is on roster or someone new
If Dennis goes, put that into Coleman and Campbell

A "Franchise QB"

Sorry but I still don't see any serious contender yet that can take control of a game from the get go, make game winning plays, who is smooth and fluid and be consistent, consistent, consistent!
I'm not knocking BB or KG for the job they did getting the Riders to the Playoffs and are both good QB's but frankly I really don't see "premier QB" in the future IMHO.
Yes BB is young and maybe he is what the Riders are looking for but for me, I see BB as backup to the guy we don't have yet.

We came within one defensive tackle of making it into GC2017. With a team that was a bunch of misfits and zero chemistry to start the year.

Next year we are essentially starting with what/who we are now. Add in a full season of an entire team who all season will be focusing on a Grey Cup vs hoping to land a job.

We won't be evaluating everyone until Labour Day like Jones was this season.

There are going to be a lot of potential options hitting the market this year....beyond Bridge. I am still not sold on Bridge...but I am not saying he couldn't be the next guy either. He has some big concerns but has developed a lot this season so I would like to think that could continue. Looking at potential FAs...
James Franklin
Zach collaros (likely, but still under contract)
Trevor Harris
Dan Lefevour
Ricky Ray

Other teams (lists are coming out early this year)

BC Lions:
Travis Lulay - international
Mitchell Gale - international


Emmanuel Arceneaux - international
Nick Moore - international
Shaquille Johnson - national

Offensive line

Andrew Jones - national
Antonio Johnson - international
Hunter Steward - national
Jas Dhillon - national
Cody Husband - national
Kirby Fabien - national

Defensive line
David Menard - national
Maxx Forde - national
Alex Bazzie - international
Ricky Foley - national
Craig Roh - international
Bryant Turner Jr. - international
Louie Richardson - national


Mike Benson - national
Adrian Clarke - national

Defensive back

Chandler Fenner - international
Buddy Jackson - international
T.J. Lee - international
Ronnie Yell - international
Loucheiz Purifoy - international

Blue Bombers:

Receiver Brad Sinopoli
Receiver/returner Diontae Spencer
Receiver Jake Harty

Running back William Powell
Running back Brendan Gillanders

Linebacker Taylor Reed

Defensive back Jonathan Rose
Defensive back Jerrell Gavins

Defensive lineman Zack Evans
Defensive lineman Arnaud Gascon-Nadon

Offensive lineman Alex Mateas
Offensive lineman Nolan MacMillan

I know of some other FAs coming but by no means anything this comprehensive. Jamar Wall, from the Stamps is one not already mentioned that I would look at. others a;ready above...
*Brad Sinopoli
Zack Evans
Timothy Flanders
*Travis Bond
T.J. Lee
Ronnie Yell
***TJ Heath

We need a Tad Kornegay type of player... can play linebacker or DB, can cover on passing plays and help the D line on running plays and occasionally blitz.

IMO that is MonCrief

Well imo the only 'real' possibility worth pursuing is Franklin. I think he could just bust open with his own team....especially one that will in all likely hood be an extreme contender for the West's top spot next season...
Having said that, it would also be exciting if a new comer from out of no where appeared.
Like they always seem to do in BC!!

So this Franklin kid… would he be better than oh I dunno say maybe Drew Willy perhaps?

Cause you know this Drew Willy kid was pretty a solid QB.

I’m sorry but I just don’t see a darn thing in this Franklin, and I don’t understand all the fuss… OK I don’t understand any of the fuss.
Didn’t BC have a young superstar guiding them this year?

Just saying, I certainly don’t know who would be best. What I can say is that it has always been my opinion that someone local is your best bet because of the effort they will put in compared to an outsider who thinks they will come here and rule.

I guess it comes down to potential… and yes some have more than others, that said Bridge comes immediately to my mind, long before this unknown Franklin. What did Franklin do this year? 6 pass attempts? Last year? Where does all this talk come from?

he is? lemme just look up his stats
ok...Imma disagree. Stats are not everything but they still tell a story. Coincidence that the Blue Bombers became a contender the day that they sat him down in 2016? The Willy trade cost a GM his job for a reason. Willy was "ok" at one point...but never the same after he gut KTFO. Now he is a fairly immobile QB who is hesitant throwing because he has thrown so many picks and understandably terrified of pressure at this point due to PTSD. Willy was never "it" but always looked like he had some reach potential. Franklin simply looks like the best backup int the CFL right now.

Franklin didn't see much action this year, but if you watch him from the past you can just see his raw potential. The guy has poise that is just sick. He has likely the fastest release in the CFL and would be top 10 all time in the CFL...He actually trains specifically on this in the off-season and has shaved good time off...goes to the best guys for it on his own dime. If you think release time is not a big deal I would suggest doing some reading on it. It is a critical attribute QBs are measured on now in the NFL. That is some serious commitment. He was already on the radar, and then he put up 300+ yards and 4TD in a half of football last season and looked like a 10 year pro in doing so...the interest in him went next level.

One thing is certain...if Jones found the rebirth of Moon he would still be looking for the next guy...gotta love that

"The hunt for a franchise QB is an ongoing thing......."

Jones sure doesn't sound like a guy about to anoint BB to a starting QB contract.

First Off we need to fix our O line, a little to leaky in my opinion, also a D line that can get sacks, yes 3 man rush is one reason why our sack count was way down, but still. As for QB, BB is starting to show signs he maybe ok, still to early to tell. All this talk about The unproven Franklin, still boggles ones mind, Regardless what Depop says, he's unproven and I think way to much has been placed on this unknown. JMO

IMO the issue on the OL is largely coaching. Mike Scheper had some woes with a mess of injuries last season so it was tough to give a fair judgment. They moved him to new duties...I think shaping him for bigger things for his future...that is awesome. Problem is that brought in Stephen Sorrells. Now he seems like a good guy...but this was his first look at the CFL....his first look at an extra player on the field to look to block...his first look at that one yard gap. IMO he failed hard. That is not saying he will not improve...I don't know. He seems like a knowledgeable guy...I personally wish they brought in a guy like Chris Best.

The skill is there on the line. Clark is probably the weakness and he is not exactly a dud. But...Dennis goes from hands down the best OLman in 2016 at LT to a bust at LT to hit and miss at RG...I don't think so. There is an issue there with coaching. The pros are that he elevated Coleman and transitioned Blue to do remarkably well at C...so he may have a future as a positional coach here, but he has a fricken ton of homework to do....LOTS

I am still not a massive fan of so much 3 down front on D, but this team brought 4+ 1/3 as much as the top sacking teams in the league and 10% less then the team closest to them...they finished with half as many sacks and were right in the mix for pressures...the kicker though is 3rd in interceptions. That is pretty impressive...because you have to remember it was about a 3rd through the season before the D started coming together and they actually started getting interceptions and were well in last place in the category at that point. That makes where they finished with it all so much more impressive. Still...I would like to see more spurts of 4 man pressure mixed in there. Minter being injured was a big part of that turnaround. I wasn't over the moon with his signing....by no means hated it, but James and Cox are big improvements in the middle. More competition needed...but those guys are good.

As far as Franklin...yup...unproven. When you look at potential for backups though I think that most GMs (Hell, I will say it...all GMs) and most coaches in the league would place him a distinct #1 in that category...Bridge is likely #2. If Bridge can cure a couple issues he could be dominant...huge if though. Not a fan of running backwards 18 yards and doing the same spin so often and not a fan of some of the balls he tries forcing. IMO he does too much with his legs. It is awesome to have that ability and bust out when needed but I don't like legs being the strength of a QB. like I said...piles of potential there so would be by no means disappointed to see him given a crack. If I had to pick I for "starting here and now" it would most definitely be Franklin.

Ummm I was just being sarcastic about the Drew Willy thing, sorry bout that I should try to be more to the point. My point being a lot of folks thought Willy would be a star.

Franklin unfortunately I have not watched, so I guess I know nothing really. Just saying he seems like a big unknown to me.

OTOH I do value your views depop so thanks.

If it were up to me I'm pretty sure doubles would still be here but that's very old news now.

After what this team did this year I've no issues with any of their choices, they've more than proven how little I know. It's just nice to be excited about where this team seems to be heading and I hope the success continues.

Oh yea this quick release stuff you mentioned, sounds nice, I do like KG for his quick release and I do believe it is a major advantage for the offense in that it gives the defense less time to react... 1 missed tackle can be a wonderful thing.

I personally never thought Drew was a potential 'Premier' QB and for Glen I've followed him from the beginning, but he always seems to lose concentration and his interceptions kill him not to mention KG unfortunately has never been able to close the Big Game.
During the Semi Final KG was absolutely hot and on the money, Come the Final he couldn't play to level needed to win the big one.......has been his curse.
I really like KG and it's to bad he couldn't take it to the Grey Cup.....He's been in the Big Game but hasn't won it.

I actually picked up on that more after I typed it and said "me F it" lol

Franklin is a prospect and by no means a given...don't get me wrong. His poise for his experience is really impressive though. He rolls the pocket without panic and keeps his head looking downfield. IMO he is a cerebral guy who is pas first and works non-stop on bettering his mechanics. His throwing mechanisms remind me somewhat of a guy like Dickenson with a faster release and better mobility...that is a big statement. What is impressive is that he seems to already know when to take off or kill the play and when he uses his legs he generally goes sideways not backwards (my biggest concern with Bridge)...that is what separates him from Bridge at this point but that can by all means change.

Glenn has a quick release in a different sense. He makes fast decisions and lets it go with strong mechanics, but his actual timed release is (assume) good but not spectacular. When you are talking actual release time stats that is a measurement of snap to pass release. This is massive massive massive for short timing routes. Glenn is pretty good at it, but better at a quick release when sitting in the pocket reading...not exactly the same thing. This is something that has become an important measurement in the NFL starting about 12-15 years, and huge in the last 5 or so.

Unfortunately, it is not a stat talked about in the CFL (yet) so we don't get a lot of great figures...so I will talk NFL a bit. Put it in perspective of this...

  • A decade ago there were maybe a couple QBs that were <2.5s and the average was above 3s.
  • The average now is is, IIRC, 2.46s
  • in 2012 there were 7 QBs <2.5s
  • in 2013 there were 11 QBs <2.5s
  • in 2014 there were 13 QBs <2.5s
  • in 2015 there were 20 QBs <2.5s
  • in 2016 there were 26 QBs <2.5s
  • Andy Dalton was the lowest a couple years ago at 2.20s, Tom Brady was next at 2.26
  • Brett Hundley (Green Bay) is the highest this season...look at the results.
  • Alex Smith was the fastest last season...he had just a stunning year

Now...don't get me wrong, there are factors in this all. Eli Manning has a stellar release time, but that is because his OL sucks...not because he is excelling...he is just trying to survive and putting up garbage in effort...at a fast rate. The top guys like Brady, Smith, Brees...those are good examples, so you have to take a wider look at the number than simply the number itself.

Another issue is the man snapping the ball. Let's look at Clark. Most guys get a hand on the sidish of the ball and palm it for grip while guiding with a hand on top when snapping. Clark has short arms and small hands...he can't do that. What he has started doing...and a big reason he has looked a lot better...is he puts the nose of the ball in the palm of his hand to snap. This locks up both the wrist and the grip and gives amazing control but does 2 things...ONE - it is a slightly slower ball in velocity and that is because of TWO - the ball comes sideways so has more resistance...that is to say that instead of coming nose first the nose is pointed more straight up. This actually adds a 3rd matter...the QB has to change a catching the snap motion significantly...something that the have been doing their entire life...not the end of the world, but that is a big change. Yep...more control...way way more control, but slower

I know this sounds trivial at first, but it is a huge deal as defenders simply get faster and learn to react faster.

I was never a Drew Willy fan.

Franklin, I think, will be pretty good in this league. He's got a strong arm and decent mobility and appears to have the smarts for the position. Limited reps I know. I guess Jones and his staff know more about Franklin and can make that call.

Bridge has a strong arm, good mobility, but sometimes lacks the intelligence or awareness. This can be coached up, but I don't think we are as successful next year if we name Bridge the starter right out of the gate. He is probably a year or two away from being the starter.

They could probably look at someone like Collaros if they don't go the Glenn route (I believe he is under contract). Collaros' numbers were down last season but there were far greater issues on that team than the quarterback.