2018 NHL Draft

I will NOT be watching the 2018 NHL Draft because the number of high end Canadian players are few and far between - I have no interest in seeing kids from other countries being drafted.

Canada is due for a High End Talent (5 year) Run because we have not had one in a long time - not since 2005 to 2009.

Hockey Canada needs to address this situation!

Hockey Canada along with many other sheep think if you're from Europe you're automatically " more skilled." This brainwashing is too far ingrained to fight it anymore. One of the many reasons I seldom watch a regular season NHL game... The league is too watered down with Euros and too many teams.

Yes that's why I loved the Vegas story . They were a Holtby stick save away from glory . They go two up and it's a different ending .

No Holtby sticky and no Winnie for Washy Washy .

No way in 1976 could a team like Vegas get anywhere near the cup . The teams like the Canadiens , Flyers , Sabres would have wiped them out even the Leafs then with Lanny and Daryl.

The expansion draft is better now but no way they come in and win like world beaters even with good goalie back then as the teams were too stacked with hardy talented seasoned vets .

The Islanders took years of quality entry drafting to get to the heights they achieved years later .

Fair enough but remember the NHL has no obligation to have any Canadians play on any team. It's not the Canadian Hockey League afterall.

Players from all over the map. Sweden had a great draft - including the Top Player / D-Man in the draft.

10 Canadians drafted in what may be the worst first round in Canadian history - we've been saying that a LOT in recent years.

Canada will hopefully have a strong 2nd round.

Lots of D-Men taken.

With the cost of hockey Kev it will only get worse .

It's not about the kids alone it's about affordability for families .

A Gretzky today might not happen .

House league hockey is crazy now .

Rep hockey is not for those with obligations elsewhere .

Change that and you will see more Canadian's drafted .

Kids playing Hockey is now seen as a tourist trap game with ridiculous tournaments with bumped up prices on hotel rooms , restaurants , gas and entry fees .

It's the game within the game .

Communities use the sport and the kids . It's not a very wholesome environment .

The kids parents have to pay to play .

Even house leagues go away for tournaments ; it's nuts .

Exactly what i have been saying for years, a Gretzky today WON'T happen because Canadian teams keep drafting Sven instead. American teams have no problem drafting Canadian players but our teams are in love with Sweden. It's like a teenage boy's infatuation. I'm sorry but I don't like cheering for a swede player on the Leafs who in a few months will be ecstatic to beat our international Canadian team in the Olympics or any other tourney. When he comes back after beating us, we clap and accept him like nothing has happened. Doesn't anyone else think this is snafu thinking ? No, we've taken this 'we love everyone' ideal too far. Sweden doesn't do this, nor any other country.We are bringing kids over from Europe at an early age and paying their ticket to take the place of a Canadian boy. I'm against it. If that makes me racist,well then, I'm racist. I only sing one anthem. Let Sven stay at home and play and learn. After all, he is 'more skilled.'
Look at where most of the Euros picked in the 1st round play- the OHL. If we want more Canadians playing in the NHL we have to stop doing this. Toronto's 1st pick, 29th overall, is a swede-Sault OHL. There was no other Canuck kid good enough ??????? Let's start worrying about our own.
2nd pick was a Barrie Colt player and he ends up going to an American team Carolina. Does this make sense unless Carolina was paying for his stay over here ? Why are we grooming foreign players in Barrie to play for a southern Amer team ??
Everyone seems OK with this and then we have the foolishness to ask why a Canadian team has not won the Stanley Cup for 25 years. Boy, we are stupid !

When I went to my son's tourneys the towns met us with open arms. There were deals for motels and restaurants. Maybe times have changed. That was over 20 years ago.

I also think we are in a valley. We had a LOT of years where we dominated the 1st round of the draft and we were due for a let down period. All we can do is hope/pray things get back to normal.