2018 MOP

Who do you think will win the MOP this year?

And who do you think should win it?

Here’s the blurb from CFL.ca:

Bo Levi Mitchell earned his third career Most Outstanding Player (MOP) nomination (previously nominated in 2015 and 2016) and is looking to capture his second MOP, his first since 2016. The Katy, Texas native put up career highs during the 2018 season. Mitchell passed for 35 touchdowns (a new personal best) while competing 60.9 percent of his passes and notching his second career 5,000+ passing yard season. Mitchell had two games where he passed for 400+ yards and eleven games where he passed for multiple touchdowns. Despite a rash of injuries Mitchell helped the Stampeders win the West Division and place first overall this season.

In the East, Jeremiah Masoli obliterated all his personal benchmarks, including passing yards (5,209) and passing touchdowns (28), in his first full season as a CFL starting quarterback. Masoli reached the 5,000+ yard mark for the first time in his career and becomes the first Ticats player to be nominated for the award since Danny McManus in 1999. During the season he passed for 300+ yards in 12 games, which is a Tiger-Cats record and is tied for fourth in CFL history.

Masoli has more yards and more 300-yard games despite playing fewer games, and he also has a better completion percentage and a longer average completion. His 12 300-yard games set a club record and is the fourth most in CFL history. In spite of his team’s 8-10 record, Masoli has been consistently solid, while Mitchell tanked out for the month of October.
Not to mention his 473 rushing yards far surpassing Mitchell’s 108, and his 7.5 average rush being the best among starting QBs.
Who WILL win? Mitchell, because Masoli is the most underrated player in the CFL.

I think Mitchell, as it looks like wins are being counted strongly. He got out of the west over Reilly in what appears based on wins.

Mitchell , is a lock to win the MOP Award however , will he suffer from the CFL’S MOP curse if Calgary makes it to the GREY CUP this year? Q.B.S who usually win the MOP Award and are in the GREY CUP don’t win the BIG game.

I get the feeling that Masoli is going to win, despite BLM having more wins. Masoli is having a breakout season of sorts, and I think it’s exciting to have fresh blood to consider for MOP, and maybe the voters will feel the same way.

Masoli may have some impressive passing numbers,but Bo has the TD’s and a lower INT rate.
What Bo does is remarkable, others may match the stats but the quality of football Bo plays is unmatched.

I’d like to see Jeremiah Masoli win the award. He was actually the most “productive” QB over the regular season.

But since unfortunately the awards committee doesn’t take Fantasy values into consideration, I think it will go to Bo Levi Mitchell.


td/int ratio didn't help Harris.

Should have been Andrew Harris vs either Powell or Masoli for this award. Mitchell had many mediocre games down the stretch.

Mitchell should win. He had a better season than Masoli. Masoli throws too many interceptions, and his TD - Int ratio isn’t very good.

We all know to ignore you, Johnny.

Masoli. The guy is solid. He is cool under fire and can run the ball better than most if not all QBs in the league. I believe only Reilly has more rushing yards than Masoli. The guy is a joy to watch.

Masoli played today so he’s fresh on the mind.
Trust me,this time next week you will all be picking Bo

should have been Reilly

It wasn’t long ago that Burris led the league in passing, but since the Cats missed the playoffs he wasn’t a finalist. Same for Reilly this year.

Why is that? You don’t like Johnny’s opinion? Mitchell had a better season than Masoli. That’s it, that’s all.

Because Johnny just talks about his hate for Ticats, even when his words make no sense.
Fourth-most 300-yard games in CFL history. More passing yards. More rushing yards. A longer average run. A longer average pass. More consistent (that is, while Mitchell crapped the bed for almost a month, Masoli was decent in his worst games and spectacular in his best ones.)

Should Masoli win? Absolutely.

Will Masoli win? No, because the media all have a h***-on for Mitchell.

Mitchell has more TD passes and fewer interceptions.

Mitchell is 13-5

Masoli is 8-10

Done and done.

BLM is simply the best QB of his era. That includes Mike Reilly.
Too many fans get caught up on yards thrown, its the least important stat!
BLM is efficient, manages and controls the game plan better than anyone and is the most skilled thrower in decades.

how about QUAR?
or pass completion percentage?
or number of 300 yard games?