2018 International bowl from Texas

I tried watching the U19 but gave up when it was 37-0. Too bad they don't try with Cdn rules, but I guess it is a USA founded tournament.

Didn't know UT streamed live either. Too damn old I am. :o

Noticed they referred to the team as British Columbia and not team Canada . Was it a regional team ?

I kinda makes sense as HS football in Vancouver uses US rules, strange but true. So having a BC team (with many kids from Van) playing for Canada in match using US football rules isn't surprising.

BTW, this should be moved to "Other leagues and sports" forum area as it isn't about the CFL, it's about a game of US football involving a Canadian team. But of course the OP knew that he wouldn't get the traffic in the thread if he posted it in the appropriate forum.

Now that you mention it, the kids here do play 4 down football (Vancouver Island). Still enjoyed it, I believe they said this was the 6th year of this competition?

Good football players will be able to adjust, fast, from 3 to 4 down and vica versa.

use to play 4 down for the field.

It must be more difficult than we think. Each season we see American players struggle to adapt to the CFL 3 down game here, while prior they had no issues excelling in 4 down football down south.

I grew up in a league that played four down football, then in high school we played three down and it was a totally different dynamic. Football is football, I wouldn't say it was difficult but it was just strange. Best way to describe it was like my internal football clock was off for half the season.

I played the majority of my games on an American sized field, but on some special occasions I got to play at the old IWS, and the 65 yards is the biggest difference you need to account for. We basically had one really fast kid who won us a championship one year ... if we played the championship on an American field we would have lost no doubt in my mind lol I think that's gotta be the biggest adjustment for American players, it'd be like taking a goalie's net in hockey and making it six inches wider on each side, their brain would have to break a lot of old habits.

I also played tight end/defensive line and that extra yard off the ball makes a world of difference if you're a speed rusher, but also makes life easier if you just need a yard on third down.

And this was all just me as a kid playing for fun keep in mind lol If you're an American who grew up with the same rules for 15 years then all of a sudden it gets flipped on its head AND you're in a pro environment, no doubt that's got to be hard for guys who aren't mentally prepared for the grind. I think that's definitely why we see so many guys flop up here.

Makes a lot more sense now. Thanks for the detailed explanation of your experience

Nice very well done