2018 International bowl from Texas

Half time and the Canada under 18s lead the U.S. squad 13-11. Good game! Bit of everything. Watching on ESPN if anybody is interested. I think the feeds are also on the footballcanada.ca web side, and Facebook. Canada has won this game 6 out of the last 7 years, but they're out for revenge after losing last year, ending a 6 year winning streak.

Up next: the Under 19s, most of whom on both teams are headed to D1 colleges.



Edit: Canada wins the U18 game 44-26.

Canada got of to a slow start offensively, but got some breaks in the first half and took the lead. They then surged at the start of the second half and the U.S. was game offensively, but just couldn't stop 'em.
Friday night is the U19 game.

Maybe they should play this game at another time of the year, I haven't heard anything about it at all on the news, and get TSN or Sportscentre to cover it. :-\

Americans just can't compete with Canada in football. Canada's under-18 team beat the U.S. National Team six years straight,despite playing 100% U.S. football with many Canadian players not familiar with their odd kicking rules, until Canada lost last year but trounced the U.S. again last night. The U.S. team wasn't really competitive with the dominate Canadian kids.

You can watch the huge under-19 game at 9:00 pm ET on Friday night, with Youtube televising the game Live. The U-19's usually give the Canadians a better game. Go Canada Go!

Great to hear. Sounds like high-school aged kids here have just as much ability as those down south (I guess they just have more numbers in terms of the professional ranks...)

I hear your frustration. I used to also have problems knowing about it until I started following Football Canada on Facebook. That's how I found out.

The U19 squads appear to be more evenly matched (we'll see on Friday night), but Canada dominates the U18. I'm not sure why that is, but it seems like the Canadians are more developed football-wise at 16-17. That changes by for the 18 year olds, however. I'm guessing it all comes down to training and discipline. The Canadians seem to get better coaching and conditioning up to their second year of high school, whereas the Americans tend to really excel as high school seniors as they prepare for college.

Most of the American U19s and many of the Canadians will be headed to D1 schools in the fall.

The U-19s should be a good squad. Many of these players played for Canada last July when our U-19s won the gold medal at the World Championships held in China. We do have good young football players in Canada, we don't appreciate that fact nearly enough in our media.

I'm stoked. It should be a great game. I expect the Americans to come up guns-a-blazin' to avenge the U18 loss.

I get REALLY tired of the "the Americans don't play their top players" argument that's promulgated largely by Canadians (and some Americans). That's just nonsense. To say that ONLY the very best Americans can beat the Canadians playing American rules in the U.S. is just sad because it implies that there are only a handful (maybe the top 30 or so) of players who are good enough. That's a just a ridiculous argument given that there are 10 times as many players and top flight facilities in the U.S. Instead, the argument should be that the Canadians are VERY good, not that the Americans can only win with élite players. U.S. teams field top-quality players – not losers. What a freakin' insult to BOTH teams.

If RPAEGE had not posted this, I would have not be aware of it existing.

TSN should be all over this.

Why not broadcast it ?

BTW, RPAEGE, thanks for being unbiased and objective in your overview.

Although nobody would blame you if you were a US homer.

Maybe like the leap year, once in a while the game should be played in our country under our rules.
What a concept?

I'm mystified why it's not on TSN. That just seems really odd.

I'm actually a little (ok a lot conflicted) when I watch Canada vs the US because I'm a dual citizen. I just hope for a good game and cheer whichever side wins. If I lean in any direction it tends to be towards Canada because I was born there and lived there for 38 years, and because it's almost always the underdog vs. the U.S. (except in hockey and curling).


Oh, you are Canadian.

Then I take back the nice things I said.


where does the talent come from for this International Bowl. I'm as pro Canadian as you can get but obviously the USA team isn't playing their best. Still good on the Canadian boys to kick their butts. Why not play the game at BC Place or Skydome next year?

While that U18 was stocked with talent, you'd probably be surprised to know they were still missing a lot of the top prospects from this year's class. International Bowl is a great event, but doesn't necessarily mean you have the best players there. You gotta pay to play which automatically dwindles the talent pool on both sides, and reality is some guys just never mess with Team Canada.

Make no mistake though it was a talented bunch down in Texas, I have no idea why we dominate at the U18 level but it's great exposure for the kids involved and is inspiring to youngsters when they see our team go out and beat the States.

This is a golden era for Canadian football talent, I think most people are shocked when they find out how good we really are.

What do you mean "obviously." How do you know they aren't, and why does it matter? Are you saying that because you expect them to win again't the lowly Canadians? You insult BOTH teams with that attitude.

Again, anybody who thinks that the U.S. can only lose if it doesn't play it's top 30 players, just conveniently ignores the HUGE numbers of players that exist in the U.S.

Here's a tip: Congratulate the Canadians for being VERY VERY good instead of insulting both teams by intimating the U.S. fields a bunch of losers.

Did you even watch any of the game?

Exactly. Thank you. The Canadians are just very good; great players, great coaching. THAT'S why they win.

That kid Couture isn't very big, but he's a really good place kicker for his age.

I didn't even know this existed! Why the heck isn't it televised on Canadian stations like TSN or SN? EPSN televises CFL.

Here is the link to the Youtube live streaming of the U19 game tonight:

Agreed. Great leg. Didn't he boot a 40+ yarder in the first quarter?

Must have been because the U.S. didn't field their best players. /sarc