2018 Grey Cup..

The CFL's head office doesn't recognize the tiger-cats before 1950 or their claim of 15 grey cup wins, nor do the other 8 teams or the fans of those 8 teams recognize these claims.
Only fans of the tiger-cats and the team itself.
What does that tell you?
It tells me that Hamilton fans have low self esteem and need to embellish their own existance to make themselves feel relevant.
The true oldest team in North America - recognized by everyone not from Hamilton - is the Toronto Argonauts. The tiger-cats are jealous of their rivals and are simply trying to steal toronto's credit.


Love it drummer_god.


If we're going to simply ignore history, then lets reset everything to 1958 When the CFL was formally created. Citing Logic used by Toronto supporters that anything prior to mergers, or amalgamations doesn't count, Then Hamilton and Toronto are tied with 6 CFL Championships each, and Edmonton has the lead with 9 modern wins.

If the argument is that CFL has authority over the history of the game, and also the previous arguments state that anything prior to a conglomeration doesn't count then the above comments simply don't hold water.

either accept Hamilton is older than Toronto, and holds 16 Championships (not including 1912 Alerts win), or take Edmonton as the reigning Kings of the CFL.

You simply can't have your cake and eat it too, Toronto.

The Toronto Argonauts existed before the CFL.
The Grey Cup existed before the CFL.
The CFL existed before the Hamilton tiger-cats.

From an article on cfl.ca in 2010;


Grey Cup Wins

15- Toronto Argonauts
13- Edmonton Eskimos
10- Winnipeg Blue Bombers
9- Ottawa Rough Riders/Senators (2 as the Senators in 1925 & 1926)
8- Hamilton Tiger-Cats
7- Montreal Alouettes
6- Calgary Stampeders
5- B.C. Lions
3- Saskatchewan Roughriders

*6 different teams have won the Grey Cup over the past 7 seasons
(2010 & 2009-MTL, 2008-CGY, 2007-SSK, 2006-BC, 2005-EDM, 2004-TOR)

Other teams:
5- Hamilton Tigers

4- University of Toronto
3- Queen’s University
2- Sarnia Imperials & Toronto Balmy Beach
1- Montreal AAA Winged Wheelers, Montreal St. Hyacinthe-D Navy, Toronto RCAF Hurricanes, Hamilton Alerts, Hamilton Flying Wildcats & Baltimore Stallions[/i]


Take note of the bolded sections especially that part about "other teams".

Thank you for that.

Any fan not from Hamilton will notice that the Tiger-Cats claim their own 8 grey cup wins in addition to those from the Hamilton Tigers, the Hamilton wildcats and even that of the Hamilton alerts.
The alerts have nothing to do with the modern-day Tiger-Cats. This is just another example of the revisionist history by the Tiger-Cats which is not recognized by the rest of the world.

I question how Ottawa is allowed to claim Grey Cup wins by two different team, yet you don't extend the same privilege to Hamilton.

The one undisputed fact is that The Edmonton Eskimo's have won more CFL championships than any other team!

All hail the true kings of the CFL, the Eskimo's!

You nailed it in an earlier post; Hamilton has a low self esteem when it comes to their superior neighbour to the east. :cowboy:

The Dominion Championship existed (1884) before the Grey cup (1909)
The Hamilton Tigers existed (1869) before the Toronto Argonauts (1873)
The Tiger and Wild-Cats merged before (1950) the CFL existed (1958)

You are wrong, and history itself says that I am right. Blatant disregard of fact does not make you correct, it just makes you wrong and stubborn.

Was going to ignore this:

If it wasn't for the pandering, coddling, and hand-holding the league does for it's precious Toronto, you would be able to see this. Toronto sports fans as a result are spoiled, self-entitled, self-important brats that need to ignore the facts of history to make themselves feel more important than the rest of the country.

Meanwhile Hamilton steadfastly guards it's proud traditions and follow's it's roots to it's true lineage while ignoring Toronto's self-righteous claims.

Ever wonder why the rivalry is so big? It's this, right here.

I wasn't aware they were claiming Rough Rider titles. That's wrong. Also, and I've posted this before, more strange is the fact Monteal claims the old Alouette titles (which don't belong to them) yet don't fly a banner for the 1995 Grey Cup (a title that is theirs). :?

So then the CFL itself is spoiled, self-entitled, self-important brats that need to ignore the facts of history to make themselves feel more important?

Why do you sink so low as to associate with these people. Take your ball and go home or suck it up and accept the facts. I don't see fans of other teams supporting your deluded cause. That should tell you something.

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They were actually the same club, just recognized under a different name.

The whole Senators thing is misrepresented. In the same way that some cities used the same name for all (or many) its sports teams (like the New York Giants in both football and baseball), the Ottawa football club was referred to as Senators on occasion.

It's often said that Ottawa changed its name in 1925 and 1926 and back to Rough riders in 1927, but I've found newspapers articles which used Senators as the name before and after those two years. Thigns just weren't as "formal" back then. But it was the same club. If Montreal won a Stanley Cup and chose to be referred to as The Habs, it would and should still count.

What I've said is historical fact.

Toronto supporters experiencing a confirmation bias, does not change the fact that they are incorrect.

Fans of other teams don't speak up on either side because they don't know the history, and because no team is making a false claim that your history surpasses theirs. Abstaining is not the same as accepting. Unlike Toronto, we don't need the rest of the country telling us how great we are in order to be proud.

Historical fact: no club called Tiger-Cats existed before 1950.

Fact : the CFL doesn't recognize the Tiger-Cats before 1950.

But if the LEAGUE won't recognize those "extra" Grey Cups...

Isn't this a matter of team vs. city? If the Redblacks win it all this year, it will be their first and Ottawa's 10th.

TiCats have 8, Hamilton has 15.

Now getting back to the topic. The 2018 Grey Cup IMHO, should and will go to Edmonton. :cowboy: :cowboy:

The futures list will go like this

2015 Winnipeg - Pretty sure this is a done deal
2016 Toronto - Not sure why TO should get it again but BBB applies (BS Baffles Brains)
2017 Ottawa - Canada's 150th Birthday, bank on it
2018 Edmonton - it's their turn, the only Cities that have waited longer are Calgary & Montreal and neither has a stadium that will be ready in time
2019 Hamilton - Whether it is truly their historic year, they think it is so that's good enough for me
2020 Calgary - If they have their new stadium

BINGO !!!! Right on the mark CRF :smiley: All anyone has to do is look down at all my posts and read my signature on the bottom :slight_smile:

Hamilton has not hosted for almost 20 years now and only twice in the last 43 years while Edmonton last hosted in 2010 and 5 times during the same 43 year period.

and yet you think Edmonton has waited long enough?

To be fair, Hamilton has sold their right to host to Braley once or twice during that stretch. Doing so sent them to the back of the line.

With that said, I'd like to see them host in 2019 so I can go.

Have to agree T-web, Hamilton should host before Edmonton. Agree also that the Cup should never go back to Calgary until they get a real stadium…attending the 2009 Cup there was my LEAST favorite Cup ever. But, even though the Big Owe isn’t perfect, it could work there in part because Montreal is such a great city…they sold 66,000 tickets there at the last one in '08. I think I had fun…but I can’t quite remember…so I think I did.