2018 Grey Cup..

ok so

Toronto, Winnipeg, Ottawa (assuming they get 2017) will all be eliminated from getting it.

will the repairs on Montreal's Olympic stadium be done by then?

front runners for 2018 Grey Cup IMO are


Time for the hammer to gets its shot.

I'm down wit dat. :thup:

2017 is ottawa's as we all assume.

2018 will go to Edmonton or Saskatchewan.

2019 is hamilton's. the club considers to be their 150th year of existance.

What? That can't be right. Weren't they the result of two teams merging?


I would say what most are here.

2017 - Ottawa

2018 - Regina

2019 - Hamilton

2020 - Calgary if new stadium is up by then

Logic doesn't apply to tiger-cat fans or the organization.
The redblacks have been around since 1876 by their reasoning.

2017 Ottawa

2018 Hamilton

2019 Sask

2020 Calgary if new stadium is ready other wise Edm.

By that logic the Argos have them both beat by centuries. They date back to 1300 BC when Jason was their coach.


Eat that TiCat fans.

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I dunno, I think insolvency is a much different set of circumstances then left to fight the Nazis and came back to another team being where I used to be.

Really? How does 2.1 to 2.55 million BC give or take a couple thousand years float your boat?

[url=http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2069241/Remains-oldest-tiger-species-EVER-discovered--But-million-year-old-Chinese-tiger-look-just-like-todays.html]http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/ ... odays.html[/url]

I guess though Ottawa has us beat, as colors probably existed shortly after the dawn of the universe.

But no one back then thought of putting red and black together. I think it is the last remaining truly revolutionary discovery;
Redblack. We've had red, we've had black, we've even had red and black, even black and red, but this is a first for Redblack.

I'm sticking with the Jason led Argos as the oldest. Redblacks get most unique and Miss Congeniality. :cowboy:

As the Commish and Jeff Hunt said in Ottawa a few weeks ago, they aren't automatically awarded the Grey Cup for 2017. Teams and cities have to submit a business plan, the CFL doesn't award a Grey Cup by who deserves it or who is due.
Montreal doesn't get a Grey Cup because they get a new roof.

Still, he added, the franchise must present a sound business plan to effectively sell the bid.

“You don’t get a Grey Cup just because it’s your turn,? Mr. Hunt said. “You have to meet minimum criteria, you have to demonstrate that it’s going to be an event worthy of the Grey Cup. There’s no doubt that we can do that.?

[url=http://www.obj.ca/Local/Sports-and-entertainment/2015-10-15/article-4310594/CFL-commish-says-2017-Grey-Cup-news-will-have-to-wait/1]http://www.obj.ca/Local/Sports-and-ente ... -to-wait/1[/url]

Seriously, don't be an idiot.

The Ottawa had two franchises that folded. The most recent incarnation was an expansion franchise just last year.

The Hamilton Foot Ball Club/Hamilton Tigers/Hamilton Tiger-Cats is all the same franchise, at no point did the franchise ever fold, and the Tiger-Cats at no point was not an expansion franchise. How are they same?

So stop being a dumbass troll...

The Hamilton tigers and the Hamilton wildcats were two separate franchises with separate rosters and were established on two seperate dates. They competed against each other, hence, not the same. They merged and became a new team - the tiger cats. Then they cherry picked from the history of two no-longer existing clubs ; the 1869 date from the Tigers as well as some grey cup wins to go along with the grey cup wins from the wildcats.

If you were to travel back in time to 1869, the Hamilton tiger-cats did not exist, thus the claim of being established in 1869 is a falsity as is the claim of 15 grey cup titles. This is why the CFL does not recognize the tiger-cats' claimed 15 championships or that they were founded before 1950.

The Hamilton Foot Ball Club, nicknamed the "Tigers" was incorporated in 1869 and the team has been in continuous operation ever since. Just because they merged with the Wildcats in 1950 doesn't end that streak. The name "Tiger" is prominent in the merged team's new nickname.

Let's also not forget the Hamilton Alerts who won the 4th Grey Cup (the first ORFU team to win the Cup). The Hamilton Flying Wildcats won the 31st Grey Cup (incorporating many of the Tigers players after the IRFU "Big Four" shutdown during WWII.)

Although the open cheerleader tryouts didn't go so well... :wink:

You guys are forgetting that TSN gets 4 Grey Cups outbof 12 or something crazy like that.. There will be a Heritage cladic each of those years too,so this is bigger than the CFL

Try again in English?

For what it's worth, here's what I think should happen...

2015 - Winnipeg
2016 - Toronto
2017 - Ottawa
2018 - Hamilton (they deserve it, but they may opt to wait to align it with their anniversary which you guys can keep complaining about)
2019 - Montreal
2020 - Sask
2021 - Calgary

People automatically assume a new stadium means an immediate Grey Cup hosting, but we've seen recently that usually they wait a few years at least. Hamilton hasn't hosted since 96', they deserve one badly. Ottawa hosted in 2004, and they've got a nice new stadium. Montreal is next, having hosted in 08'.

And logic still doesn't apply to Ti-Cats fans. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats formed in 1950. Period. The merged two teams to become a new, I'll spell that out for you N-E-W, team. Here's a definitions for you that might help;

verb (used with object), merged, merging.
to cause to combine or coalesce; unite.
to combine, blend, or unite gradually so as to blur the individuality or individual identity of:

As for their so-called 15 Grey Cups, even with the cups that don't belong to them they're still short of their arch rivals 16 and decades for even the chance at matching the Argos Grey Cup winning percentage. :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy:

Speaking of trolls, you have this glorious little ditty from dcmoses... but hell, I'll bite.

On top of the 15 Championships Hamilton holds between the Tigers and Wildcats after their merger into a singular club and entity, you can't forget the 2 Dominion Championships (the senior mens rugby football title) that the Hamilton Tigers won in 1906 & 1908, BEFORE THE GREY CUP EXISTED. A feat that the Toronto Argonauts never accomplished. Yes, University of Toronto won the Dominion championships in 1895 and 1905 but there is absolutely no lineage that ties the two clubs together.

Yes, I am aware the Alerts won the 1912 Cup. Even if you scratch this off of Hamilton's list of Grey Cup win's, The Tiger-Cats have 16 National Championships and trace their lineage back to 1869 a full 4 years before Toronto formed in 1873.

Making the Hamilton Tiger-Cats the oldest pro-sports franchise in North-America, and not the Toronto Argonauts.