2018 Grey Cup Ticket Sales

By 5 p.m. yesterday Edmonton 2018 Grey Cup organizing committee executive director Vienneau reported the total had reached 47,200.

At 7:17 p.m they rang the cowbells in the Eskimos office as they did all day, every time they hit a round number. The total had reached 48,000.

That made it more than 10,000 in five hours and fewer than 7,000 remaining.

In 2010, the attendance ended up at 63,317. This will be the first Grey Cup here since the new, wider, green and gold seats were installed. The new stadium capacity is 55,818.

Yes indeed , I started trying to buy at 2 pm mountain time or 4 eastern when they went on sale , I did not complet my transaction till 10 PM last night due to the demand that tied up ticketmaster .

Anyways, I was able to score four decent ones at very reasonable price .... amazing how fast sales advance when the tickets are affordable .

Love hearing positive CFL news like this one .

That's for sure (positive news). Great sales for sure.

Cheapest seats at $173 according to Ticketmaster.
I assume that the Esks hold back GC tickets for their season ticket holders. They give them a cut off date and sell them.

The dispersal of profits will be entirely different now.
“There will be a sharing of the proceeds,? said Ambrosie. “After the covering of costs there is a percentage that will go to the host, because they’re the ones doing the work, then there’s a percentage that will go to the other teams. Previously all of the proceeds went to the host team.

That sounds like very good news for the league. It should provide more cost certainty for all the teams.

I'm impressed Ambrosie was able to get the BOG on board for this.

Good news for OUR LEAGUE.

Historically I don't think the west has had much trouble (if any) selling out the GC games.

1999 wasn't a good year in Vancouver. It was Hamilton vs. Calgary - so Alberta was close, and there was only 45,118. BC Place held 59,000+ back then.

Was it an economic thing back then?

Nope. The CFL endured one of its darkest decades ever in the 90's. The Ticats almost folded twice, and we lost Ottawa. For me, the only ups in the 90's was the Ticat cup win in 99 and the Als coming back to Montreal when the Baltimore team from the US experiment moved to Montreal.

I went to Ticat home games in the 90's with less than 10,000, and the team had a winning record. It was just a bad time for the league. Let's also not forget the horrible US experiment. The Las Vegas Posse had a home game vs the Bombers with 2,400 people, and 800 were Bomber fans that came down to see the game.

The CG game in Winnipeg in 2015 as well as the one in Vancouver in 2014 had trouble selling too.

For Vancouver it was too soon of a return plus they pieces the upper bowl seat the same as the respective lower bowl equivalent.

In Winnipeg they had to remove the seating in one end zone part way through sales and put the half time stage there instead. Never mind getting started on the disaster in Toronto a year later.

Good to see the good job in Edmonton this year along with a solid show in Ottawa last year.

It shows the ability to put on a good Grey Cup or one that's lack lusture is not limited to be in the east or west.

Also, kudos to league on having a partial share of the CG revenues after the host. It gives everyone a vested interest in each one being sucessful

1990 look at the wide shots of the upper deck.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL7StqvN3To
86 to 90 were bad times.Doug Mitchell,Bill Baker,Don Crump and Norm Kwong kept this thing alive.

In '89 the Riders won the Grey Cup (only 2nd time in their history at the time) in one of the greatest Grey Cup games ever played - and it re-energized Riderville in no uncertain terms. This why I can't recall in detail what was happening elsewhere in the league as much.

If fans are loyal, the team weathers the good and the bad

Well, well, yet again Alberta has to support the rest of Canada. Thanks Ambrosie....

So the league is going to take the profits and disperse to the other teams and probably keep a chunk for themselves.

For most of the new millennium the Grey Cup has been a major heist by the host city, in many cases to make up for losses incurred by owner and to get individual teams out of the hole.
Probably means that eastern teams will think twice about hosting a Grey Cup. Bob Young lost money on the Tiger Cats over many years and he finally gets a chance to host and his profits will be dispersed to other teams? At least in cities with big stdiums like Edmonton they don't have to spend a million dollars on putting up temporary bleachers for the GC.

The flip side, is Bob Young will get a little bit of extra revenue with other teams hosting, which will off-set them (or any eastern) have some revenues go to the other teams when they host.

This makes having a successful Grey Cup be a priority for all 9 (maybe 10) teams as opposed to the old provincial style 'me first' way of thinking that's been holding this league back for so long.

If an Alberta team is in the Cup, I guess. We still have an entire season to play first. If not, then it will be many more outsiders attending too.

Not that it's likely to happen, but the new Grey Cup revenue sharing would remove the argument that a potential Halifax team's ownership would personally benefit too much from the city hosting multiple Grey Cups (say 3 over a 6 or 7 year period), while it would still allow the local and provincial governments to recoup some of the investment made in a stadium. Attaching events to the construction of sports facilities make it an easier sell for politicians wanting to invest tax dollars in those facilities.