2018 FIFA World Cup

One whole month to go. If it wasn't for hockey, I would go nuts waiting.

Looking forward to it. I plan to fully immerse myself to the point that I might just be able to ignore turning 50.

Played the prediction contest on FIFA.com and picked Germany over France in the final. That has more to do with being an avid German fan than any astute analysis.

Hey where in Central PA if you don't mind I ask? I am just outside Philadelphia here.

I agree, and by mid-June, my favourite month of the year, we get the double-whammy of the CFL and the World Cup again this year!

There will almost ALWAYS be a game on!

I've been following the Champions League and the Barclays Premiere League all spring too.

And right now the FA Cup. Classic matchup of Manchester United and Chelsea.

Next Saturday we get the UEFA Championships Liverpool and Real Madrid and then after that only a couple of weeks before the World Cup kicks off. Love it!

Sunbury, about 50 miles north of Harrisburg along the Susquehanna River.

As a former referee, I feel the need to brag that the US is the only country with two refs (Geiger and Marrufo) appointed for the World Cup. Our team may suck, but FIFA must like our guys in the middle.

just 2 1/2 and 3 days to wait. I am getting so looking forward to both.

Here is the TSN/CTV Broadcast Schedule

At least on weekdays I should be able to watch the 7:00AM ET games live before heading into work. :slight_smile:

Just like every four years, very much looking forward to the WC and especially the exciting first round.
Hoping my Croatian team can finally live up to its capabilities.

Croatia should be able to make it out of that group. I think they'll make the round of 8.

Sadly my backup team to Canada - Ireland did not qualify either. I was over in Ireland when they played the two game home and home series that led to elimination against Denmark. After game 1 in Denmark it was quite the party on a Saturday night in Dublin after a 0 - 0 tie.

But Game 2 back in Dublin it was lots of tears in lots of pints of Guiness as Denmark romped 5-1.

They are always a dark horse, but have underachieved.
However this year if all the stars align, who knows.
Strong up the middle with Modric as one of the best playmakers, they have a heck of an offence.
May be a little suspect in the back portion and the keeper.
Saw a WC qualifier last year in Zagreb, when they barely beat up on Kosovo as they look horrid.
Then with a new coach Dalic, he has lit a fire under them.
Who do you like to win? Do you have a dark horse like Iceland?

I always pick a darkhorse as my fav. Usually I will go with Cameroon but they ain't there so I'll go with Nigeria....I try to pick a team that if they win, it will set the soccer world on it's ear. Imagine if Nigeria won it all. ;D

I'll cheer for Croatia if you want. Anything to beat the bigwigs.

I only found out Iceland is in it. That would be good too.

Just saw that ARG, ICE, Croatia and Nigeria are all in the same group. That's not good.

I'm tired of the same teams vying. I want some new blood.

Agree with you Dan.
I also do not want to see the same of either France, Germany, Brazil or Argentina.
Possibly more chance of that will happen in '22 in Qatar when an increased 48 teams or 12 Divisions will be involved.

...didn't Iceland make it to the semis last time around?

You might be thinking of Euro 2016 where they reached the quarterfinals.

...yes, that’s what I was thinking about

I find it surprising that Italy and The Netherlands are not in the tourney. Equally surprising that Poland and Switzerland are.

Great news!!! We were awarded the 2026 World Cup!