2018 FIFA World Cup

so looking forward to it as the NFL starts to wind down.

Glad USA is not in this time

I be cheering for


I be cheering against


...this one is in Russia yes?


the first 19 cfl games of 2018 run during the world cup.

at first I thought it was a minus for the games in Russia to be so early here, but joy oh joy, it does not look like there will even be 1 conflict with CFL games.

I love it when a plan comes together

..is this that sport where the disturbance of air from an opponent passing by can cause near-fatal injury to a player?

naah, that would be speed chess.

Heightened interest today from Toronto for a future World Cup:

Mayor John Tory backs 2026 World Cup bid

Toronto would compete to host three to five games if the Canada-Mexico-U.S. three-country proposal is selected; Tory calls it an “once-in-a-lifetime chance . . . at a very limited cost.?

“I think if you ask the taxpayers . . . they’d rather have the money go to that than anything else we do,? Tory said in a telephone interview Sunday.

Good on Tory on CP24 when asked do you call it football by a Red Patcher, he replied call it whatever you want. Glad he didn't cave in to the guy and just say yes, it's football! Nice job John!

Red Patcher, never going to happen from John Tory. :wink: I call it soccer and so does the MLS. So do most people in my circle of people who were raised and grew up in Canada. It's soccer. Enough said. When I say football to the people I know, we all know what it means. :-*

Now here is one reason why TC women might not be able to beat TC men. The men do this so much better and so much more often.

One reason why I like the women play better.

FYB, soccer players are required to take acting lessons as part of their training. Just the way it is. It’s “beautiful”. :-*

Agreed. As much as I love the sport and the World Cup, some of the embellishment just makes the game look silly (here's looking at you Neymar). The Women's World Cup, in contrast, is always a refreshing change of pace.

I will say I'd put my kid, if I had any, in soccer before either baseball or football, more running and less chance of concussions albeit not sure about the heading of the ball with kids as that has issues as well I've heard.

Soccer is a game of the masses, inexpensive and when I watch I can't tell if it's men or women playing at first glance so that is a plus for the sport I'd say.

What if your kid REALLY wanted to play football? Or had a knack for it?
Would you withhold it from them? My kid wanted to play hockey so bad he went to his grandparents to sell them on it, as a backup plan if we let him down. We then knew he was serious.

Don’t really understand the parent dictating the sports choices if a kid wants one.
Our two sons played many sports, but it was hockey, lacrosse, then football - in that order. Wasn’t our choice - was theirs. All they had to do was excel in school so us parents would in turn excel in paying and driving them to everything. Works well.

Agree, it should be up to the kids. My guess, and I don't have children, is most parents expose their kids other than what school already exposes them to, is sports and activities that sort of fit into the parents mindset. Correct me if I'm wrong on that any parents out there. And with that, if the kids show any preferences for whatever, the good parents support them with what their kids want.

I wish my Dad had of exposed me to community soccer and encouraged music and theatre, but he didn't. We knew how to please Dad, we played football, hockey and baseball with Dad in the backyard, and what was more important in our circle was hockey, football, baseball, track, swimming lessons but never soccer and I wasn't born into anything encouraging music or theatre. Sadly. Wish basketball was encouraged as well but not in our house.

Times have changed though, in Hamilton you walk by an elementary school and you'll see way more kids kicking a soccer ball and playing basketball these days than throwing a football or even a baseball at recess. In Hamilton, not sure how it is elsewhere.

In the big picture, I think it’s awesome that ANY parent encourages any fitness, sport, team activities etc. It creates a mindset about healthy physical activity and hopefully some great experiences about sport that may make exercise or sport a life long passion in that kid. Great friendships based in healthy common interests too. Nothing bad in any of that. All good.

But as you said, parents naturally will use the familiarity of what’s in their own wheelhouse to introduce their kids to sport. That great too. I agree about your soccer observations. It’s growing exponentially in Canada, and the US too.

started my son off playing softball which evolved into fastball by the time he was 11. I got worried about his reflexes not being very good and took him out of it. He didn't mind. We moved him to soccer but he had some health problems so that stopped. Then we put him in taekwondo hoping it would improve his reflexes. It worked some. He ended up becoming a 3rd degree black belt and certified instructor. He never expressed any interest in playing football or hockey so we didn't have to deal with that. Neither sport was a temptation as my son just didn't have the body/skillset for either.

If he had been interested in Hockey, I would have had to say sorry but no. I just could not handle being a hockey parent and my wife way too busy at work. I might have let him try football, but only if he wanted it so much that he begged and bargained for it.

For all the years that I wanted to be able to play pro football, I am glad that I did not.

I was hoping that my son would take to soccer and at least be as good as I was at it. It was not to be.

In the big picture, I think it’s awesome that ANY parent encourages any fitness, sport, team activities etc
Well said Iconic. And congrats FYB on your son doing so well in taekwondo, beauty!

Does you son still participate in or instruct taekwondo?

his job has forced him to take a break from it. when he has regular shifts he will try to get back into it.

96 days until both this world cup and 2018 CFL start.

Sooo looking forward to it.

For years, June has been one of my favourite months of the year too.