2018 CrossOver Talk

I KNOW it is too early but…

SRR have 8 points and look pretty good - especially after tonight and with ZC back.

In the East, let’s assume Ottawa is in and Montreal is out.

That leaves Toronto and Hamilton - both with 6 lousy points. They also play each other 3 times in the 2nd half of the season.

If you were a betting man, or a numbers guy, a(nother) Western cross over looks like a pretty good bet.


The Ticats also have Ottawa TWICE and the Stamps once.

If I was a betting man, my Ticats will be on the outside (with Montreal and B.C.) looking in come playoff time.

Weird that the same team is accountable for Montreal’s only win and Calgary’s only loss.

Lol good point... This is why I try to stay outta the prediction business it's a fools game... Unless there's some money on the line then I pray ?

As for the crossover... I was actually looking today and wondering if we may see a straight up east/west playoffs, but this Rider win shakes things up a bit

Argos are coming along unfortunately, and I think people underestimate the dog schedule the Cats had to trek through to start the year. I think they leave Ontario one more time this year to play B.C and then it's home cooking down the stretch. Which could be a bad thing if you look at our recent home record, but I've got some faith we'll be in the playoff race come October.

This has been a fun year so far even if the Cats have choked away three wins, Ive enjoyed following the storylines it's been unpredictable.

Last year Edmonton dropped six straight after winning their first seven.

Same thing could happen to the Stamps.

Fixed that misspelled word for you above. :smiley:

BTW, what is "the dog schedule that the Cats had to trek through to start the year"?
I don't see it being any tougher than that of the Argos.
Interestingly, those teams have the same record currently - although the points for/against heavily favour the Tabbies. :frowning:

I think Hamilton has as good a chance to make the playoffs as the Argonauts.
I think they are actually the slightly better team over all.
It will likely come down to who wins the 3 game season series between them.

If Zach Collaris remains healthy, Saskatchewan could definitely be in contention for second place in the West. The next 3 games-BC and twice Winnipeg- will give us a much better idea.

Presently,Saskatchewan has 7 games remaining against West team. -3 Winnipeg,2 BC,1 Calgary and 1 Edmonton- 3 games against East,i.e. Ottawa,Toronto and Montreal.

Chris Jones is definitely one of the best CFL recruiter in terms of International talent.

To me, they will definitely be in the playoffs.


Sask has a better shot at second in the West than Winn. I think Winn will either cross-over or miss the playoffs entirely.

I dunno. It will be a lot clearer in 3 weeks time that’s for sure. They play each other twice in that span. A sweep by either of them and that should rap up 3rd IMO.

Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton.

Calgary, Edmonton, B.C.

Out: Montreal, Winnipeg, Regina.

Starting to look like Winnipeg will be lucky to be the Crossover team.