2018 CFL Schedule

Usually released in February, it's out today:

From a season ticket holders perspective, I like it. I enjoy the Saturday afternoon games.

Playing our first five games against the west though....yikes.


Don't play the east until week 7.

Go get em Coach Jones.

  • No Sunday games.
  • First five games against the West division.
  • Last four games against the East division.
  • Only play on four days rest once.
  • Finish home vs. MTL for third straight year.
  • Bye weeks are week 5, week 10 and week 17

The Cats get a tough start, for sure, with likely an extended trip west to play @ CAL & @ EDM, then the home opener vs. WPG and quickly west again to SSK. But, no terribly short weeks and the byes are nicely spread out.
Strange: TOR plays only 1 pre-season game (here on June 1) and OTT also plays only one. Theirs is at home (May 31 vs. MTL). All other teams have the usual one at home & one away.

2 Thursday (7:30) night games and 1Friday night (7pm) game. Not great. Saturday afternoon games great. Season starts June 16th for Cats. Puts East Final on Nov 18th.

Who thinks we can start 2018 with a 6-4 record (or better), like the way we ended 2017?

Good to see the home and home for labour day v. the Arghblows.

Also, weeks 18-21 could be a very important stretch of games. Exciting.

I think we could go 6-4 to start, we would need to win 4 of our 5 home games and our home record in the last few seasons has been pretty bad.
But, June Jones' philosophy is, Win most of your home games and then try to steal a couple of road games.

I see that both OTT and TOR get to play MTL for 3 games and we only get them for 2.

Woah!! Nice, Saturday afternoons are back andFOURhome games in September!

I agree it gets exciting... But it really devalues the first half of the schedule. The league already fights a "doesn't start till Labour day" crowd... Not playing an eastern team till week 7 doesn't help that.

I live in NZ; so I hate Sunday games. Friday and Saturday games for me are watched Saturday and Sunday early in the day. Of course I know, and you shouldn't, give a crap.

As for the schedule, it doesn't look too bad; that comin' from someone who hasn't spent a dime on the 'Cats for a long time. (Does 17 years of season tickets give me any cred ;))

Nice! Thanks for being a fan! :slight_smile:

Love the Sat afternoon games , but the late LB day start is not good for young families as school starts the next day !

No one is complaining about the late Start game for Labour Day 6:30 PM. Why are we playing before Calgary on the West? If you have kids, the next day is the first day of school. Last year we had the game postponed because the late game carried into the storm! I’m not a fan of this late start!

So you must really like the 6:30 PM Labour Day start! Two years in a row!yyexmc

I Agree 100%. Family can't go. Doesn't win me any Dad of the Year points when I go anyway.

Not bad .....do not like back to back games with Blues only five days apart.
Not liking back to back games in the last three games of season as one of those teams ,either us or them could be out of it and games are meaningless, prefer games balanced out over schedule.

Ottawa is scheduled to play Toronto in a preseason game - the exact time (and perhaps place) is still TBA according to Sully of the CFL over on the league board - but will be added to the schedule as soon as those details are confirmed.

It is all about ratings for TSN. They get much better ratings for an evening game than a 1:00PM ET start (which is a morning start out west).