2018 - CFL draft

who watches? who follows the combine? who keeps tabs on ranking lists.

who wants what player for their team?

I just finished up school so I'm late to the party wrapping my head around the rankings of the prospects. I've read a few mocks now, some have the Riders going with WR Rashaun Simonise. For how deep we are at WR I actually don't mind this pick. After the loss of Demski, we have a limited number of Non-Import WR's who have played meaningful snaps in the CFL. Adding Simonise would be healthy competition for Bagg, Picton, Standford, Harty and Baily. But I can understand if some fans feel that we are already full enough at that position to use one of our few picks on that position.

The next mock I saw had the Riders taking DB Godfrey Onyeka. I am a big fan of this pick as we desperately need some depth at Defensive Back. Gainey, Butler are staples back there and we got a heck of a season out of Jovon Johnson, but I am weary he will repeat that kind of production from last season. Brouliette, Hecht and Edem all will compete at the safety spot but adding a young 6'2 hybrid DB/LB back there I think would do us wonders.

And finally, the third mock I read had the Riders taking an O-Lineman, same story here as DB in my opinion, we have some solid veterans returning, however I am weary of their long-term health and production going forward, St. John has not progressed like we all thought he would, but I don't want to give up on him yet. But competition at that spot would not hurt in my opinion. But if the Riders want to make this year their year, they're going to need depth at a lot of positions as injuries are a part of the 18 game season. My heart wants them to go DB but I would not be totally surprised if they went WR and then perhaps used Grant or Bagg as trade bait before training camp.

If Julien Laurent is around for the Rider's first round pick, I would be stunned if they did not go for him. The presently have 3 national DTs on the roster. Evans is the obvious starter, Steele is a solid rotation, but both he and Henry are a bit on the light side to play nose tackle...they are very solid for a 4-3 though, but Jones likes his 3-4. Laurent has the size for NT and actually plays a lot of it. He has the measurables, passport and the experience at a position that is lesser used...seems like an ideal match.

I don't see the need to use a high pick on a WR. They start 1 national WR...unless they are changing their ratio, but it does not look like it. There are times they rotate in a 2nd for some personnel sets. Bagg is a lock, tough yes, the future needs to be looked at. It is sounding like Bailey may be seen as that future. They have 3 nationals they are working on that are 23 or under. Personally, I don't feel they will go after a WR in round 1 unless there is no OL or DL left that they are high on.

All this said...I have heard that teams are shying away from certain representation due to issues with that agent every year...no idea who is being repped by who, but could be a factor.

Last year the Lions put on a Draft Party for Seasons Ticket holders, if you wanted to go you were entered into a draw. I didn't win but my buddy sitting in the seats next to us did and we went. It was alot of fun, and I just got the email again and I've entered, wish me luck.

great idea...and i love that they kept it smaller/exclusive, thus driving demand/interest. Well played.

I would like to see the Argos take an Offensive Lineman in the first round. One of the NCAA guys will probably be available when Popp picks, and depending on his contacts evaluating their chances of sticking down south, he might take a guy like Knevel. However maybe someone like Pickett out of Guelph would be a safer pick if they want someone this year.
I like the idea of best WR or FB in the second or third round if available. Someone like Simonise at WR or Mackie to back up at FB and long snapping.
They could use depth at line backer/ special teams, Defensive End to replace Walker and Waud. Defensive Back.
I don't think Popp has a desperate need so we could see him take a couple of guys that sign on as free agents in the NFL and wait for them to shake free.

Ah, forgot about the D-Line, I wouldn't mind another NI to go along side Evans, could help us with the ratio along other areas like the aforementioned O-Line. I'll have to do some research on Laurent, he appears to be the real deal.

Do you guys know if HC generally attend the draft event of your teams or just the scouts and GM?

Apparently Montreal HC over the years do not attend.

I was under the impression that "of course" HC attend and are there as part of the process. But maybe not.

Some do some don't. Trestman was never into it. O'Shea and Wally are big participants but they are Canadian :slight_smile:

Just to be clear...I'm asking if HC are involved in their teams draft day...in the decision making room. Not just at an event.

Buono for sure but he was always GM too.

Not sure about O'Shea, or are you just throwing that out there?. Perhaps somebody from Winnipeg can verify. Are you saying the Canadian draft, a key ingredient to success, is not important to the American HC?

So if a HC is not "into it" means they don't have to participate? Kind of shocks me if true but maybe that's because I just assumed that it was a big part of their job. Perhaps not.

The TiCats have 3 picks in the top 11 and 5 in the top 20! :slight_smile:

#2,#10, #11, #15, #20

Is it possible to have to many top picks??

It probably is a nice problem to have, but,
If any of those top picks end up on the TiCats Practice roster they will certainly get poached.

I can see the TiCats making a trade during the draft!

Getting better ever year. Interesting

On every team the GM has the last word but there are some teams where the HC is present and some that aren't.

Too complicated? If you watch it, you will see that as they show you the various "war rooms".

Hmmmm so the Riders released 4 players today, 3 I think have major draft implications for them.

Dyakowski, Hecht, Meredith and Mays

I had Hecht penciled in to compete for the starting Safety spot and a contributor on special teams and had Mays at a minimum being a special teams contributor and potential starter, Dyakowski being released surprised me, the Riders have a papered over o-line right now. Hard to think they'll go anywhere else in the draft outside of O-Line now. I really hope St. John steps up, I loved him coming out of college (aside from the whole contract dispute). Just needs to take the next step.

Could be just a ploy to fit more guys under contract than the rules allow.

Will the Al's make a trade for #1. I think so!!!!!!!!!!! only 6 or 8 drafted will be starters.

You have a much better shot at finding a starter at #1

That's cool!

For those based in Toronto, we (CFL Fans in Toronto) are hosting a little CFL Draft Party of our own next Thursday too. It's more an excuse to get people together, and to show off our new pub venue for the 2018 season: 3 Brewers Liberty Village. Come one, come all!

Info is here (meetup.com):
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THAT'S True. General managers are not necessarily looking for someone who can step in and play right away when they make their picks next month. But for CFL.ca draft guru Marshall Ferguson, there are a few players that are ready to become starters right away at the professional level.
Montreal needs a starter for sure. Interesting May 3rd.