2017 Training Camp

Training Camp schedule is posted on the website.

The 3 rookie camp practices starting May 24 are listed. They were never open during the Popp regime.

Sunday, May 28 - 1st Practice
Saturday, June 3 - Intra Squad Scrimmage


Football season almost here :rockin:

Je serai à l'ouverture du camp le 28 mai, comme chaque année.

J'ai hâte de voir les nouveaux demis défensifs, la dynamique des quarts avec les receveurs, et les botteurs. Je vais surveiller les qualités de Harris et Adams, ainsi que les performances de Bede, surtout s'il fait des tentatives de placement. Ça n'arrive pas toujours qu'ils en fassent.

J'ai aussi hâte de voir qui aura les séquences au poste de centre et où ils vont promener Philip Blake.

Je vais également surveiller le jeune Woods comme porteur de ballon et ne manquerai pas de m'amuser à voir Logan cabotiner comme il le fait toujours à cette occasion.

À moins qu'il ne pleuve trop fort et que l'entraînement ne soit annulé, évidemment. Mais considérant la quantité d'eau qui nous est tombé dessus jusqu'à maintenant, je suis optimiste qu'il n'en restera plus à verser ce jour-là!

Open tryout was held today in Vermont. Event served two purposes. One was to find talent who reside in the New England area like those who play for the local professional indoor league team. At least one player will get another look as WR Kelvin Amparo from the Vermont Bucks says he received a camp invite. The other reason for the Als going to Burlington according to Kavis Reed is that the team wants to establish their brand and perhaps gain some fans who reside not too far from Montreal.

Alouettes Host Tryout

[url=http://www.wcax.com/story/35422201/alouettes-host-tryout]http://www.wcax.com/story/35422201/alou ... ost-tryout[/url]

Certainly a smart play (IMO), no guarantee it will pan out but can’t hurt.

From the open workout yesterday, the Als offered 3 contracts with up to 4 more being invited to camp. All these are current members of the Vermont Bucks.

More than 50 players showcased their skills in Shelburne for Montreal's flagship football franchise.

[url=http://www.mynbc5.com/article/montreal-alouettes-hold-first-ever-open-tryout-in-vermont/9650951]http://www.mynbc5.com/article/montreal- ... nt/9650951[/url]

Compared to other teams, the Als seem to believe that open tryouts are not an efficient way of finding players. I say that because this independent scout is posting that he is looking for a FS and Will OLB to refer to the Als. More importantly if true, the team could very well have second thoughts about going non-import at Will.

I've never ever heard of a team or scout "advertise" for players like this before. Just sounds odd. Like looking for a car!

RB Brandin Byrd appears to be another invitee:

Frank LaRosa? @EB_CoachLo May 10

Congrats to East Bay alum Brandon Byrd(c/o 2013) for being invited to mini-camp with the Montreal Alouettes in the Canadian Football League!

They got to have a plan B. Plan B is a Canadian at Safety.

No downside. Ray was delivering potato chips.

The only thing I could really find on this Byrd was that he played for Marshall in 2014, which would have made him a teammate of Cato.

6' 195 lbs, 23 courses dans la NCAA, 94 verges de gains. Rien pour écrire à sa mère. Les Alouette feraient peut-être mieux de ramener Cato que ce gars.

The competition at training camp will give us an idea of how successful the Als International recruiting has been.

Joe Mack and his recent body language has made him an easy target. And the Als will only be holding 2 tryout camps - the upcoming one in Texas makes sense, the one in Vermont certainly didnt . Nothing wrong in wanting to attract fans from the Vermont and New York borders, but organize a caravan like the Expos used to or bus trips to select games. A tryout camp aint going to do it.

Ive always had mixed feelings about CFL tryout camps. Teams invite select players, but for the most part youre relying on luck that a gem will show up at your tryout. And I suppose like buying lotto tickets, the more tryouts you hold the greater the odds of finding elite players. But it just doesn`t come across as the most proactive way of scouting players.

[url=http://www.rds.ca/football/alouettes/jacques-chapdelaine-on-a-une-responsabilite-envers-les-partisans-alouettes-1.4507024]http://www.rds.ca/football/alouettes/ja ... -1.4507024[/url]

« On doit changer le ratio Canadiens/Américains. L'an dernier, on avait débuté la saison en utilisant seulement un Canadien en défensive. Cette année, on pourra se permettre d'en faire jouer deux sur l'unité défensive, ou même un troisième si les choses se développent comme on l'espère. En utilisant deux joueurs canadiens en défensive, ça nous permettra de faire jouer trois Américains sur la ligne offensive. »

translates to:

"We need to change the ratio of Canadians/Americans. Last year, they had started the season using only a Canadian on the defensive end. This year, we can afford to play two on the defensive unit, or even a third if things develop as expected. Using two Canadian players on defense, it will allow us to play three Americans on the offensive line. »

Something is lost to me in the translation. Is Jacques Chapdelaine saying that playing a 3rd non-import on defense has not been decided yet? Pretty sure he is not talking about putting 3 Canadians on the DL.

What is being said is not written in stones. Training camp, including injuries, will most probably dictate how many Nat. will play on offense and defence. At this time, I expect that at least 2 Nat. -DL- will play on defence. We will see for the rest.


I just listened to Chapdelaine`s interview and he said it will allow the team to play two Americans on the o-line. He never said trois.

I don't see a problem with the Als looking at players in the Arena league. Vermont was the best team in the league in their first season and lots of big school players end up in that league. So creating relationships with their staff and recruiting is a good thing.

Yes I agree. Many great CFL players have come from the Arena league even the aforementioned Ricky Ray. Bowman came indirectly from the old Indoor Football League. Heck even Kurt Warner tried to get recruited to CFL while in the AFL but got no offers.
There have been dozens of CFL players via the AFL route.

Linking with Vermont is a very good move in my mind.

Billy Parker and Jerald Brown

The Can-Am Indoor Football League is not quite the old Arena Football League.

And Bowman, Ray, Parker, Brown were how many years ago? Any more recent names? I can only think of Brian Brikowski.

The point I was trying to make is if you have limited resources you hold tryout camps in football hotbeds like Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas (which they`re doing), not Vermont. Can you name a pro player who came from Vermont?

And if the object was to get new customers from the area, an excellent idea, you do some marketing.

The old Arena league is dead... Most of those guys don't come from Vermont anyway.

Ronald Fields
Texas A&M Commerce

CJ Jones
Clemson University

Boomer Richardson
Georgia Tech

Lots of good football players in that league.