2017 the Hottest Grey Cup Ticket in Years, maybe Decades!!

If you’re waiting for tickets for this year’s Grey Cup in Ottawa to go on sale to the general public, you may be out of luck.

If you don’t plan on buying an Ottawa Redblacks season ticket or some sort of smaller package of tickets, there won’t be much left to pick through with an expected capacity of about 34,000 for the Canadian Football League championship contest at TD Place on Nov. 26.

Here’s where tickets have been going: The Redblacks are looking at selling the equivalent of about 17,000 season tickets (so far averaging about one Grey Cup ticket per person), plus a waiting list of 10,000 fans plunked down $50 deposits in late November, and there are ticket allotments to the eight other CFL teams, the league and its sponsors.

“If you do the math, with 17,000 season tickets selling at a 1-for-1 basis, 10,000 people who put deposits down, league holds and team holds, there isn’t going to be a lot after all that, if any,? Ottawa Sports & Entertainment Group president of sports Jeff Hunt said Tuesday. “Grey Cup tickets are always special, always a premium, but I think this will be the hottest Grey Cup ticket in years, maybe decades.?

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Lots of people here who said Ottawa would have folded again by now :slight_smile: I won't name them.

Waiting until the Ottawa mini-packages go on sale next month :thup:

Oh well that's great news as I see it. I'll be at Grey Cup to party, the game to me is a bonus at this point.

There will be tons of GC tickets available when OTT gets knocked out of the playoffs. :wink:

…Great to see the resurrection of football in the Capitol …The previous owners have all but been forgotten (Chen and the Gliebermans) and it has turned into a CFL success so far…It just goes to prove what good ownership can accomplish, add to that the work of Desjardins and voila…I think Campbell should get a mention as well and everything has worked out for the Redblacks… I have to admit I was quite dubious to begin with but you can’t argue with success…I know the Cup game will also be a tremendous success and yes…tix will be at a premium for sure… :thup:

After last years Gong Show I hope the tickets are all gone by the time the season starts .

Well Jeff Hunt's hyperbole aside I think it is great there is this much demand for the game. Tickets have been pretty "hot" as little as 4 and 3 years ago. It was really only last year that was a debacle and many of us predicted that happening 2 years before it happened.

I've been to about 20 Grey Cups including a string of 10 in a row that ended 2010 and only been to one since which was in 2013.

Reason for not going anymore? Even though I can afford it I don't like to be gouged as it goes against my basic principles.

I think Ottawa can get fans back into it and wish them the best of luck in pulling off a fabulous Grey Cup week for the upcoming season.

I started talking about going to it about half way through last season. But Jeff Hunt is exaggerating.

There will be no problem selling out the stadium at regular GC pricing.

Even if the Redblacks are not in it.

Ottawa fans will still enjoy a thrilling game.


2017 Grey Cup

TI-CATS - 32

Awesome to hear.
It's only here in the wannabe US capital of Toronto, where anything Canadian only does not meet the bs requirements of the elite crowd.

Have my 2 season tix and 2 Grey Cup tix purchased already. Section M row 5 seats 17 and 18, right where the REDBLACKS come out of the tunnel. :thup: Can't wait until June!! :rockin:

Great to see the excitement in Ottawa for the Grey Cup.

Only downside is that the capacity is 34k. I understand with adjusted ticket prices and the lack of expense in having to bring in stands to get capacity over 50k everything works out.

Ottawa this year, could very well have been a Grey Cup that could have easily sold out 50k, unless the disease of ultra high ticket prices hit.

All in all. Great to see a positive story leading into a new CFL year.

Pretty interesting as the stadium once held 35,000 during it's peak years now you have 34,000 for a Grey Cup .
This league is now in the area that expansion within Canada is viable with the less is more approach . Even though it brings prices up with stadiums at 24,000 the goals for sell outs are viable . The new CFL is learning to find it's own
piece of the pie by not over extending it's reach with the exclusion of the Grey Cup last year and the price over load in a crowded market place . Looking good going forward .

.....of course it's capital....unless you are talking about Washington D.C.....which for some reason I have on the brain watching all of this Trump stuff..But yes Ottawa is definitely the capital of Canada :wink: :lol: ....Luv the moose :thup:

You really think BC can score that much.

Good o-line and deep solid receiving.
Lions out of the West and Cats have the best secondary in the East.
Also Cats have the second best receiving group in the CFL.

For real, it is way to early for predictions, but if it happens you heard it here first.

I'm sure they will sell all the seats to the Grey Cup by the time the regular season rolls around in late June.

As for capacity, 34,000 is the most they can seat at that site given the available space. Ticats will only be able to fit a similar amount as well when they eventually bid.

Where did they say that was the most seating they could have? The 2004 Grey Cup had an attendance of 51,242. I realize there was a lot of change to Lansdowne Park, but I didn't think it was that much.