2017 Summary - How would you grade the season?

Agreed on the officiating concerns. The season itself gets a solid B+, (attendance being my main concern), while officiating gets a C-. We can't be content with this.

I think the one flag per team is a positive change, so now if we can only work out what a late hit is, and what a PI is, and what a roughing the passer is - I think the game takes a big step forward in its legitimacy and momentum.

So many people walk away from the CFL on officiating concerns alone.

The quality of play was outstanding. The games were for the most part were exciting.
The big depression always hit when you looked into the stands though.
How could the CFL screw things up so bad?
Almost all new stadiums, awsome TV deal, but no one in the stadiums.
I had a hard tine even watching BC Lions games because I spent the whole time completely dumbfounded at the rows apon rows of empty seats at the 30 yard lines.No way the CFL comes close to averaging 20000 fans this year. Attendance figures are complete and utter lies. Calgary had extrenely weak attendance this season too.
The CFL needs to slash their ticket prices by 30 percent. The fans simply wont pay the prices they are charging.

In the year 3535 - won't need to tell the truth-tell no lies,
Everything you think do and say, is in the pill you took to-day.

Cheers - Zager and Evans big hit early 1969, couldn't resist it. Somewhere in the B zone for the CFL.

Lots of great football. Watched just about every game and it was an entertaining season all in all.....I don't feel like thinking to hard about any of the rest of it.....

Seriously though, two blown referee calls caught by the use of challenge flags;

Completed pass clearly out of bounds overturned by Command Centre resulted in the Loss of the Dave Dickenson Challenge Flag. A Touchdown completed pass, football clearly survived ground contact out of bounds overturned by Command Centre resulted in the Loss of the Marc Trestman Challenge Flag. The 2 Head Coaches didn't seem to mind I thought. In the off-season those two calls with-in the CFL itself looked at. Maybe some Ref's in general trying to hard can focus relax, hard to do at play speed.