2017 Summary - How would you grade the season?

How do you grade 2017, as far as the CFL is concerned?

The Good...

  • No financial issues and I believe all teams NOT named Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver made money.
  • The Lions are a step closer to a new owner - and will be sold at a half decent price.
  • The Argos, as an organization, took a step (or 2) forward.
  • Grey Cup 2017 was a BIG step up from Grey Cup 2016 - off the field.
  • Commissioner is new, improved and more visible/likable/accessible.
  • Games were more exciting!!!
  • Rules were changed to improve the flow of the game and it worked.
  • The Big O will be fixed allowing the Als to host Grey Cups.
  • Grey Cup / Playoff T.V. ratings were up.

The Meh...

  • Attendance was unchanged from 2016, and bums in the seats need work.
  • Toronto lost far less than last year - based on the cutting of their huge 2016 marketing budget.
  • Montreal and Vancouver probably lost about the same (1M - 1.5M each).
    ***Not good but the owners don't seem to care and the losses are "fixable" :
    ***** Montreal has a ton of salary on their Board of Directors,
    ***** Braley has let the Vancouver market die.
  • Officiating was a little better - but that's not saying much.

The Bad...

  • Overall, TV ratings were down - correct me if I am wrong.

Overall, I would give the season a B-.

I want MightyGoose’s grading for 2017 !!!

Lol....I didn't think I had a following on these matters!

I'll tend to agree with your grading.

All 9 teams are stable despite we would all like to see fewer empty seats. Ever looked at the Arena League's off season? (what I consider the next biggest gridiron league), they have trouble keeping the same number of teams.

Attendance flat but other many other leagues are having this issue too. Heck the New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens are not selling out all games anymore. Lots of empty seats in NFL stadiums too....calling out LA :)..Key here IMO is improved relationships with their corporate partners and great customer service. It's more important than winning.

TV numbers could be better but playoff ratings were up big while all being on a specialty channel with fewer subscribers.

Like the new commissioner though it's still early.

Grey Cup was a big step up from last year...though the bar was low....actually underground. What was nice this was the first Grey Cup week I can remember that didn't have an NFL to Toronto story or articles trashing the league just for clicks....even Rogers was pretty positive this year.

And now with a real possibility of expansion....in a new Canadian market. The most serious effort in 35 years. Too bad some of the old Ice Edge Clowns are involved but if their partners have real money then this may push this season to a 'solid B'

Well said and thank you.

Re : “What was nice this was the first Grey Cup week I can remember that didn’t have an NFL to Toronto story or articles trashing the league just for clicks…even Rogers was pretty positive this year.”

Good point.

I really enjoyed the season myself and I think the best part besides an awesome Grey Cup championship, was the new commish and how I think he'll be great for the league.

Can't wait for next season to start. Still torn between the TiCats and Argos as my favourite team though, that one I'm going to have to work on. :wink:


The only failing grade would be given to the officials. Calls need to be more consistent, there should be standards when calling pass interference, unnecessary roughness & roughing the passer. Also, should a challenge won should be rewarded with a second.


Good recovery midseason when the games were unwatchable because of the
constant stoppages .

Play as the season went on was more fluid with less interruptions .

Ownership is a concern in BC . Montreal is workable . Toronto is stable but now weilds even a bigger stick with poor optics and little options left . All other teams appear strong on the outside .

Halifax was a good surprise will need to see how a stadium can be built before proper assessment .

CFL broadcast situation is stagnant . TSN quality has improved but CFL needs a more viable and broader platform for Web viewing .

Youth market has improved both with the CFL media , app game , CFL.ca , forums
twitter , building football fields and cfl /nfl initiative with flag football .

Sponsorships and partnerships appear strong with the corporate sector .

Concussion issues remain an issue and until there is a final reckoning in court this
area cannot be evaluated thoroughly enough as to it's over all effect on the league .

Player Union relationship appears to be in good standing .

Would have received a B but during a successful Grey Cup event the CFL community was thrown for a loop with the October Grey Cup possibility leaving people confused .

Besides all the financial and attendance and officiating concerns, the football games were great. There hardly any boring games. Most were very exciting with many last minute heroics. I would give the football played a 'thumbs up' but I can't do it ! ;D

All of what you say is true and I used to get pretty upset with the officiating but next year or even when you're watching your Habs, try ignoring the penalty calls and non-calls. I have been doing this for a few years now ever since my son and wife wouldn't watch with me anymore because of my shouting and basically ruining each game. I really enjoy the games more. I realize there are gonna be mistakes by the refs and some of the infractions are warranted , some not ! I was almost at the point where I wasn't going to watch anymore, but why should I allow bad officiating ruin something I've loved for many years. I ignore it all. I figure a good team will be able to overcome any penalty, good or bad..... Try it and see. :slight_smile:

I think this was a B+ season - one of the better ones in the last decade.

Bums in seats remained stagnant - but that's of no concern because the CFL is becoming more TV Studio football vs. park experience football. Unless crowds decline 10-15% or more the TV funding supports and prospers the league. (can u imagine BC, Montreal or Toronto ownership trying to operate 5 million dollar payrolls plus operating costs without the massive spiff from Bell Media?)

Tv numbers slightly down - hopefully the TV lords are as ignorant to the numbers as they are to the crimes committed by Rod Black as an imitation sports announcer. If they consider lowering the spiff provided to CFL franchises - THERE WILL BE MASSIVE CONCERNS - MORESO THAN EVEN HOLDING THE GREY CUP IN OCTOBER!

Western conference is very healthy. BC needs a new owner but the old one ain't so bad - he's subsidizing a whole bunch of salary and operations out of his own pocket. There stadium is fine - the last indoor stadium in the land (although Toronto & Montreal could easily hold Grey Cups in either SKydown or Big 0).

Edmonton has a minor challenge with their abusive head coach but the franchise is very healthy.

Calgary needs a new stadium but oil-challenged alberta doesn't want to contribute funds. And owners won't throw in 150 to 250 million for a new park. . . . . if they can find their way to build a 40,000 covered stadium that would be outstanding, not only for Albertans, but for the entire league. But having a small business like the Stamps play only 10 or 11 home gates doesn't cut it. The bombers could have built a 35,000 indoor stadium for near the price the current IGF cost them (semi-guaranteed price of $175 million plus nearly $125 million in repairs and interest)

Sask'n has their great little community organization. A province of 1.2 million supporting the football team, not just the paltry city of Regina (195,000). Riders seem to have finally got the glue w/ Chris Jones rebuild (he was 20/20 about Durant) and cobbled together a fine season - came within a Ricky Ray eyelash of going to the Cup!

Winnipeg is probably in slightly more trouble than most realize but no concern this year or next. They get a ton of government support, the money they pay back in mortage goes back into their own coffers (sort of a sophisticated money-laundering system) and they've enforced stability in their management and coaching ranks (even if it means propping up unacceptable hobos in certain spots). Winnipeg fans are the lemmings of the CFL. They support trash, they support mediocrity and they support excellence - almost no differential between the 3.

A good 11-7 team last season (the final game vs. Calgary was a scheduling abnormality) their key players like Harris, Nichols, Denmark, Bryant, Dressler, etc. will be a year older. Mike O'Shea displayed slight improvement as a head coach but he's still dwarfed by giant coaching minds like Trestman, Dickenson & Jones. The Bombers will be anywhere from 8-10 to 11-7 next year (my money is on 9-9) and will be hard-pressed to nab 3rd in the west - - - - they'll probably fight with BC for the crossover opportunity to the last week of the schedule!

Eastern teams run a totally different program. One where 9-9 is excellence and the first half of the season is basically training camp and recruiting time. They don't play hard in the first half due to the mediocrity of the division. But when they get going - boy do they get going. While Toronto won the Grey Cup on flukes - they managed to squash the surging riders in the east final - and then the rest was history. Toronto, led by Ricky Ray & Trestman would also have kicked the bejeebers out of the 12-6 bombers cuz O'Shea and Hall would have been no match for Ray & Trestman.

I didn’t know that Regina lost 50K in population… someone should check the census numbers before posting… the diversity is strength initiative was great, but IMO got lost in the controversy of the Briles situation, and never really recovered from it.

Correction of population statistic:

Current (2016) stats list Regina's population at 215,000 - and if you take a 30 mile radius outside Regina its prolly around 265,000 to 275,000

Saskatoon (2016) is listed at 245,000 - if you take the similar 30 mi. radius its around 290,000 to 310,000


Watched almost every game I could, except for the ones not televised in my area. (Stupid Jets)

I enjoyed the games this year more than I have in the past 5 years at least.

Officiating, the guys on the field did good. There is always going to be human error.
Replay crew, not so good. Still believe bang bang plays should be reviewed at game speed, if a player hits a guy and you have to slow down the frame to half speed, how is a player supposed to gage that.

Contacting the receiver downfield has to be worked on. If there is hand fighting and pulling and pushing on both sides, it shouldn't be called. Plus, a defensive player should have a right to be on the field. Too many calls where a receiver runs straight at the defender. Should consider charging like basketball. If the defender gets to a point and has set his feet, then there should be no call.

Tons of big plays, amazing catches, and huge returns. Almost every team had a player able to threaten the other teams with big plays.

Congrats to TO. Maybe next year for Cal. Hope to hear more positive news in Halifax.

Hope 2018 and future continues to be the home of November playoffs and Grey Cup.

Looking forward to next year.

As a new fan of the CFL, I loved the season.

I'm English, and although I have family who live in Canada (mainly in the Toronto area), they only follow the MLB (Blue Jays) and NHL (Maple Leafs), so I haven't been introduced to the CFL.

I've watched the NFL for years, but thanks to changing my satellite tv package, this season I got exposure to the CFL, and I must say I absolutely loved it.

Living so far away, and not being exposed to all the "inside stuff", I'm judging the league and the sport, purely on the gameday spectacle; and it is awesome.

...welcome to our league Nick...a few years ago I took a friend's visiting nephew from Glasgow to a game and he fell in love with it too..glad you've found the forum as well....

I am in agreement that this year could be classified as B+ season.

The games were way more exciting than last year, playoffs were great!

Biggest plus is the new Commish. I like that he stepped in and made a mid-season change to the vid-review model. The CFL has long been a league that is slow to embrace change, so going the risky route of making the mid-stream adjustment (though the decision was a no-brainer) was encouraging.

Was really pleased to see the increase in turnout in T.O. for East Final, the new barns across the league make everyone look better!

All in all...good effort this year!

season was great, but the wrong teams were in the cup game. :cry:

Fancy smancy graphics from a Mod. :wink:

LOL. :slight_smile: