2017 Schedule

Starting a new topic for the discussion of the up coming 2017 home schedule for the Redblacks .

Personally would like to see a few afternoon games in the fall doesn't matter to me if it's Saturday or Sunday I am good with both .

Put me on the list as well. :thup:

We didn't have ONE afternoon game at home at all last season and only one the year before I believe. :thdn:

Friday nights work best for me 'cause I just walk from work.

I'm one of those cottage folks that past teams used to blame for all their woes (instead of brutal team management). If they're going to do afternoon games, then Sunday would be preferable.

I would only be interested in the FALL for afternoon games when there is a more traditional time to play when it's warmer . The night games in late September and October can be a wee bit chilly and it would be better to play in the daytime . Friday night obligation for TSN should have an equal representation and get rid of Thursday nights.

For those driving a distance a few afternoon games only in September /October would make it a little easier .

One afternoon game in Ottawa Aug 26 and one on the road in Montreal sept 17th


Yuck I guess they don't want Ottawa in it three years in a row . No reason for quick turn arounds .

Three home games in September/October all at night .

The Wednesday Night game I guess they thought we share the stadium with TFC ?

Not happy afternoon 3:30 Saturday when it's still summer August 26th ? Why ????

Rant over .

By all means, go on ranting. The schedule is awful.

Byes in weeks 18 and 20. What the hell? :?

Calgary home and away to start then done. I friggin' hate that. We've had the same thing the last two years with Winnipeg and Hamilton late in the season. Can you spread this stuff around, at least?

Until you have a schedule like Toronto had in 2016-2015-2014-2013, don't complain about awful scheduling.

The Argos had serious stadium issues leading to their poor schedule. Ottawa just seems to have drawn the short straw this year. They get 3 games in 11 days including travel to Edmonton for the first one.

TSN is even talking about the fact that Toronto and BC got favourable schedules this year with almost all games on weekends for both teams.

My guess is that they chose to be away from TD Place at the end of the season while they are installing the temp GC seats. But they will have the 2 home games after that last bye, they host the East final and the GC.

Don’t forget there also may be OTHER events at TD Place this summer and fall as it is Canada’s 150th and all that comes with that. :?

No doubt the Redblacks "drew the short straw" and aren't happy with their schedule. But some fans on Twitter are making it out to be abysmal. It's not nearly as bad as the Argos endured for several years in a row. The fact they had stadium issues didn't mitigate how terrible it was. The RB's sked is a walk in the park by comparison.

Exactly. One has nothing to do with the other. It's not like we contributed to Toronto's poor scheduling or that we could do anything about it.

Now Ottawa did have a similar stretch of close games in 2016. I'm more annoyed at all the jumping around. I think the only day we don't play a home game is Tuesday. The thing's a dog's breakfast.

Who cares? I agreed with them at the time. But in what way is acknowledging this supposed to improve the situation?

If you're suggesting that our schedule blows in order to accommodate Toronto, then I suppose let's "take one for the team (league)" but nothing we do now changes the past. And I'm not sure it does anyway, since we visit them on a Monday. How is that beneficial to the Argos? How many Ottawa folks can make that trip?

The Argos also "drew the short straw" by getting stuck with the Monday game to accommodate the league's need for one five-game week. That will likely be the lowest attendance of the season in Toronto.

But this is nothing new. An analysis of past schedules would show that every year, teams get short breaks, weirdly spaced byes and so on. Last year Sask had a bye in Week 1 (when no team ever needs one) and not their next until Week 14. This year Wpg gets byes in Week 1 and Week 13. It's a function of a nine-team league that has to play 81 games in 20 weeks, and for TV reasons has to play a lot of games on Thursdays. It's not suddenly a new, gigantic blot on the concept of player safety.

There I agree. I'm old enough to remember (groan) football before bye-weeks even existed. I'm not convinced there were fewer injuries then.

They are gonna preseason pants the Als tonight. :rockin:

Only 4 more weeks till RedBlacks get a bye!!
Going to be nice to heal some bodies healed

Two byes in the last 3 weeks, finishing first will hurt them for sure. If they take 2nd then they would get a home game against the west crossover team the week after the bye.
With Trevor back I can see them playing 3 games in a row, likely beat the west crossover at home and the Argos at BMO.