2017 prediction

…14-4 season…all losses will be on the road (to Montreal, Edmonton, BC and Hamilton) and an undefeated season at home…

…BoDog has the horsies over/under on wins at 12.5…

I would like to see a few games first before I get really “serious” about predictions, but …

12 - 6 still first place in the west, with BC right behind us (possibly even the same record, but we beat them to maintain first place).

Two weeks in we should have a pretty good idea of what to expect out of most teams and can make a better assessment.


…14-1-3 season still…second part still remains the same…will finish first in the west again

You may be right RedandWhite. With Mitchell at the controls and Messam playing the way he is the Stamps may well take 1st place. I thought the way Edmonton came out of the gate that the Esks would be up in top spot but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.

Now…should the Stamps make it to the Grey Cup it will be interesting to see what happens and who they will need to beat. It would be fitting that it be Ottawa since the GC is being played in Ottawa. A little pay back would be nice from a Stamps perspective.

RedandWhite is around here somewhere you know 8)

This years Calgary team has an improved Defence and much of that is the coaching of Devone Claybrooks. Perhaps it’s Mitchell vs Ray on Grey Cup day in Ottawa.

…always around ;D

…another interesting stat to emerge from this season is that unless the stamps lose this Friday to Montreal they will have won or tied the season series against every team…


Thanks for that Red, that is one stat I did not know!

Will Calgary lose their second game in a row this Saturday evening vs Eskimos? Been 4 years since it last happened. Stampeders comeback with a bounce back win in Edmonton.

…that would be a rarity, but not totally unrealistic…regardless of the score against Sask, our D played very well, giving up only 7 points…I think they’ll hold Reilly in check as well…

…the question is can the offense produce like they did earlier this year?

The offense compared from earlier to now is less, likely DC’s are spending a lot of time in the film room on how to overcome Calgary. I’ll comment on the Defense though; the time has arrived for the Defense to take it’s turn to rise to the occasion. Claybrook knows that his D is the key to open the door to win the Grey Cup. Defense wins Championships. I believe it starts with a victory in Edmonton.

Well with just two games remaining R&W your prediction of a 14-4 season will not happen although they could end up with a 15-2-1 record this season which would duplicate last years achievement. Remarkable!

You stand a chance of being 50% correct on Calgary’s losses as long as the Stamps beat Edmonton. That would make a loss against Montreal and Edmonton.

No kudos for being undefeated at home with their loss against SSK. The Roughriders ended that run back on Oct 20.

Hats off to you for predicting that the Stamps would finish in 1st place again. Not only in the West but in the CFL! Now…if only :wink:

…I predict the Stampeders will not win another game in 2017…

Losing west final?

They looked bad today, but there was not much in it for them.

…correct, lose the west final at home no less, because of an offence that has suddenly and inexplicably disappeared…the D is playing fine enough (17 of 23 points last night cannot be tagged to them) so we’ll be in the game fine enough but unless DD finds whatever albatross is hanging around the collective neck of this offense and cuts it off I don’t see this current version of the stamps moving on to Ottawa…

Red and White vs Double Blue on Grey Cup day? :wink:

Sorry, I don’t mean to poke, but I think there are a few keys to the decline in offense.
1 - No more fishing. 3 teams stood out for doing a good job of integrating intentional designs into play calling to allow fishing. I believe it effected the Bombers the most, but Esks and Stamps were probably next in line. Not knocking, it was the smart thing to do…push the rule and get every ounce of it you can, but I do believe when it went away it did hurt some clubs to a degree.
2 - Probably the single biggest factor IMO…Bo is hurt. He has been hurt all season. It was something coming into the season with his shoulder. They thought it would be good be the start of the season, but it wasn’t. He and Dave D talked about him having it taken care of but Bo felt he could play through it for the season. I think for the most part he did…but I think it just compounded later in the season. Now, this week off might elevate his game and that could easily last a couple games to bring him up a notch…but his touch just has not been there and it seems to be getting worse with time. I firmly believe this is a big issue.
3 - Bo has been working on keeping eyes down field and not at the pressure coming. This is reflected in the sharp decline on the number of times he has run the ball…just 3. This has piles of benefits and is a huge step…it really can put him even more next level…but it is a big curve and think he has taken a few more hits. In the long run, this probably really pays off though.
4 - This is the weakest WR depth the Stamps have had in some time. They have brought along a lot of really good receivers over the past number of seasons, many have moved on, and I just don’t think it is nearly what it was in the past few seasons. Some faces in and out of the lineup are a huge deal in that scenario.

The core is solid. They definitely have the D. The O has the potential to be very good, but I don’t think as good as recent seasons.

…very good points depop

…never really thought much about #2 but this might be a reason for BLM’s reluctance to run, knowing that one good shot to the shoulder and he’s out…thanks for that insight…BLM gave an account on why he does not run, I shared it on the forum a while ago, but this could also be a underlying reluctance to take off with the ball…