2017 Post Cereal CFL Promotion

I see these are out already.

Last year, it was game action photos on the box.

This season it is a home jersey type design.

In other words the entire box front is a CFL home jersey

The Lions were rolled out first. I saw them on the shelf.

There were no Stamps yet. I would have thought they would start with the region promotion first.

Stamps in Calgary , Esks in Edmonton , Riders in ........

Perhaps they do not want to end up with " Law Of Diminishing Returns" and just display a team one at a time.

Anyway , for those of you who have seen them, the boxes look great.

Fun project for those who like to collect that kind of stuff.


These boxes are from last year. You must have missed this thread;


I do not recall seeing these in the stores last season. :?

I only remember the game action photo boxes and 4 West team potato chip bags.

Whatever box or season , is is a great promotion.

I recently bought a box, but the store only had the Bombers box, and I live in BC.

Mmm! Looks good!


Why did I think you lived in Hamilton ?

Your past posts do indicate you are a Cats fan though.

I'm from Ontario, but moved to BC.

Lions boxes sold in Calgary, Bombers boxes sold in BC. :?

Perhaps someone should have a meeting with the Post Head Office Distribution and Logistics Division. :smiley:

What are they trying to tell you :oops: :oops:

[attachment=0:2ldrwtr6]Argos Uniform.jpg[/attachment:2ldrwtr6]

Well, Argos need a sponsor

next year a discount coupon in a Post Cereal Box for Adidas CFL gear sold at Marks

Mark's website doesn't show any CFL stuff

but are a sponsor to the CFL and are showcased on next weeks CFL week. CDN advertising is so mixed up. that was my point, they don't sell anything in the store

I have to agree . I know they don't sell any team merchandise of any sport at Mark's but a CFL section would be smart in the store . I kinda gag when I see Sport Chek with zip at their stores and if they do have any it's a small section of mis match . Not sure why the CFL doesn't work out a deal with stores as to merchandising as they are usually a buy back and they just need to place their wares at eye level with quality products . Out of sight out of mind . You never have to go too far and you will see Blue Jays or Leafs something somewhere .

Sometimes if you let the little guy license a bit more they may have better results but they need to get better in this area for all teams except the Riders as they exceed expectations with sales , variety , and quality .

Mark's makes and sells work clothing for the most part. Not the type of place anyone would ever go to buy any type of sports clothing.

They're a sponsor of the CFL, not a merchandise seller.

They would disagree with you

Marks sells casual wear for women and men and most of their store is this kind of product[attachment=0:292dfr8d]retro Argos.jpg[/attachment:292dfr8d]

It would be a good fit for them