2017 Panda game

What a finish! GO RAVENS!

This game is often a thriller and this year didn’t disappoint. The most fun I’ve ever had at game was the annual Panda game ;D ;D

What happened? Don’t leave us who didn’t see it hanging.

I didn’t want to be a spoiler if anybody wanted to watch it on replay. Let’s just it was a very dramatic overtime TD win for Carleton. Great game!

Two years in a row the highest attendance at a CIS game, even beats the Vanier Cup game.

Pretty good, but still pales in comparison to the intensity of a York-UofT crosstown match up. :wink:

And to think there was no Ravens program a few years back. It's great to see CIS football, at least in one city, thriving.

It sure is. Football was generally doing very well in Ottawa when I lived there in the 80s, but those Panda games were the highlight of the year for me. I rarely went to regular games largely because there was zero marketing for them then. Unlike today nobody seemed to care much about football at Carleton and the teams were pretty bad. Now they seem to have found sports at the school with the Basketball team a national powerhouse and a decent football team.

I was at the last Panda game for Lansdowne in '87 when the railing broke and put a damper on therivalry. Great atmosphere in the city and there always has been great football support in Ottawa. Glad to see the Carleton alums got behind the effort to rebuild the program.

I've been trying to find out what the attendance was etc, via twitter, or other online articles. Seems to be more difficult than it should be (typical USports issues?). Glad to hear it was a great game and attendance.

Had the exact same situation. Had to dig deep in a U Sport Fan Forum to find it. Not exactly a gleaming example of sports marketing for the largest crowd in Canadian collegiate football for a regular season game for over a half century. :cry:

That in itself should have been front page news in at least Ottawa you would think. :cry: