2017 Grey Cup

Great to see Ottawa excited about the Grey Cup .

Not sure why Melnyk is holding grudges with the outdoor hockey game that would have the temporary seats have a second life after the Grey Cup at TD Place. Just makes economic sense .

The 67's played at CTC when they renovated . One of his investors for the downtown development is with OSEG so what gives with the Senators owner . Just don't get it .

I think the simple answer is because it's Melnyk. His ego is more important than the success of his team. He could try to schedule two games, one against Toronto and then against Montreal. Both would sell out and it would be huge publicly for his team and a cash cow.

Melnyk still holds a grudge because the city turned down his plan for a stadium in Kanata.
He still sees OSEG as his rival, he was on the side of the Glebites to try to stop the stadium reno at Lansdowne.
He has a great opportunity to play the NHL Classic game at TD Place with the temp Grey Cup seats in place.
But he is desperately looking for an alternative and it wouldn't surprise me if he decides not to hold the game rather than bite the bullet and play at TD Place.

Not going ahead with the game is only going to hurt that team with attendance . If Melnyk continues with this nonsense he is only hurting himself in the eyes of Ottawa fans . He is becoming a bad owner label that is hard to shake in this easily influenced town .

If he still has a grudge then why partner with an OSEG partner downtown and why help the 67's while TD place was under construction . Lastly if your moving downtown then why not see the game at TD Place as a precursor to his
arena plans .

How good does the city look not putting a stadium in Kanata with Melnyk moving the arena to Labreton Flats .

Very smart move by the City . They almost did it if it wasn't for Melnyk's hate for the CFL who he insisted couldn't play
in HIS MLS stadium .

Might want to change the thread title to "2017 Outdoor Game in Ottawa"
A little misleading when the talk is about Melnyk and not the Grey Cup :wink:

Unfortunately the extra Grey Cup seating and the convenience of adding another event is in the news ;than next years game .

Hoping there was some insight other than a grudge from Melnyk that should have ended with the Labreton Flats win . With it being the 150 year anniversary of Canada it should have been a win win for CFL and NHL fans .

Once that ends one way or another news will pick up on the 2017 Grey Cup and the discussion will change back to
news around 2017 Grey CUP events and ticket prices etc.... .

Congrats OTTAWA!! What a great game!!
Sorry I posted on wrong thread LOL just so excited for you!

CONGRATS Ottawa !!! A great game.


Doesn't matter what your record is during the season or if your even considered the most dominant team........ If you can't win the game that counts then you're not the best.
The better team won on the day and in the game that counts!!
Nice, from a RIDER FAN! :cowboy:

Yah posted in wrong Topic also :smiley:

So did anyone here go to the game? I took advantage of that $199 bus deal early on. Could have been a little more clear in a couple of ways, but aside for that, great fun.



Congrats Ottawa on selling out Grey Cup 2017. It's going to be a fantastic week.

The Riders are coming to Ottawa for the Semi . Should be a good game as Ottawa has struggled with Chris Jones teams winning just one win the last one in Regina .

Lord, I hate the Sask. Fakeriders. I hope the Redblacks kick their asses.