2017 Grey Cup Awarded to Ottawa

Commissioner Orridge makes the announcement live in TD Stadium.

Congrats Ottawa

Yes congrats to Ottawa! Perfect place to have GC on Canada's 150th!!

Congrats Rouge et Noir fans.

I guess since neither the team or the CFL had confirmed anything it is technically an "announcement" but the news is 6 days old. Team announced Monday there would be a "historic announcement" before the game ... short of folding the team I don't think there was anything else "historic" that could have been announced.

They could have announced that they were changing their name to Rough Riders.

Congrats Ottawa, I'm sure you guys will put on a great show

That is what the assumption has been since last season.

Very nice it was confirmed. :thup:

I always like hearing Tony talk about 76. :smiley:

I was in Grade 8 - 13 yrs old. I loved that catch.

Not so nice when he bitches about 81. :roll:

Glad that the CFL made this decision, it's really a no brainer.

Great to hear about O-Towne getting the game. People in southern Ontario and Quebec get a real treat with this year's championship in Toronto and next year in Ottawa.

I am jealous. :frowning: When is Hamilton going to get the Grey Cup?

Congrats to the Ottawa Redblacks, well deserved to get the 105th Grey Cup on Canada's 150th birthday.

bungle, again really do you stop and read what you write in crayon before you post. Let go and move on.

Thank you.

So... 2018 goes out West and 2019 comes here. :thup:

It will be great to see the game back in Ottawa in 2017

Doubt they could keep the story quiet in Regina, who would have had to give their permission.

I said BS, yes BS, then i looked at the rider cheer leaders and and and!! booking my flight tomorrow.

This is real. wish I could by my tickets now. really would

Cheers :cowboy: :rockin:

2018 could go to Montreal if the Oly gets fixed and financed.

If not they might even be able to have it at Molson.

If Molson is not able to host, then I guess Montreal is out of the loop for good .

I am sorry, what do the Sask cheerleaders have to do with this ?

This is a cool video.


Sorry big time Red Blacks for sure. I seen the cheer leaders with a blur. Thinking of the old team with Joe Thiesman
good team. A very good Kicker and linebacker. Can't remember names.