2017 Free Agents

Ooh, she's a big one!

John Boyett, DB, International
J’Michael Deane, OL, National
Ray Early, K, International
Greg Ellingson, WR, International
Jerrell Gavins, DB, International
Forrest Hightower, DB, International
Moton Hopkins, DL, International
Ernest Jackson, WR, International
Tristan Jackson, DB, International
Abdul Kanneh, DB, International
Kienan Lafrance, RB, National
Cleyon Laing, DE, National
Ettore Lattanzio, DL, National
Scott MacDonnell, WR, National
Nolan MacMillan, OL, National
Andrew Marshall, DE, National
Mike Moore, DL, International
Danny O’Brien, QB, International
Khalil Paden, WR, International
William Powell, RB, International
Antoine Pruneau, DB, National
Taylor Reed, LB, International
Jeff Richards, DB, International
Nigel Romick, DL, National
Jamill Smith, WR, International
Nicholas Taylor, DB, International
Travon Van, RB, International
Dan West, DB, National
Mitchell White, DB, International
Aston Whiteside, DL, International
Chris Williams, WR, International

I'll try to keep it up to date like I did last year now that I have better access to this place again.

As well all know, SirVincent Rogers and Connor Williams both resigned prior to the list coming out but were only recently announced.

Edit: Bold is re-signed, red is gone.

Yikes that's a lot of players to sign up quickly too many go to guys .

If I could only sign 10 : Ellingson , Hightower , E Jackson , A Kanneh , K Lafrance , J Gavins , M Hopkins , J Michael Dean , and T Reed .

Ooh, ten would be tough. I let Deane go in favour of McMillan. I let Hopkins go to keep Lattanzio. I might need to sacrifice one of the American DBs (I include Gavins in that, even though he plays LB a lot) to keep Pruneau.

It's a big list, but among the guys that ARE under contract, there aren't really any big ticket items aside from the quarterbacks. So it might be pretty manageable.

I just don't know how much you save from letting certain guys go. Losing Aston Whiteside, for example, and replacing him with a guy off the street can't be that big a deal. I can't imagine he made huge coin.

Since one-year deals are now the norm, we might benefit from hosting the cup next year. Also, guys that left for more money earlier this year might be regretting not getting those playoff dollars. Right, Jovon Johnson?

Boy I would sure sign Gavins. The team really struggled when he was out with injury.

I thought making him a linebacker was insane but he did quite well there. He plays bigger than he is.

I think I would want to pick up Van Zeyl or Holmes OL from Toronto National linemen if they are available .

I really thought Holmes would come here a year or two ago but he re-signed in Toronto. Maybe now that the team is more solid…

I’ve had it with J’Mouchoir Deane, man. To replace him with Holmes would be awesome. :thup:

Ellingson, Hightower, White and Jeff Richards said to have had NFL interest. I think they've all had workouts with the possible exception of White.

Jeff Richards surprises me. One guy on Twitter said as many as 11 teams are after him. He's played about ten games with us, part time. So he went from zero teams to 11 is beyond me. I question that a bit, but apparently he has an offer from Carolina that he has yet to sign.

[url=http://www.ottawaredblacks.com/2017/01/04/redblacks-grant-releases-to-three-players/]http://www.ottawaredblacks.com/2017/01/ ... e-players/[/url]

looks like done deal now for three of those four

And Jeff Richards was the first guy to be made known, signing with Carolina. Still finding that surprising.

Hightower to New Orleans, Ellingson working out for Jacksonville tomorrow. That one scares me, they could use the help and he's from Florida. It wouldn't surprise too many people if he managed to latch on there.

Oh well. Price of success. On the flip side, I'm also surprised that we haven't a thing about Abdul Kanneh.

Hightower would be a big loss in the secondary . Ellingson may get a good look I hope he doesn't get lost in the practice squad and never sees the field it would be a real loss for him not to perform he's a real gamer but a bonus financially even then . A two edged sword as playing time life is so short .

Wish them both well .

Oof. This isn't just one of those "futures" deals, I don't think. Saints liked what they saw. Curious about the signing bonus.

[b]Farhan Lalji[/b] Hightower's deal is 3 years for 1.7 million.

Taylor Reed signs for another year in R-Nation!! :thup:

[url=http://www.ottawaredblacks.com/2017/01/10/redblacks-re-sign-taylor-reed/]http://www.ottawaredblacks.com/2017/01/ ... ylor-reed/[/url]

I'm surprised it's only a year. He had talked about wanting to find a place where he could. settle down and give back to the community.

But I'll take it!

With Burris gone now, I would be very happy to hear that Mitchell Gale has been picked up. Similar CFL "upbringing" to Harris and the two seem to be tight.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/redblacks-re-sign-powell-on-one-year-deal-1.661352]http://www.tsn.ca/redblacks-re-sign-pow ... l-1.661352[/url]

Powell inked for another season :thup:

Good stuff, so long as his injury wasn’t the type that takes 2 years to come back fully from.

I believe it was Gary Lawless that said that LaFrance was asking for starter money. Pump the brakes, lad. :roll:

Powell/ Madu and Lavoie / Gillanders. I like it. Personally, I couldn’t care any less if Travon Van never returns.

Keith Shologan released, as you've probably heard. Knowing now (or at least hearing) that he was making $170K makes me glad that Desjardins didn't try to compete with that offer. But at a reduced, teaming with Zack Evans again, I'd certainly like to see that.

The Als have signed him, let's hope that he shows the form he displayed in Sask............. :oops:

Ottawa re-signs Gavins for another year

[url=http://www.ottawaredblacks.com/2017/02/13/gavins-back-with-redblacks/]http://www.ottawaredblacks.com/2017/02/ ... redblacks/[/url]