2017 Edmonton Roster

What do you all think?


Here's what comes to mind so far:


Reilly backed up by Franklin - what an enviable position to be in!

Offensive Line:
What's not to like about our veteran bunch?! :rockin:

Running Backs:
John White and if he stays healthy, Travon Van plus there is reliable Calvin McCarty for spot duty for blocking on certain passing downs. :thup:

Oh I'm liking our corps - what's not to like?!


Defensive line:
Wow are we stacked with players with not only players with successful CFL experience but also big-time NCAA and NFL experience!

JC Sherritt and Korey Jones bring experience, but I don't know what to think on everyone else. Is this position our weak spot?

There's solid CFL experience, but I am not sure overall here. Certainly we needed an overhaul plus Hightower is an awesome addition from the RedBlacks and from the NFL Saints.


Kicker Sean Whyte, but will he handle the punting too? I dunno. :roll:

Looking good ...

At linebacker with Sherritt out for awhile now after playing briefly and recovering a fumble, Ladler, Korey Jones, and Konar stepped up well.

The secondary did well except at the end they almost cost us the game.

It seems to me it would be wise to shop for another linebacker right now. We may have to look at someone returning from NFL cuts who is otherwise not tied to a team.

Well, that was a bit rough against Montreal, but a win is a win.

Running Back - Now with White out for awhile we need a true lead back as Trayvon Van is not. He's good as a relief back or as a check-down receiver. He's reliable on kick returns and not a game-breaker.

Receiver - I don't know what is going on with the drops, but back to the basics in practice this week.

With as elite an offensive line as we have, we desperately need someone now to take the lead given John White's injury. Otherwise our offense will be too one-dimensional and the pressure on Reilly even with that massive line will increase vastly.

Given our elite talent on the defensive line, we should be doing better to sack the QB, force more turnovers, and stop the run.

Allowing the likes of Sutton and Durant to run for over 100 yards between them and make key plays on the run to help Montreal stay in the game is inexcusable. Other teams with better running games would eat us for lunch.

The secondary is playing solidly at least, and we are pressuring the QB with the seven in front.

The linebackers are holding up, but Konar was out to lunch in this game. :roll:

Special Teams
Sean Whyte - Whyte has solid field goal kicking and kickoffs though crappy punting, so we can stay the course for now. Sometimes better special teams coverage can make up for deficiencies in punting.

Returns - We did not upgrade from Kendial Lawrence at all. We must find someone else.

Kendial Lawrence is back! As stated below, we did not upgrade from him anyway and those killer return men who can do more than only return kicks are rare anyway.

Now don't let him go given his versatility!


Apparently the release of Tony Washington was called a "business decision?" Or was it more like a roster decision so as to open up a spot for a national? Or what was the real reason he was released?

I get that Tony Washington is not the starting left tackle any more after having been beaten for the position by Figueroa, but why not keep Washington at right tackle and have him for backup at left in case Figueroa is out again?

With the addition of John Chick, can we be any more stacked on the defensive line? I'd say we have our bases covered whoever is out injured.