2017 Draft

I’ve been really impressed with the talent that has come out of the 2017 draft.


Kwaku Boateng: His lower body strength and motor have helped take the next step this season. Hopefully he continues to work on his pass rushing moves.

Chris Mulumba: Has started a couple games at WLB for the injured Adam Konar. He looks good in pass coverage, but I think his run stopping needs work.

Dariusz Bladek: He has started every game at RG this season. He had his ups and down at the start of the season, but has starting to settle in. I think.he has looked good run blocking, but could work on his pass blocking.

Jordan Herdman: He has started at MLB for the injured Soloman Eliminian and move to WLB when they signed Awe. I think he is a good run stopper, but could work on his pass coverage.

Evan Johnson: I haven’t got to watch many Redblacks games this year, but I believe he has started every game. He must be good if he beat out a Veteran in John Gott.

Cameron Judge: He has rotated with Sam Hurl this season at MLB. Cameron looks to be more athletic than Sam. I like his pass coverage, but his run stopping could use work.

Tunde Adeleke: The guy is fast and Athletic. Hes has mostly played safety, but has also played some SLB.

Guys Who I would like to see more of:

Justin Vaughn: Injury has set him back this season, but looked like a good rotation DT his rookie season

Connor McGough: It’s hard to get reps when you have Cappicotti and Westerman in front of you. He has played well on special teams and has gotten into rotation more since Westerman’s injury.

Sean Thomas-Erlington: The guy almost had a 100 yards rushing in a game this year. He has been used at RB, SB and KR.

Junior Luke: He lost his starting job a couple games into the season, but still looks like a good rotational DT.

Fabien Foote: He has been a rotational DT for the Al’s and hasn’t looked out of place.

Nathan Behar: He has made a couple of catches this year and hopefull he will see more balls thrown his way in the future.

Robert Woodson: Saw him get some reps at CB this season and didn’t look out of place.

Mark Mackie: He has been a rotional DT this year and looks strong.


Faith Ekakitie: For a first overall pick he has shown nothing and that’s why he was cut by the bombers.

Daniel Vandervoort: He has been in for a couple of plays, but not once have I seen the QB throw his way.

Randy Colling: Maybe he was to big to play DT in the CFL, but to be cut after one season isn’t good.

Guys who I would like to see up North:

Geoff Gray, Eli Ankou, Anthony Auclair, Justin Senior

2019 draft will be even better.