2017 Draft

Ottawa selected the following players Sunday night:

1st round, 9th overall:
Evan Johnson | OL | University of Saskatchewan | 6-4 | 280 lbs

2nd round, 18th overall:
Anthony Gosselin | RB | University of Sherbrooke | 6-0 | 251 lbs

3rd Round, 27th Overall:
Eli Ankou | DL | UCLA | 6-3 | 284 lbs

4th Round, 36th Overall:
Louis-Philippe Bourassa | RB | University of Montreal | 6-3 | 231 lbs

5th Round, 45th Overall:
Mathieu Dupuis | DL | University of Montreal | 6-2 | 296 lbs

6th Round, 54th Overall:
Austen Hartley | WR | University of Calgary | 5-10 | 190 lbs

7th Round, 63rd Overall:
Ed Ilnicki | RB | University of Alberta | 5-10 | 220 lbs

8th Round, 72nd Overall:
Jordan Filippelli | OL | University of Calgary | 6-6 | 310 lbs

I quite like this haul, though I have yet to figure out Bourassa. But Gosselin is pretty impressive for his size.


Hartley and Ilnicky were both quite productive. Don’t know much about Dupuis but noticed he had 31 reps at the bench during the regional combine.

Brief breakdown of the guys in the later rounds.

RB Louis-Philippe Bourassa, Montreal: “A long snapper. The way we had him graded, we felt we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have such a proficient snapper.?

DL Mathieu Dupuis (brother of former Pittsburgh Penguin Pascal Dupuis), Montreal: “He’s an interior defensive lineman who’s like a bulldog in there. He’s strong, he’s powerful, he’s disruptive, he’s a high-energy type of guy — a slightly bigger version of (Ettore) Lattanzio.?

REC Austen Hartley, Calgary: “He’s not the biggest guy, but runs very well. He’s a good route runner and he catches the ball well. He’ll have a chance to be on our team as well.?

RB Ed Ilnicki, Alberta: “He has a running back/fullback body type. He’s a bigger guy, a special teams type of guy initially who’ll have a chance eventually to maybe be the replacement for Kienan (Lafrance).?

OL Jordan Filippelli, Calgary: “He’s a guy who needs to be a little lighter and work and some of his athletic skills. But at that point in the draft, he was a guy we felt we couldn’t pass up. As we all know, Canadian offensive linemen are something we cherish around here.?