2017 Draft order released


No 3rd round pick...better make the first 2 count!!

I would be interested to know how many 3rd or later rounders ever had a career. I'm guessing 15 - 20% tops. In todays CFL the draft has become way less important IMO, as every year half the league are free agents. I'm thinking the best shopper is the best G.M. rather than the best drafter.

No matter, if Jones trades for Franklin those first two picks are likely property of the Eskimos and quite possibly throw in a starting NI and perhaps Roosevelt just for good measure. I mean Hervey wanted JSJ and our 1st round pick this coming year back in June when we had Darian. Now that is all but over, think Hervey's ask will be less? Lol he will bend Jones over and make him sing Hervey's praises. Probably dueling banjos playing in the back ground for added ambiance.

Drafted 3rd round or later:

2010 draft: Neufeld, C. Muamba, Palardy, Rwabukamba, Watt, Brouillette
2011 draft: Sinopoli, Milo, Feoli-Gudino, Walter
2012 draft: Gascon-Nadon, Charbonneau-Campeau, Bamba
2013 draft: Lokombo, Hus, Vonk, Steinhauer
2014 draft: Webster, Crapigna

To name a few. Some were actually all-stars.

Bagg wasn't even drafted and he turned out pretty well. IMHO

the higher in the draft you go is only an indicator of the athletes potential, and potential does not necessarily mean success, this also includes coaching philosophies, as not all players fit into every organisations coaching philosophies, dependant on the athletes own strength and weaknesses.
with football being a true team sport where your success or lack of success as a player, is directly related to your team mates success or lack of success, fitting into the right organisational philosophy will greatly enhance your career.