2017 Coaching Staff

2017 Alouettes coaching staff
Jacques Chapdelaine – Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator
Noel Thorpe – Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator
Greg Quick – Senior Defensive Assistant
Jason Hogan – Defensive Assistant
Billy Parker – Defensive Assistant
Anthony Calvillo – Quarterbacks Coach
André Bolduc – Running Backs Coach
Paul Charbonneau – Offensive Line Coach
Justin Chapdelaine – Receivers Coach
Special Teams Coach still to be named.

Certainly not an impressive staff.

Where`s a d-line coach?

What happened to Fields?

Total lack of experience on the offensive side with Bolduc and Charbonneau. Plus nepotism at receivers coach.

Only positive is the addition of Billy Parker.

I hate to sound like Herb but I am totally underwhelmed. Looks like it was done on the cheap. Kind of a joke compared to some of the other staffs around the league.

Nous verrons comment tout ça va éclore, mais il n'y a pour l'instant rien pour écrire à sa mère.

J'aime l'addition de Billy Parker qui, ne l'oublions pas, était joueur-entraîneur avant de se joindre aux Alouettes. Je déplore cependant que cela se soit opéré au détriment de Files qui n'avait rien à se reprocher.

Concernant Justin Chapdelaine, il était entraîneur des receveurs pour les Dinos l'an passé. Honnêtement, je me fous que ça ressemble à du népotisme pour l'instant. Si les résultats sont là, pourquoi pas? Mais si les résultats n'y sont pas, j'espère qu'il sera évalué en conséquence.


Il aurait été utile de savoir qui va être entraîneur de la ligne offensive. Considérant que Parker se charge des demis défensifs, que Hogan est nouveau comme entraîneur à la défensive, que Quick est entraîneur des secondeurs, on peut penser que Thorpe va se réserver la ligne offensive. Ça demeure à voir.

Je suis content du retour de Bolduc comme entraîneur des porteurs de ballon. Ce dernier me semble avoir eu plus de succès que Charbonneau dans les mêmes fonctions. Il faut dire qu'il avait travaillé avec une ligne offensive plus efficace aussi, donc, il ne faut pas trop se fier à cette comparaison.

Je demeure très déçu qu'aucun entraîneur n'ait encore été dédié aux unités spéciales. Nous savons les effets de laisser ce poste à l'abandon et comme les Alouettes n'ont plus l'attaque pour compenser cette lacune, il est difficile d'imaginer que de ne pas leur donner de titulaire maintiendra leur niveau d'efficacité.

This is an unmitigated mess. :thdn: To echo others here:

Where is the STC?
Where is the DL coach?
Why do we have a phalanx of assistants instead of proper position coaches on the defensive side of the ball? No other team has this structure.
We couldn't do better than Chapdelaine's effing 25-year-old son as the receivers coach? You think a group of seasoned pros are going to respect a kid who got the job because his dad is in charge?
Who coaches the DBs? Is it still Thorpe despite all the "assistants"?
Why was there no mention of Willy Fields? What happened to him?
Is it wise for Chapdelaine to be official OC in addition to head coach? How will he oversee the other two units if he's that implicated on offense? This became an issue for Trestman and Trestman was a better coach than Chapdelaine.

Once again, this organization has managed to suck away most of my optimism for the coming year, turning what should have been a relatively easy task into a gong show that casts a pall over our prospects. I agree with others; this looks, embarrassingly, like a bargain-basement staff thrown together at the last minute to save dollars and/or because a whole bunch of better candidates said no. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Also, how hard is it for reporters to get the details right? Thorpe is entering his fifth year as our DC, not his fourth.

Oh, and by the way, anyone who thought the stigma in Montreal would end with Jim Popp getting fired should pay attention. Wetenhalls, please sell the team within five years. You are running this franchise into the ground.

Like everyone else I am a little surprised of this coaching staff but before criticizing let us see a little this list:

2017 Alouettes coaching staff
Jacques Chapdelaine – Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator ( good)
Noel Thorpe – Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator (good)
Greg Quick – Senior Defensive Assistant (probably LB coach)
Jason Hogan – Defensive Assistant (??? maybe D-line coach)
Billy Parker – Defensive Assistant (probably DB coach)
Anthony Calvillo – Quarterbacks Coach (good)
André Bolduc – Running Backs Coach ( he was excellent in 2015 in that role)
Paul Charbonneau – Offensive Line Coach ( he was Oline coach assistant in winnipeg )
Justin Chapdelaine – Receivers Coach ( he did a good job with calgary dinos and he shared a lot of knowledge with his father but still young )
Special Teams Coach still to be named. ( ??? I would have liked to see bolduc in this position but....)

When we looks at the whole it is not so castastrophic that certain person thinks even if there is still some interrogation to have......

Only addition I like in the bunch is Billy Parker. The rest is terribly weak.

Where is the Special Teams coordinator ?

Chapdelaine still negotiating with his other son.

So a month late and a coordinator short ! and a bunch of unproven and failed coaches sprinkled all over the place. Not happy.

I was expecting Scott Flory as OL Coach. I was certainly not expecting Charbonneau.

Billy Parker aside, it's all awful and for them to wait this long to roll out this parade of mediocrity speaks very poorly to Chapdelaine and Reed's football acumen.

I hope Chapdelaine realizes that he only gets one shot at a CFL HC gig. He does well here and it's an upward trend for the rest of his coaching career. He bombs and he'll never get another HC opportunity in this league. He may have to wait even to be an OC. So Jacques, you hired your kid son to coach the receivers. I hope you know what you're doing. From the outside, your staff looks like crap.

Let's review this.

HC has six games experience in the position.
DC: Can't wait to leave
OC: JC : Improvement
QBC: Is Demoted, discouraged and missing his buddies.
OLC: Has No Pro experience in the position and pushed out of Winnipeg.
RC: Nepotism, Zero pro coaching Experience
Greg Quick DC in waiting looking at picking Thorpe's pockets all season.

I have a feeling Most of our Starting Free agents are going to walk. Also expect Boulay to sign in Ottawa and Brouillette to retire. With no proper scouting staff in place, replacing all this is impossible.

I don't mind fresh faces but this is ridiculous.

But 7 years experience in the CFL as a player and 15 as a coach; rookie HC but not a rookie coach or CFL rookie

THAT was certainly true under Popp … depending on what jobs are available next winter who knows … could see himself as the next “interim coach” if JC crashes.


Demoted from a position even he likely knows he should never have been put in; the rest is an assumption. I expect he sees this as where he should have been all along at this point in his career. I also expect he will be a defacto assistant-OC.

No experience as the position coach but two years coaching offensive linemen; and name me an available option (even right after the Grey Cup) who hasn’t been “Forced out” or fired previously? Like some I kinda hoped for Flory but as a Saskatchewan native he just may be happy “back home” … plus it could be awkward coaching so soon after players rejected him as CFLPA president … it wasn’t a pleasant parting as I recall.

Not the first son, even inexperiencec son, hired by father in football; some work some don’t. Pleys will know he has the HC’s suport at least. How the players react will depend on the effort he pits kin and his ability to communicate.

Depends on how Thorpe feels about Als, and Als about Thorpe post-Popp

There are only so many CFL jobs and so much money to go around. I expect that what schemes/plans the Team can lay out for UFAs (ours and others) and the almighty $$$$ will have more to do with who signs and who doesn’t; and it isn’t like anyone leaving was part of a dominant team the last few years.

I predict nothing, but I’ll judge based on how the season goes. Coaching hires are always ripe for criticism as either inexperienced or veteran retread.

[i]Yup. No linebackers coach, defensive line coach, etc. Just the very general title of "Defensive assistants"

Johnny's sources have found out that this new coaching structure, will reflect the revolutionary new defense Thorpe will be running in 2017. Yup, Thorpe has rewritten the book on CFL defenses!

There will be no linebackers, defensive lineman, cornerbacks, etc. Thorpe will play 12 "tweener" type players. 12 players who are reasonably good at a lot of things, but a master of nothing.

12 guys who are not too fast, nor slow. Not too big, nor too small. These 12 tweeners will be interchangeable. They will line up anywhere and everywhere. They will do anything and everything.

It's gonna be awesome! :roll:

Lots of good points HfxTC. One simple question, is Charbonneau an upgrade over Sweet? Most likely not. Why make this move?

[i]As others have mentioned, it looks like the top reason this staff was chosen was to save money. These choices were made based on nickels and dimes, rather than talent. IT SUCKS!

The Alouettes are now the Dollarama franchise of the CFL... :roll: [/i]

And how do you all know that? I'm not sure you would know these guys if you tripped over them. It's all about name recognition in Montreal.
And Chapdelaines son coached with him in Sask.
As does Bellicheks son in NE
And Shanahans son in Washington in a junior position. He's now in SB as OC for Atlanta. And HC in SF next year.

And your fav ,,,Trumps kids in the WH. :slight_smile:

[i]You are 100% absolutely correct Jamie! :thup:

We all recognize that your name is Slant. :cowboy: [/i]

as you wish jon