2017 CFL TV Ratings

I can't find a CFL ratings thread under CFL talk so decided to start one .

Last night the average viewership was 851,000 for Als /Riders game ........3 million tuned in a one point or another and it was highest rated opener since 2013. Good news !

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/06/23/cfl-season-opener-watched-since-2013/]http://3downnation.com/2017/06/23/cfl-s ... ince-2013/[/url]

Excellent number indeed.

I take it this includes RDS viewers too?

Last year's season opener was Ti-Cats at Argos in BMO opener which from I recalled was the most watched game in week 1. With all games in TSN and losing more subscribers to cord cutting, this is a good sign and hopefully more good things to come.

For those who lament on having Thursday games in the summer, there's the reason why

Thats a good point M.G. (the RDS thing) I would think these are only TSN numbers but have no way of verifying that . Paulo at CFL.ca would know for sure . Maybe he will chime in and tell us .

Great number to kickoff the season and an overtime game tonight. Nice way to start the season.

Even more remarkable is IIRC 2013 opener was at the new Bomber facility...IGF...which would have been a big draw for many...this probably got some draw because of the DD situation. Good sign none the less for sure though.

While tonight's game was great, it's in tough against a weak NHL draft and the Jays - who lost. Add the fact that Ottawa does not draw well and I am not getting my hopes up.

Why is tomorrow's Eastern game on at 4???

Saturday night is empty and the Argos/Ticats could have a nice TV audience at 7.

Thanks for the good news. :thup:

Love the kickoff at 4. Have to work the next day. Their Saturday kickoffs are at 4 later in the year. IMO that's the best time for a live gate.

I suspect the fact TFC played at BMO last night has something to do with it. Not sure how fast they can turn around that stadium from soccer to football and back to soccer again (since TFC have another game Tuesday night). It is not like some other stadiums with artificial turf where it is just a fairly quick scrub of lines and painting of new lines. The process is a bit different I would assume on real grass plus parts of the soccer stands structures have to be moved off the artificial turf parts of the endzones to fit the football field in that stadium for Argos games.

Should be a busy few days for the BMO Field grounds crew and other staff at that stadium.

Yes that's the case for sure.

2 days are needed for Soccer to football so Saturday night is not available. 4 days are needed for football to soccer for MLS regular season (Tuesday's game is leg 2 of the Canadian Championship)

Interesting note with TFC and MLS teams playing on Fridays. It's new for MLS this year which runs from the start of the season until the beginning of summer. It's to grow their TV audience and hopefully more $$ through it much like the CFL via TSN adding permanent Thursdays through the summer.

TFC fans I know much to the same CFL fans, (and even NFL fans re: Thursdays) don't seem to like the new day of the week...puts their weekly routine out of whack...maybe to 2 fan bases are cut closer to the same cloth people think!

Fair enough.

For some reason, I thought the game was on TODAY at 4 pm. It's tomorrow. I like Sunday at 4 as well.

No numbers leaked by the CFL for the remaining 3 games. That can't be good. :frowning:

Quite a few Canada Day events as it is, and people may be out of town or up in cottage country… Friday works…

Some interesting information in this article

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/football/attendance+down+millennials+watching+should+worried/13588230/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/f ... story.html[/url]

Good article and thanks for posting.

It makes a mention of a study of the Sports Business daily article on the increasing age of TV viewers across many sports in the past 10 years. Below is that link

[url=http://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Journal/Issues/2017/06/05/Research-and-Ratings/Viewership-trends.aspx]http://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Jour ... rends.aspx[/url]

PGA: Age 64 + 5 from 10 years ago
MLB: Age 57 + 4 from 10 years ago
NFL: Age 50 + 4 from 10 years ago
NHL: Age 49 + 7 from 10 years ago
MLS: Age 40 + 1 from 10 years ago

So yes, the CFL does have some challenges in this regard but it’s clear they’re not alone either. At least they acknowledge it. They’ve announced a partnership with Twitter this week on their weekly show…a pre cursor to airing some games once the TSN deal is up?

Yes thanks for posting. All food for thought...

Good article in the National Post about low CFL attendance in the major cities and few millenials watching.

According to Rogers Sportsnet, the average 18-49 audience for its Toronto Blue Jays broadcasts in 2016 was 327,600 viewers, or almost double that of a typical CFL game. That was itself a double-digit (11 per cent) increase from 2015, when 295,000 members of the 18-49 cohort watched an average Jays game on television. The Jays alone are proof that younger viewers don’t have to be written off as unreachable.

Meanwhile, data provided by Major League Soccer says it has the youngest fans of any U.S.-based league, at 34.9 years old, lower than the NBA (38.5) and NHL (42.1). That has translated into success at the gate. Where attendance has declined modestly for three straight years in the CFL, MLS has set attendance records in three straight seasons. And in 2016, the three biggest percentage gains in MLS attendance came at its three Canadian clubs: Montreal was up 16 per cent, Toronto up 13 per cent and Vancouver about nine per cent.

TSN’s average weighted audience of 553,000 viewers per game in 2016, about 170,000 of them came in the 18-49 demographic. Put another way, about 70 per cent of the viewing audience was not in the age group with which advertisers are most concerned.

[url=http://nationalpost.com/sports/football/cfl/attendance-is-down-and-few-millennials-are-watching-so-should-the-cfl-be-worried/wcm/3cf9f342-5ecd-41af-a3d2-52093aef3d99]http://nationalpost.com/sports/football ... 093aef3d99[/url]

The CFL went from a League where, in the mid 1990's, they were bankrupt, to 2017, where 6 of the 9 teams made money and only the Argos lost a substantial amount due to a huge marketing campaign - and the Argos' owner got a 3 year extension on their CFL TV contract to more than cover those costs.

They mention a decline in attendance but, 15 years ago, teams use to give away tickets - you could get a Ticat ticket for $2, at Tim Hortons, if you bought a coffee. In 2017, the tickets are downright expensive.

If the League is in such bad shape, how come we can't get owners to leave - God knows, Braley is hanging on for dear life. The owners in Montreal won't even consider selling.

Bad news sells and maybe, just maybe, things aren't bad in CFL land. Why not an article on how far the League has come?

In 20 years, the CFL will still be here and miles ahead of where it is now.

You're right, of course, that bad news sells and things are never as bad for the league as the media makes them out to be.

Having said that, I think the time for the league and its fans to keep patting themselves on the back because of how it rebounded from the 90s is over. They have to be forward looking and keep building in the way we've seen in Ottawa, Hamilton, and Winnipeg.

But I'm still waiting for the Media to pat us on the back once. :wink:

Anyway, as I have always said, I would be happy if every team made $1/yr FOREVER. No big profits. No need for SRR like numbers. Just know they will break even so :

  1. The game will be here for the next 50 years;
  2. I can watch a game, and enjoy it, without looking at, and worrying about, the number of people in the stands.
  3. The press will get over all the "death of the CFL is near" B.S.